PS4 Slim Ports (AUX, Optical, 4K checked out)

The PS4 Slim is a gaming console developed and managed by Sony. As its name suggests, it weighs less and is 40% lighter than the original PS4 console. While it might have a different physical design, it is not entirely different from the original model when it comes to performance.

So, does the PS4 Slim has an AUX port? The PS4 Slim console has an AUX port; however, this port can’t be used as an optical audio port. The AUX port on the PS4 Slim console is where the camera plugs in. Therefore, you must consider this factor if you have an older sound system.

The PS4 Slim console is a little bit smaller than the original PS4 model. In terms of its size, it is substantially thinner. Therefore, some gamers wonder whether the new PS4 model has an AUX port.

The PS4 Slim console does have an AUX port, but it is not used for audio purposes. This means that you can’t connect a sound system using this AUX port. Keep in mind that the console has several features similar to that of the original model. This section discusses everything you need to know about the PS4 Slim console and its AUX port.

The PS4 Slim console is, without a doubt, a fascinating gaming console. Almost every gamer wants to own one. If you like high-performance consoles with no chance of downtime, you will fall in love with the PS4 Slim console. While this console has lots of exciting features, it does have some downsides. Perhaps this fantastic console’s biggest downside is that it doesn’t have a digital optical audio output.

This means gamers can’t use an AV/RCA cable to output sound from this console because there is no audio port. This isn’t the case with the PS3 that has an audio port. As a result, you will have to use the PS4 sound system that sometimes can be disappointing. If you are an audiophile, this can be a painful experience. Luckily, all hope is not lost because it is possible to connect your PS4 Slim audio to external speakers for better sound quality.

To do so, start by connecting your PS4 audio to the speakers through your TV. It is essential to note that most TVs have an HDMI port that supports audio transmission. This makes it the most reliable method of connecting your PS4 Slim audio to external speakers. By doing so, you will enjoy your gaming experience with the audiophile sound on. You can do so by connecting your TV to the home audio system or external speakers.

However, you should ensure that the audio system or speakers on default don’t interfere with the sound output. This is vital because it can compromise the entire sound setup. PS4 automatically optimizes the audio output depending on the device you have connected it to. This is why you must change it. Keep in mind that using a corrupt audio system can damage your PS4 Slim console.

Another method is using the game controller to connect the PS4 audio output to external speakers. Therefore, make sure that you have a powered game controller before starting this step. While using a game controller delivers desired results, it is not the best method. For this method, you will need 3.5mm aux audio cables. If the cable measurements are confusing, you can opt for a cable with headphone jacks on both sides. These cables are readily available in any automotive or tech store.

After getting the cable, there are several steps you need to follow to connect your PS4 audio output to speakers. Start by plugging one end of the cable into your game controller. Take the other end of the cable and plug it into the speaker’s port for audio in. Make sure that you do this gently to avoid damaging the ports.

You should also use the correct type of cable for the best results. Then, power on your PS4 and plug in your controller. This connects the controller to your PS4 and facilitates more straightforward navigation. Once the device is on, navigate to the PS4 console settings and click on settings.

Keep in mind that the location of the settings menu varies depending on the gaming console you use. After opening the settings menu, select “Devices” near the bottom of the screen and press X. Then, choose “Audio Devices” to open the device in question. In most cases, you will see the device at the top of the page. This gives you easy access because you won’t have to scroll through numerous devices.

After selecting it, select “Output to Headphones” at the bottom of the screen, then gently press X. It is vital to note that the option will be greyed out when the AUX cable is not connected correctly.

If you notice this, check the aux cable connection and ensure you have correctly plugged it in. This goes a long way in ensuring a safer connection. Afterward, choose “All Audio” and press X. Doing so will instantly reroute the PS4 audio from your device speakers to external speakers. This enables excellent sound quality.

Lastly, you can use a multi-room audio system to connect your PS4 Slim audio output to external speakers. You can use AV/RCA cables, optical audio output, or HDMI audio output with this method. This is possible because all of them are supported. Keep in mind that the HDMI splitter distributes a single HDMI input signal into two output displays.

Using HDMI is crucial because it extracts the sound from your HDMI input source and distributes it to external speakers using a stereo audio output and a digital audio output. This goes a long way in improving the sound quality.

Experts advise that you use HDMI cables because they support high-resolution sounds, including 4K sound. Generally, 4K sounds are compatible with streaming platforms such as Chromecast and Roku.

Accessing HDMI audio extractors and HDMI splitters is not challenging because you can get them in any retail outlet. For instance, you can get them for around $40 on Amazon. These devices are also available at local electronics stores.

