Minecraft Hypixel Tips (UHC, Parkour, Dream game)

Like any other gaming server, Minecraft Hypixel is often looking for ways to make gameplay more exciting for its users. For instance, it came up with UHC (Ultra Hardcore) in December 2014 as a fun minigame for Minecraft fans. However, the game has had several issues leading to concerns about whether UHC is still running on the server.

So, does Minecraft Hypixel have UHC? Currently, UHC doesn’t run on Minecraft Hypixel due to several challenges it has had over the years. There have been several reported cases of hacks and cheats by users. It is pretty attractive for attackers since many players can join at a time. Therefore, many players withdrew from the platform, and it is currently undergoing some adjustments. Fortunately, the developers are working on remedies to counter this, and it will soon regain its loyal users.

If you want a break from the regular activities in Minecraft, you can spice up your gameplay by joining a server like Hypixel. Game modes like UHC are unique designs for a more fast-paced gaming experience. Perhaps you want to try it out but are uncertain whether it is still available, the following are the answers to your questions.

Unfortunately, Hypixel UHC has gradually lost its popularity among gamers due to reports about hacks and DOS attacks. It has a different structure from other minigames, attracting malicious users. In turn, many gamers would rather not play it since they would be risking their devices and accounts.

Hopefully, UHC may return soon, and the developers are working on effective means to counter this. For instance, they have created modifiers to counter cheating and make gaming more fun.

Ultra Hardcore is primarily in two modes, team and solo. You can play alone with seventy others or join a team with two other users and tackle up to 36 more groups. UHC starts with the essential items in your kit, and you have about ten more minutes to find any other resources you need. It also allows you to craft other unique items. After this time, the Player Vs Player is active, and you can engage with others for the rest of the time.

Afterward, you will go to the deathmatch that marks the last period of the game. Here, you get a tiny map that is impossible to escape from, and you must face your enemies within the small space. If you beat them all and remain alive, or your team beats everyone else, you automatically win the game.

Still, if the fifteen minutes lapse, the winner will be the player with the highest number of kills. This game is generally exciting to play, and, unfortunately, it isn’t currently available for Minecraft Hypixel.

As the game mode attracted many players, it also faced several challenges, constantly dealing with cheaters and hackers. These attacks took away the essence of UHC making many players withdraw from the site.

The nature of the game, including the several benefits up for grabs and the number of users, made it lucrative to fall under attacks. Luckily, the creators are making necessary adjustments to help salvage the situation.

For instance, Hypixel withdrew projectiles in gameplay to combat cheaters. It has also introduced Fast Food, Magic Powers, Brew Masters, Respawn Tokens, and Flower Power. You will notice that these remarkable capabilities give players an upper hand despite the cheaters’ strengths.

However, the challenge with this system is that cheaters get the same advantages, and they can easily use them for their benefit. Therefore, UHC will return if it deals with these problems, primarily the low player base and cheaters.

What Is the Parkour Game in Minecraft Hypixel?

One of the most impressive aspects of Minecraft is how it branches out to other exciting game modes for its various users. You must have heard about the famous Parkour minigames, and if you have never tried them, you must be curious to find out more. Since you are using one of the best Minecraft servers, you should be part of the fun.

Parkour in Minecraft Hypixel is a server-based minigame that gives players several complex obstacles to gauge their skills. Hypixel currently has 21 parkour versions. These courses test how well you can jump, run, and get from one block to the other in the shortest time possible.

Generally, you start playing Parkour by running on a pressure pad and doing the same for all the other blocks, as the system records the completion time. You can find Parkour in every minigame Lobby and even add it as housing.

Parkour is a popular Minecraft game mode, and the best servers like Hypixel boast thousands of users daily. It has also gained more fame, as it recently appeared in Tik Tok, a famous social media platform.

Regardless of your skills in Minecraft, you will love playing Parkour thanks to its comprehensive maps that are mindful of beginners and experienced gamers. You can play it in Hypixel and compete with other players using different map types. Additionally, the game allows you to form parties, advance to more challenging levels, and have head-to-head contests.

In Parkour, the mission is to successfully pass several obstacle courses and put your reflexes and speed to the test. You can move to more complex levels and compete with other players using various maps in the process.

Luckily, Minecraft has made it easy for newcomers to access the game through several servers. If you want to play on Hypixel, you only need to install the game, launch it, and select multiplayer.

After that, you can tap “Add server”, and the system will generate boxes for you to enter Hypixel as the server name and mc.hypixel.net as the server address. When you log onto the server, you can now access maps and play Parkour based on your preferred mode, whether in a team or against another player. You will find 21 various versions of the game for you to practice on, and you can also add it as housing.

Parkour is usually in different locations, primarily in the game and tournament Lobbies. Apart from the 21 modes, you can also find it in the Limbo version, which is quite different from the other games since it doesn’t have a start and finishing block. On the other hand, the housing type stands out from all the others because you can edit it and access more commands like the leaderboard and stuck.

What Is a Dream Game in Minecraft Hypixel?

Minecraft Hypixel games have unique features that make multiplayer more exciting for you. Different game mode offers diverse gameplay, allowing you to choose the best version according to your interests and skills. In this section, I will highlight more about the Dream game.

