Forza Motosports vs Forza Horizon (Checked out)

Forza is a series of simulation racing games published by Xbox Game Studios that you can play on Xbox consoles, Windows PC, iOS, and Android. This racing game series is divided into two titles: Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. If you are looking forward to playing Forza, you might be wondering what the differences are between Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon.

So, what are the differences between Forza Motorsport vs. Forza Horizon? Forza Motorsport is the original title in the Forza series, and it was first released in 2005, while Forza Horizon was first released in 2012. Turn 10 Studios is the Forza Motorsport developer, and the company is based in the U.S., while Playground Games, a British company, is the developer of Forza Horizon. Forza Motorsport focuses more on both real and fictitious professional tracks holding race events, while Forza Horizon features an open world where you can race in different locations.

A few years ago, racing games seemed to be dying out because mainstream racing games like Need for Speed were received poorly, thus most gamers took an interest in other genres like first-person shooter games. The introduction of Forza Motorsport and later Forza Horizon made things better for racing game fans, and the Forza series has some of the best racing games in the world.

Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon are the two titles released under the Forza Series. If you are on the Xbox Network and want to buy a racing game, you might be looking for the differences between Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon to help you make a final decision. Here are some of the differences.

The Forza Motorsport title is the first and original title in the Forza series and was first released in 2005 while Forza Horizon was released in 2005. Currently, there are seven games under the Forza Motorsport title and five under Forza Horizon, and Forza Horizon 5 is the most recent game.

The two titles have different developers, Turn 10 Studios is the Forza Motorsport developer while Playground Games is the Forza Horizon developer. Forza Motorsport gameplay focuses on professional track racing, while Forza Horizon focuses more on the open world.

Therefore, if you are interested in racing on closed racing tracks, Forza Motorsport is the game for you. If you prefer to race in the open world, then you should buy Forza Horizon.

All the games under the Forza Motorsport title allow you to race many vehicles across different real and fictional tracks. Some of the real-world racing tracks featured in Forza Motorsport include Silverstone, Suzuka, Yas Marina, Le Mans, Daytona, and Circuit of the Americas, among others.

The game also has hundreds of customizable cars, which you can tune to suit a specific track. On the other hand, Forza Horizon does not use professional racing tracks but is set on fictional areas based on real-world locations. For example, Forza Horizon 4 is set in a fictionalized Great Britain, with some locations having similarities to towns like Edinburgh and Bamburgh.

Your gaming needs could also dictate if you’ll want to play Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon. Forza Motorsport is all about professional racing. You get to experience how professional race drivers feel when they race their cars on different tracks worldwide.

If you are a gamer who likes to play racing games that simulate professional racing, Forza Motorsport is the game for you. Forza Horizon features an open world where you can race on different locations within the map.

You get to race different cars on different streets and terrains, and you can freely roam the map when you are not participating in a race. Therefore, if you do not like restrictions on how or where you can drive your car in a video game, then you should purchase any Forza Horizon title.

Since 2012, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios has been releasing Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon in alternating years. This method ensured that fans of both games received a new title after one year.

However, this tradition stopped in 2019 when Xbox Game Studios released Forza Street in 2019 and did not release any Forza titles in 2020. If you love playing Forza Horizon, you can play the recent title released on 9th November 2021.

If you are a fan of Forza Motorsport, the most recent title you can play is the Forza Motorsport 7, released in 2017. Microsoft announced the next installment under Forza Motorsport during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020 but did not give the exact release date.

Can You Play Forza Horizon Offline Without Internet?

Forza Horizon is one of the greatest racing games and the most recent title. Most games, especially those released by Xbox Game Studios, have online platforms where gamers can play them with other players from different regions. If you prefer not to play online games, you might be wondering if you can play Forza Horizon offline.

You can play Forza Horizon offline by using the offline mode. Since the online mode allows you to play against other gamers on the online platform, the offline mode enables you to play Forza Horizon alone if you do not have a working internet connection or you do not wish to race other online gamers.

You do not have to disconnect your console from the internet to play Forza Horizon offline. However, you can only play Forza Horizon offline if you use your home console or gaming PC. However, if you disable the internet connection to your gaming system, you will miss out on the updates, live events, and messages from your friends.

You can only play Forza Horizon offline on your main gaming system. Your main gaming system is the first device you used to download and install the game. For example, if you first installed Forza Horizon on your Xbox One console, you can only play the offline mode on your Xbox One console.