However, it is vital to ensure that you buy authentic HDMI audio extractors and splitters. This is because some devices could be fake and result in poor services. Some poor-quality extractors can also damage your PS4 Slim console, leaving you with significant losses. If you are not sure which extractor or splitter to buy, get the help of a professional. This will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Does the PS4 Slim Have an Optical Port?

Sony released the PS4 Slim console as an improvement on the original PS4 model. The console has a wide range of exciting features and is thinner than the original model. Therefore, some gamers wonder whether the PS4 Slim console has an optical port.

The PS4 Slim console doesn’t have an optical port. Optical ports come in handy when you want to use external speakers. However, while you cannot directly use external speakers on a PS4 Slim console, you can employ several workaround solutions that will make it easier to use audio devices on your console. This section discusses some of those methods.

The first method is using the optical output via the HDMI splitter. Splitters are an ideal way of replacing optical ports on your console. They deliver the same services and help you enjoy an external sound system.

These devices are powered by splitters that can receive HDMI input and output through optical digital signals. By doing so, it enables better sound quality. Using HDMI splitters is crucial because it allows for full functionality with your A50 wireless transmitters and MixAmp Pro TR.

In one research, experts tried six different products that could convert the HDMI signal to SPDIF. This was done efficiently with no issues whatsoever. Therefore, it would help if you went for a high-quality converter because it can be powered from a USB port.

This is advantageous because you don’t have to use an external power source to charge it. You simply connect it to your PS4 Slim console via a USB cable, and it will start charging. Remember to use a high-quality USB cable to avoid any inconveniences.

Another method is using the output via a home theater receiver or TV. It is important to note that many Audio Video Receivers and TVs have an optical audio output. This means you can use them to connect your PS4 Slim console to external speakers.

Suppose you connect your console directly to your AV Receiver or TV via HDMI. In that case, you can use the optical output from any of the devices to deliver the relevant signal to a wireless transmitter or MixAmp. In most cases, you are advised to use your TV for this purpose.

This is because TVs can be connected to both the transmitter and console at the same time. However, not all AV Receivers and TVs will pass through the digital audio signal. If you have challenges connecting any of these devices, you should refer to your owner’s manual for more details.

This will help you know whether your AVR or TV supports optical pass-through. It also enlightens you on how you can enable this feature in the future. Suppose your AVR or TV supports HDMI digital audio pass-through.

In that case, you will experience either Dolby Digital audio or stereo two-channel audio; it all depends on the make or model of your AVR or TV. It is essential to note that some devices might have problems connecting with your PS4 Slim console.

This is why you should consider some factors when purchasing them. For instance, you consider the model of your TV or AVR. If the HDMI splitter isn’t compatible with your TV or AVR model, you won’t be able to connect them. This means you need an effective splitter that works efficiently.

Besides, it would help if you considered the performance speed of these devices. Experts advise that you match the performance of both devices for the best results. Therefore, you should get excavators and HDMI splitters that can manage your TV or AVR performance speed. This goes a long way in preventing any inconveniences. It would be best if you avoided HDMI adapters that could interfere with the power supply to your PS4 Slim console.

Does the PS4 Slim Support 4K?

Developed and managed by Sony, PS4 Slim is an upgrade to the original PS4 model. It is thinner and significantly lighter than the original model. Despite its unique features, some gamers wonder if this console supports 4K.

The PS4 Slim does not support 4K. This console won’t work like a PS4 pro when using a 4K TV. This is because it lacks powerful graphics and a faster CPU like that in a PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro can render games in up to 3800×2200, also known as UHD. These dimensions are what people refer to as 4K, though it’s not the same as the DCI-4K present in cinemas.

Even though the PS4 Slim renders games in high resolutions, it doesn’t support 4K. Therefore, if you have a 4K video, you will settle for lesser resolution quality. The highest resolution the PS4 Slim can play is 1080p (FHD).

This is even the case when using a 4K TV. The PS4 Slim is functionally equivalent to the original PS4 model. While you can use this console on a 4K TV, its graphics won’t be better than 1080. This means you have to stick to a lower screen resolution.

Wrap Up

The PS4 Slim is a gaming console developed and managed by Sony. As its name suggests, it weighs less and is 40% lighter than the original PS4 console. The PS4 Slim console has an AUX port; however, this port can’t be used as an optical audio port.

The AUX port on the PS4 Slim console is where the camera plugs in. Also, the PS4 Slim console doesn’t have an optical port. Therefore, you need to use other alternatives if you plan to use external speakers. It is also essential to note that the PS4 Slim does not support 4K since its highest resolution is the 1080p (HD).

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