Minecraft Hypixel Tips (Download, Mods, installation)

Minecraft owes significant success to Hypixel as it celebrates more than a decade in the gaming industry. It may have started small, but it has gained a massive following among die-hard Minecraft gamers over the years. Therefore, how you can access, and play Minecraft Hypixel servers is a matter of concern that I will address.

So, how do you download Minecraft Hypixel? Hypixel is a gaming server meaning that you can only access it online and not through downloading. First, ensure that you have the game installed and its account. When you launch Minecraft, you can scroll to set multiplayer, add the server, and enter Hypixel’s IP in the necessary slot. The system will then open Hypixel for you, allowing you to join. However, the server doesn’t support console and pocket Minecraft editions.

You may have heard about Minecraft Hypixel and all the amazing things you can do with it. Hypixel is a special server for Minecraft that you can try to test how creative you can be. The number of users keeps growing, and it is understandable if you also want to know how to use it. Fortunately, it is a pretty straightforward process, and here are the steps.

You can only play Minecraft Hypixel through the servers, meaning that you cannot directly download and use it as an application. You will only need to download Minecraft for your Mac or PC and have an account.

You can scroll down the options to pick multiplayer when you launch the game. Next, click “add server,” enter Hypixel’s address in the box, and tap “done.” The system will open the server for you, allowing you to join.

Doing this places Hypixel Minecraft in the list of your servers such that you can always find it when you want to enter. However, Hypixel is unavailable for Minecraft variations like console and Pocket editions.

Hypixel Minecraft doesn’t need special downloads or setups, thus you only need to access the game and join the server. If you are starting from scratch, the first thing to do is obtain the game and a valid account for your device but ensure that you are using the Java edition. The download is free, and you can start playing with a trial for your computer. First, you can open Minecraft’s official website, navigate the menu, and select trial.

If you don’t have an account, you can enter your details and start playing or otherwise open a new one.With Hypixel, you can access several minigames, including Build Battle and SkyWars. It also has incredible and exceptional features like improved capabilities and enhanced cosmetics.

The good news is that as long as you have Minecraft and an account, you can play Hypixel Minecraft for free. You only need to join the server with the official address, and you can play with tens of thousands of players already logged onto the system.

What Is the IP Address of Minecraft Hypixel?

Minecraft has several servers, making it a great platform to enjoy your favorite multiplayer titles. All these titles have unique features that draw in thousands of players, and one notable version is Minecraft Hypixel. If you want to be part of its exciting world of minigame adventures, you should first know how to access it.

The official IP address for Hypixel is mc.hypixel.net. To play Minecraft using it, you need the game’s java version running on your device and ensure that you have an account. Luckily, it is easy to join the server; first, open Minecraft’s main menu, tap multiplayer, and click “add server” on the next open window.

When the server name box appears, you can type Hypixel, enter mc.hypixel.net on the server address slot then click done. You can now choose the title you wish to play, click join server, and start on the next screen.

As soon as you join Hypixel, you get access to dozens of Minecraft minigames, including Player versus Player (PVP) and Creative, among other genres. Regardless of your preferred type, you will always find Hypixel a go-to for the best multiplayer gaming.

Generally, before you log onto the server, confirm that you are running the latest Minecraft version for smooth and highly responsive gameplay. Besides model 1.16 and later, Hypixel can still run some older Minecraft versions. Moreover, you can add mods to the system to make Minecraft gaming more fun.

What Mods Are There for Minecraft Hypixel?

Installing and using mods may seem effortless for experts in Minecraft modifications, but it can be tricky for beginners. Luckily, I have all the tips you need. I will highlight the most widely used versions, how to install and implement them, and any other related information.

There are several Hypixel Minecraft mods, the safest ones being from reputable companies like Sk1er.LLC. Some of the common ones according to forums include OptiFine, Patcher, Keystrokes, Quickplay, Replay, Levelhead, Sidebar, Item Physics, Block overlay, Autotip, TNT time, Pop up events, Lobby sounds, Oof mod, Time changer, Inventory blur, Thanos mod, Toggle sprint, and many others. They all have a similar installation process.

To install them, download Forge and use the .jar file to create a mod folder. Next, go to the mod’s website, scroll down to find the latest available version for Minecraft 1.8.9, download it, and it will go straight to the mod file you created using Forge.

Mods are risky since they involve downloaded content, sometimes from malicious sites. Therefore, it is wise to be very careful when you are on the internet. You can watch out for fishy click buttons and always tap “Skip” if you get notifications and ignore any “Allow” prompts.

These usually appear on the top right corner and are the easiest ways for hackers to install viruses into your system. Many gamers refer to Minecraft forums when looking for suitable mods to be safe.

Experienced gamers tend to state their go-to modifications, and if you find your pick to be among the discussed, you can get all the details you need. If you see that many people use it, it gives you confidence about its legitimacy.