Microsoft allows gamers to play your games on other consoles and Windows PC; however, you must be online to access Forza Horizon on a secondary device. You should also note that you cannot play the game offline if you have not completed the setup.

After installing the game, you need a working internet connection to download all the updates required in the game. Once the game is done downloading and installing the updates, you can now play it offline.

Playing Forza Horizon offline has several advantages, and one of them is improving your racing skills. In offline mode, you will be competing against bots, and the more you race against bots, the more your experience, and skills increase.

Another advantage is playing Forza Horizon offline is a way of avoiding some toxic gaming communities. When playing online games, you interact with many gamers, and not all of them conduct themselves well.

If you play offline, you do not have to worry about other players abusing you. Another advantage of playing Forza Horizon offline is the freedom to explore the game’s open-world map, discover and collect collectibles.

If you use an Xbox console to play Forza Horizon, you do not have to disconnect your console from the internet to play the game offline. To play the Forza Horizon game offline, launch the game, and select the solo mode from the main menu.

When you choose the solo mode, all online features are disabled, and you can now play the game offline. Some of the features that will not be available on solo mode include all co-op or competitive modes and the Auction House. Therefore, if you want to sell an unwanted car or race a friend, you have to stop the sole mode and restart the game in online mode.

However, playing Forza Horizon has its disadvantages, and one of them is that the game becomes less challenging if you choose the online mode. Racing against bots is easier compared to other gamers.

If you want to be a professional gamer, playing Forza Horizon offline is not the best way to judge your skills. Another disadvantage is lesser opportunity in the gaming community. Since you do not have experience playing online racing games, it will be difficult to find gamers who want to play with you on their team or against you since you lose many times.

How To Restart Forza Horizon?

Forza Horizon is a fantastic game that features a fictitious music festival, and gamers can challenge other drivers to races while on their way to the festival. You get money each time you win a race, and you can spend that money to improve your currency car or buy a new one. If you have spent your money on the wrong car or useless car parts that do not improve your car’s performance, you might be wondering how to restart Forza Horizon.

To restart Forza Horizon, press the Xbox button on your Xbox controller to go to “Home” on your Xbox console. Go to “My Games and Applications” and highlight the Forza Horizon game. Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller and select “Manage game & add-ons”.

Select the “Saved data” box and select the Forza Horizon to save data files. Click on “Delete” to delete all the Forza Horizon save data files. You should also ensure that you delete the save data files from the console and the cloud server. When you launch Forza Horizon on your Xbox console, you will not have any game progress; hence you have to start the game again.

It is easy to make mistakes while playing Forza Horizon, and since your Xbox console is saving your progress, it is hard to undo those mistakes. Some mistakes do not have a high impact on your game, and you can continue racing, but others can ruin your car hence the need to restart the game.

For example, if you purchase a new car, sell your old car, and use the proceeds to customize your new car and it is not fast enough to win races, you will have a difficult time raising money to buy a better car.

You either have to race on the lower difficulty, which means less prize money, or restart the game and create a new profile. Deleting the save data ensures that all your mistakes are removed, and you are free to start a new game and make better decisions.

Once you delete the data from your console and server, there is no way to get them back; hence, you should be careful. If you have installed several games on your console, when you are highlighting Forza Horizon, confirm the name first before selecting it.

If you have several cars and would like to preserve them before restarting the game, list them on the Auction House and assign them the highest price. Once you restart the game and level up, go to the Auction House, and you find the cars still listed because no one bought them. You can remove them from the Auction House for free and start racing with them.

There are several reasons to restart Forza Horizon. They include picking the wrong car, creating a wrong profile, glitches, and completing all competitive races. However, restarting should also be an option if there is no other solution that can help improve your gaming experience.

For example, if your game keeps glitching or it is too slow, try to repair the save data files before restarting the game. You can also contact Xbox Game Studios for help. If you choose to restart the game, try to make it a once in a while option. The game will become boring if you restart it every time you make a mistake.


Forza is one of the popular video game franchises published by the Xbox Game Studios. Depending on the game you choose, you get to race your car on different professional racing tracks or fictional locations.

Forza Motorsport is the best racing game for gamers who love racing cars on professional racing tracks, while Forza Horizon is meant for gamers who do not want to be restricted by closed circuits.

Forza Horizon has both online and offline modes; hence you do not require a working internet connection to play the game. However, you should always connect the game to the internet regularly to update it and check online events. Finally, you can always restart Forza Horizon if you want to start all over by deleting the save data files from your console and server.

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