Oculus Quest Games (Free, Download, Game Length)

VR headsets are becoming affordable with VR games increasing in popularity, making gamers’ dream of virtual reality possible. I understand that whether the Oculus Quest 2 comes with games or not is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, does the Oculus Quest 2 come with any games? The Oculus Quest 2 comes with free games preinstalled to enable players to get grips of using the controllers and how Virtual Reality works. This way, individuals who have never used VR before can benefit and learn before downloading games. You can also enjoy a few multiplayer games with your friends and family on the Oculus Quest.

Since its launch and acquisition by Facebook, the Oculus Quest 2 continues to marvel its VR fans with its technology. Therefore, I will help you know whether these headsets come with any games and how to play them.

There are numerous games and apps that you can enjoy for free on the Oculus Quest 2. This way, you do not have to worry about parting with the high budget headsets and later on buy games to explore their full potential, as this can strain your budget. Among the free games you can enjoy include Gorilla Tag, Bait, PokerStars, Puzzling Places, MarathRun, and Elixir, among others.

The Oculus Quest 2, compared to other VR headsets, is easy to use and more affordable. Their launch into the gaming industry was revolutionary, guaranteeing users of a more accessible VR in the future. There are already many games of different genres that you can access.

These games utilize the headset’s wireless nature, enabling you to enjoy VR games in a different context. The free games are an excellent alternative to individuals who want to stay on a budget after purchasing the Oculus Quest 2, as you can explore the VR beauty on a budget.

The gorilla tag is one of the top free games you would want to try with your friends and family. This game is risk-free, offers high rewards, and is also perfect for children. The game is still in the experimental stages, and you will likely encounter bugs as you play. Unlike other games where you use a joystick and other buttons to move around, this game involves lots of arm play to move through the environment.

The environment has objects you climb using your hands to escape from other players chasing you. This feature makes players report that the game gives them the feeling of actual gorillas as they run and jump around. Given its growing popularity, it may be difficult to find empty rooms to play the game soon.

Bait is another free game on Oculus Quest 2. This fishing game features solid mechanics that give you a fantastic experience if you love fishing. Like in real life, fishing in Virtual reality has the same feel, and the environment is so beautiful that you would not want to leave the waters.

The game features four pools of water, each having different fish for you to catch. To spice up your experience, Bait also features an entertaining storyline, and you will talk to characters and perform other missions besides fishing.

If poker is your thing in the real world, you should try PokerStars VR for the best getaway from reality. This game has many props that you can utilize to add fun as you play. It also features several environments, including a space station, volcano, and castle, with the objects having realistic physics for an immersive experience.

Unlike other VR games, PokerStars VR is more adult-like due to its low physical movements. Even then, as you flip your cards and talk to other players, you will find the game to be mentally rewarding.

Puzzles are fun in real life, and much more fun in VR as you get a new experience through Puzzling Places that can entertain you for hours. This game is comfortable and playable when sitting or standing since there is no chasing or running. In this game, you will have the option of choosing between 3D puzzles of different sizes and complexities.

While playing, you can rotate and turn your completed puzzle and view it from any angle. Among the objects you can play with include accessories, landmarks, and historical objects, which can be difficult yet fun to play with.

If you want to experience everything that Virtual Reality can offer, then MarathRun is the best game for you. This game features physical activities that will make your experience fantastic. The game tests your ability courtesy of the hurdles and traps present, even though you will have pickaxes to remove some of these obstacles. The game can be challenging for first-timers on Oculus Quest 2, but as long as you play with friends who enjoy the running and hurdles, you can rest assured of a fun experience.

Finally, if you want to try your headsets differently, you can enjoy Elixir. This game uses hand tracking in exploration, hence suitable for magic lovers as you can create potions and enjoy their essence.

In this game, you will learn from a great witch and embark on a mission of completing complex tasks, monitoring your unstable potions, and caring for your tutor’s dragons. This game is suitable for kids given its minimal movement, and with its hand-tracking features, you can rest assured that they will not get bored in the process.

How Long Do Games Take To Download on Oculus Quest 2?

Downloading games can be the most frustrating experience for gamers, especially when the file is very big. Read on to know how long games take to download on Oculus Quest 2.

Most games in Oculus Quest range between 0.5 and 10GB and will take seconds to hours to download, depending on the size of the game and your internet speed. With a stable connection, even the biggest games will take a shorter download time.

However, in recent times, developers are coming up with games that require up to 10GB of space. Thus, with more companies making VR games, it is likely that in the future, most, if not all, VR games will be bigger, and the duration may extend depending on your internet connection.