However, there are still some chances that the mods can cause the Minecraft servers to ban your account or allow viruses if you use them incorrectly. If you are installing a mod for the first time, you can counter-check how it works by first launching it on single-player mode while looking for bannable content. With the disclaimer in mind, learning about the available mods, their functions, and installation is now okay.

Primarily, note that all these mods require a key component to run. You will first set up a Forge system on your device, the essential structure. If you had previously set it up, you can pass over this section and go straight to mod installation, but otherwise, the following is the procedure to follow. Initially, you can find it in the Minecraftforge forum, the download site.

When you locate the “Download recommended/ Latest” or “Installer,” it should take you to a website with several ads. These ads tend to trick users into inviting viruses into their systems, but you can avoid them if you are careful.

Once you maneuver and download it, you will obtain a .jar folder. If you want to access it, you can navigate to the downloads on your device, right-click and open, the .jar file will immediately identify Minecraft.

However, the system may fail to unlock if you are not using Java, meaning that you will have to set that up too. Afterward, you can exit and relaunch Minecraft, and you will detect Forge installation, open it and wait for loading.

Repeat the restart and find it in the launcher options. Finally, when you are at Minecraft files, you should see a folder called “mods,” which will host all the modifications you will download, and the Forge setup will be complete.

With the foundation for the mods complete, it is now easier to go straight to the available versions according to users in forums. The following are some handy modifications you can use, their capabilities, and installation processes.

  • OptiFine

OptiFine is the first mod option for any Minecraft Hypixel user. It is an essential mod and one of the safest since it is among the officially accepted modifications for the game. It also includes cool features for your gameplay. For instance, it gives you a special zoom capability to bring objects from the map closer, allowing you to customize and you can buy and use capes.

When you go to the official page, you will find several OptiFine options to select. You can navigate down to find “Minecraft 1.8.9,” which you will tap to download. Also, remember not to click on malicious ads. If anything pops up, you would be safer selecting “skip.”

  • Patcher

Many gamers love Patcher because it is from Sk1erLLC, a trusted modding company. It is another safer option since users have no complaints about being banned after using it. Ultimately, Patcher will enhance your gaming and provide great features, including bug fixes and faster loading times because it doesn’t display the loading screen.

Additionally, if you are farming, you can use this mod to eliminate block particles when you break them. Lastly, you can use the scroll wheel to zoom. As with other mods, you only have to go to the developers’ website and click download from there. Go to Sk1er.club/mods/patcher, scroll down to the download icon, and follow the necessary steps.

  • Keystrokes

Keystrokes is another impressive creation from Sk1erLLC. The mod indicates the buttons you click, like the space bar and the WASD, and displays your cps and fps. Generally, it displays a GUI on the gaming screen and clearly shows all your movements, ping, and mouse clicks.

Therefore, it will be a handy mod if you are a content creator on YouTube or love streaming. You can download it from Sk1erLLC site for installation. According to the previous discussion, it would appear in your mods folder if you made the necessary file preparations using Forge.

  • Quickplay

This mod allows you to click any key when navigating game selection, and it lets you dedicate a button for you to use a certain mode. Therefore, you don’t have to go through all the NCPs; only press your preferred keyboard button, and you can launch any game you want.

  • Replay Mod

Replay is one of the common mods used by Youtubers, thanks to its exceptional capabilities. It allows you to make incredible edits and renders, helps you take gameplay screenshots, and it comes in handy to detect hacking. It can further save player locations, enabling you to replay actions in 3D and navigate the blocks.

  • Levelhead

Again, from Sk1erLLC, you can get the Levelhead mod that shows gamers’ stats on their heads. It indicates Hypixel level, total kills, wins, the number of coins, and other essential player features. To obtain it, you can go to Sk1er website and make the download and installation.

  • Block Overlay, Sidebar, and Item Physics Mods

These three are mostly cosmetic, making some features in Minecraft look cooler. For instance, Block overlay tweaks the default block setup to give it a polished green outline. The sidebar, on the other hand, as the name suggests, lets you adjust the game’s sidebar to customize and change the size as you please. Lastly, Items physics alters animation making objects spin before falling to the ground.

Besides these, there are also several Minecraft Hypixel mods from Sk1er and other developers that you can try out. For instance, you can use Autotip for coins and Hypixel XP, TNT time that shows time to TNT explosion, Pop up events for easy accepting and denying requests, and Thanos mod that turns players to dust when they die. Lastly, honorable mentions include Lobby sounds, Motion blur, Oof mod, Inventory blur, Time changer, Toggle sprint, and Togglechat.


Although Hypixel is generally new to the gaming server scene, it has stood out as an exceptional multiplayer platform, explaining the thousands of players accessing it at a time. If you also want to join, you can go to mc.hypixel.net from your Minecraft when you select multiplayer.

Although you cannot download it, you can always access it from your server lists whenever you want. It also helps that it has several mods you can use to make your gameplay more exciting.

For example, you can try OptiFine, Patcher, Keystrokes, Quickplay, Replay, and levelhead. They are also simple to install because you only need to install Forge by going to the official website and clicking download.

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