Dream games are game modes in Hypixel’s Bed Wars that rotate into different designs with time. Rush is the initial version that enables you to expand wool into five blocks or upgrade generators to their highest levels. However, Ultimate offers you about seven perks, one of which lets you heal yourself and your teammates.

Castle game mode, on the contrary, earns you Streak Points that you can use to purchase unique powers. Other modes in dream games are Voidless, Luckyblocks and Swappage, but gamers rarely use them.

The Rush mode has featured several updates, with the recent version boasting of additional capabilities like increased Potion prices and expansion of bridges using controllers. It twists Bed Wars gameplay by upgrading the generators to the highest tier and creating a defense for your bed using Wood, Wool, and Blast resistant Glass. While using this mode, you will notice that wool generates five more blocks when you place it in a particular direction, enhancing your movements.

Furthermore, Rush ensures a reduction in items’ prices, including but not limited to Bridge Eggs and Ender Pearls. Additionally, Ultimate provides you with more abilities like Demolition to help you burn wool and get Creeper Eggs when you destroy a Bed.

Secondly, Swordsman allows you to move swiftly forward and destroy enemies along your path. Builder is another feature for constructing walks and bridges, while Frozo helps slow down your enemies and lets you prepare better for war.

Lastly, lucky Blocks mode influences the generator to drop lucky blocks, which you can use to build or access other benefits. Note that Swappage Dream mode allows players to exchange a Bed with others as long as the player has something to swap.

Furthermore, there is the Voidless game mode among the latest versions in Hypixel. Its playability is synonymous with the original Bed Wars with a Rush mode defense style.

In the Castle mode, players spawn in a castle divided into three parts, and each contains a bed. Your goal is to destroy all the enemy beds and earn points that you can later use to purchase items or make upgrades.

Bed Wars Dream mode adds features to the standard gameplay and makes it more fun. This way, Minecraft becomes more exciting than the normal mode. Note that the versions alternate after some weeks to allow gamers to utilize all the abilities in a particular Dream game.

What Minigames Are in Minecraft Hypixel?

Besides UHC and Parkour, Minecraft Hypixel hosts some of the most amazing minigames to keep you entertained. If you want to know more about them, the following is a detailed and categorized guide to help you.

There are Shooter, Survival, and other variations of Minecraft Hypixel minigames. Shooters include Cops and Crims, Quakecraft, and Paintball Warfare, whose goal is to bring down other characters using special kits.

On the other hand, Survival minigames are the bulk of the bunch with six different game types. You can choose from Normal, Team, Hardcore, Casual, Racing, or Competitive games. Besides the two main ones, other versions are the Adventure Lobby, Parkour, and Housing.

Each of these minigames has its quests to help you progress in the levels, a lobby to find other excellent titles, and coins you can use in exchange for essentials or cosmetic upgrades. Luckily, Hypixel has many survival games to choose from; Normal, Hardcore, Casual, Racing, Competitive, and Team. Hardcore and racing are the only categories with a single title, UHC Champions, and Turbo Kart Racers, respectively.

While UHC Champions is a team game that allows crafting and special kits, Turbo Kart Racers involves high-speed driving against others while you collect valuable items. However, Casual has two games under it, the Arcade and TNT Games.

The former is fast paced, incorporating beam swords to fight enemies, while the other is not as competitive but still very exciting to play. The other Survival games have four variations each.

For Normal, you can play Blitz, SkyWars, Speed UHC, or VampireZ. Blitz is a classic minigame from Hypixel, where you use kits to attack enemies. In VampireZ, these enemies are vampires and other beings, and you must battle them in 21 rounds.

For SkyWars, you find yourself on an island, and you must fight to stay alive, hoping to get soul rewards. Lastly, Speed UHC is more about time, where you have about ten minutes to complete the task.

You can also try out Team minigames if you love playing with your friends. There are Walls and Mega Walls titles that are essentially for four teams. You have a few minutes to prepare and collect your resources, and you can have some of the best PVP experiences.

Alternatively, you can play Bed Wars or Murder Mystery that are great for RPG. The last Survival minigame is Competitive that involves special weapons and skillsets to defeat enemies. Here, you can practice with Arena Brawl, Smash Heroes, Duels, or Warlords.

Last in the group is Shooter, where you have weapons and must defend and attack your enemies to be the last one standing. If these are your favorites, you have options like Paintball Warfare, Quakecraft, and Cops and Crims. Besides the genres in the list, you can also have fun playing other minigames like Parkour, Housing, and Adventure Lobby.


Hypixel has proven to be an outstanding Minecraft server thanks to the several minigames available to offer the best gaming. These titles cut across various genres from Survival to Shooters, perfect for multiple player groups. You can also choose to play solo or in a team and pick high adrenaline or slow-speed games.

One of the top choices is UHC, a hardcore, fast-paced game where you can push your combat skills to the limits. Alternatively, you can also play Parkour that is the perfect way to test how great you are at overcoming hurdles in Minecraft. Whichever game mode you prefer, Hypixel Minecraft is a great server to use.

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