If you are downloading a big game, you may lack the patience to wait until the download completes. To save on time, consider putting your Oculus Quest 2 in standby or sleep mode as the download continues. This way, you will save on battery as other processes that run when the headset is active will stop.

You will also speed up your download as fewer activities compete for the bandwidth. Turning off your headset will terminate the download, as it will disconnect from the network, but when you switch on your headset, it should reconnect to the internet and resume download.

The ROM size of your Oculus Quest 2 will limit the number of games you have. To deal with this, Oculus Quest 2 headsets are available in two sizes, the 64GB at $299 and 256 GB going for $399. The right headset for you will depend on your preferences. However, a 64GB Oculus Quest 2 should be enough to meet your gaming needs.

This headset features about 50GB of space, with the rest holding the preinstalled software and operating system. The 64 GB space is standard and can hold several games, each averaging 1.5GB. Besides enabling you to game efficiently, this space should be enough since, over time, you can uninstall games you are no longer interested in for more space.

Thus, if you are a casual player who opts to focus on up to four games at a go, the 64GB model is a suitable option. You should stick to the game with this space, as running other background apps may affect performance.

If you want to future-proof your space needs, given the recent trends in longer VR games, consider the 256 GB version. This model is useful for avid players who prefer having their catalog set and available at any time. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, then the 256 GB version is a must-have for convenience.

This version is also suitable for storing movies on your Oculus Quest 2. The quest features very high resolution, hence one of the best headsets for movies. Most movies will take up to 3GB at 1080p and up to 25 GB for 3D movies, hence the need for more space.

While a bigger space is ideal for movie persons, you can save up on space by using programs like Skybox VR. This program is ideal as it does not lag even when using the Oculus headset wirelessly. Alternatively, you can tether to your computer and store these files on your PC but watch them from your headset.

The 256GB version is also useful for YouTubers or anyone who wants to record gameplay videos. However, if you are doing a casual recording, a 64GB space should be enough. If space is still an issue for you, you can hack your way using the Oculus link and play games on your PC. This way, you can play desktop titles and SteamVR games using your PC space instead of your headset.

How Long Are Oculus Quest Games?

Given the adventurous nature of VR games, players would want to play for extended periods given the fantastic experience from the virtual. However, this is subject to the game’s length and how well you can cope with the side effects.

Generally, like other VR games, Oculus Quest 2 games are short. Usually, this is to prevent motion sickness and other effects from prolonged time spent in the VR world. In addition, developing VR games is a costly venture than developing console or PC games.

Given that most of the games in Oculus Quest 2 are small companies’ ventures, it is no wonder that length is not a priority in their investment. However, not all games are short, as a few give the full marathon experience that players love.

In addition to the high budget of creating a VR game, the audience is also smaller, hence the sales. Thus, developing a VR game with quality and length similar to Console or PC games will not be profitable. This leaves game developers with options, including developing lengthy games and incurring losses or relying on sponsors.

This is the case for games like Lone Echo, whose length and price ratio are quite reasonable. Another alternative for game developers is to create VR versions of games like SkyRim and Fallout, which are non VR. Lastly, developers can also consider selling their games at a higher price than PC and Console games. The disadvantage of option is that the high price will put off customers hence unlikely to work.

The tiring factor is another concern with VR games. Most Oculus Quest 2 games are high movement, hence practical for a player to participate for a shorter time. Having your eyes so close to the screen can also strain them, which is why VR developers prefer games that can play in short bursts.

For this reason, inexperienced VR players should not attempt longer sessions until they can stand the effects of virtual reality. Diving in too soon will result in motion sickness, among other issues that gamers experience when trying out for the first time. Once accustomed to the experience, a player can try games with longer playtimes.

Given the above challenges of developing a long VR game, it is no wonder developers lean towards shorter games that have lower development costs. This way, they can compensate for the small audience challenge.


The Oculus Quest 2 allows players to enjoy gaming on a budget, courtesy of its free preinstalled games. This way, new and inexperienced gamers can get grips on how to use the controllers and the working of the VR world. The majority of the games in Oculus Quest will take a few seconds to hours of download, depending on your internet speed.

However, with the recent developments in game size, the games will likely take more time to download. Finally, most Oculus Quest 2 games are short, given that new players may sustain the effects of virtual gaming from indulging in long hours of play.

Also, developing VR games is costly, yet the audience is small, and the companies may incur losses with longer games. However, even with these limitations, you can rest assured of a fantastic experience within this short duration.

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