Minecraft Hypixel Tips (SkyWars, SkyBlock, Minions)

Minecraft attributes its popularity to Hypixel, one of its biggest servers, created in 2013. I understand that whether Minecraft Hypixel has SkyWars is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, does Minecraft Hypixel have SkyWars? SkyWars is among the Survival games on the Hypixel network. The game, released in June 2015, features islands containing chests and loots. The players loot these chests for essentials, including tools, projectiles, and armory, among other items.

With thousands of players playing concurrently at the peak hours of the day, Hypixel is the world’s popular Minecraft server. However, while gamers can enjoy over twenty games on this network, some dominate others in terms of their popularity.

Minecraft features SkyWars among its top server games. The gameplay comprises players looting the chests for weapons and projectiles, among other items. The middle of the map has stronger loot chests containing enchanted armor and stronger tools.

The chests in the game can refill twice, with the first refill strengthening the items while the second one places the ender pearls on every chest. After the second refill, there is a doom event that prompts the Ender Dragons to attack players until one player remains or the time runs out.

The goal of SkyWars is to be the last team standing. Thus, you have to defeat other teams to win. You can achieve this on different modes, including normal, insane, mega, mega double, ranked, and laboratory.

The normal mode is the basic mode, playable in the solo and double forms. In this mode, the chests contain weaker armor, and the spawn chests have stone-iron swords, leather–iron armor, and enchanted bows. The middle chest loot has an enchanted diamond helmet and boots with an enchanter Chest plate and leggings.

The insane mode is Hypixel’s unique mode, also playable in the Solo and double forms. Its kits and items are stronger than in the normal mode and feature diamond and iron swords and armor. In addition, its middle chest loot comprises stronger variants of the Knockback rod, and its Ender Pearls are more frequent.

On the other hand, the Mega SkyWars, like the name suggests, is bigger than the above two modes. It comprises 100 players grouped into five teams. However, its loot is similar to the insane mode though some of its enchantments on the middle are weaker.

Mega doubles comprise smaller teams of the Mega SkyWars. Its loot, maps, and kits are similar to those in Mega SkyWars, enabling faster filling of the Mega lobbies. The Ranked SkyWars is a 1v1v1v1 mode ranking players monthly based on their losses and wins.

This mode has unique kits, all maxed out. To join this mode, you need Network Level 25. Finally, the Laboratory mode comprises a collection of experimental modes based on the original SkyWars but with some added twists. These modes rotate weekly, with some available every week.

Each of the above modes has a Kits and Perks menu. The normal, mega, and insane modes have unique kits and perks, which can be rolled in the soul well or purchased, with their prices varying depending on their rarity. Perks also vary in their upgrades and prices and can be a tiered upgrade or one-time purchase.

Like kits, you can purchase perks with coins or roll them in the soul well. Other games’ kits include the mythical, mega, and ranked kits. Mythical kits are available in the normal and insane modes. The mega mode kits are not in the soul well and require coin purchase. Ranked kits are unlocked and available for all players.

Finally, to aid in visual gameplay, SkyWars features cosmetics, released in January 2018. Players can obtain cosmetics from loot chests and choose them from the My Cosmetics menu for use in-game.

Other features useful alongside cosmetics include the tokens, which are currencies a player can use to purchase cosmetics, loot chests which are cosmetic boxes, and seasonal loot chests for seasonal events.

If you want to know more about minions and SkyWars in Minecraft Hypixel, this is the guide for you. It will help you know if Minecraft Hypixel has SkyWars, the types of Minions available in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock, the best minion in Hypixel Skyblock, how to get minions on Skyblock, and what minions do in Skyblock Hypixel. Read on for a detailed analysis.

What Minions Does Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock Have?

Minions are NPCs that you can place on your private island to get items for you while offline. They are upgradable, with each upgrade increasing storage or the minion’s speed. You can trade minions via player to player Trading.

Currently, there are about forty-nine different minions in Skyblock. These minions fall under different categories, including farming, mining, combat, foraging, fishing, and dark auction. Farming minions include wheat, carrot, potato, melon, pumpkin, mushroom, cactus, cocoa, and beans minion recipes.

The carrot, potato, and cactus recipe unlock after collecting 100 pieces of the respective crop, wheat and mushroom after 50, cocoa beans after 75, and pumpkin after 40. The melon minion recipe requires the largest collection of 250 pieces of melon to unlock.

Mining minions include clay, cobblestone, coal, iron, gold, emerald, and diamond minion recipes, each requiring 50 pieces of the respective mineral to unlock. The Redstone minion recipe requires 100 pieces, while the lapis requires 250 pieces to open.

Combat minions include cow, pig, chicken, zombie, skeleton, and spider, each requiring 50 pieces to unlock. The fishing minion recipe will unlock after collecting twenty pieces of raw fish. Other minion recipes in this category include slime, Enderman, and cave spider minion recipes.

Foraging minions include oak, spruce, birch, dark oak, acacia, and jungle, all of which unlock after collecting 50 pieces of the respective forage. In addition to the above, there are minion upgrades, which include budget, enchanted, perfect, small storage, medium storage, large storage, auto smelter, compactor, enchanted bread recipe, and enchanted lava bucket recipe.

What Is the Best Minion in Hypixel Skyblock?

While every minion is unique and useful for different reasons, some are a must-have for their extra benefits. Each player has a different preference, but most prefer specifics like the sand, iron, glow stone, acacia, auto smelter, cobblestone, compactor, and enchanted lava bucket. I will discuss each of these minions to enable you to understand how they function.

The sand minion is the most difficult to get but one of the best to have, hence every player should strive to obtain it. Most players usually take this minion for granted since you can collect it within fifteen minutes of starting the game. However, this minion can be rare, and prioritizing its collection is useful.

The iron minion is another great minion in Skyblock. Its collection features the Golem armor, enchanted hopper, and the Golem sword. You will likely get this minion among the first in the game.

Unlike other minions useful in crafting among other works, the cobblestone minion is useful in odd activities. For instance, you will utilize this minion if you want a nerd pole or a throwaway block.

Despite its minor uses, this minion is rare, and you should strive to get it too. While the normal Minecraft does not utilize cobblestone as much, the situation is different in Skyblock. In Skyblock, this minion is useful in collections like compactors which use most of it.

The glowstone is an easy-to-find minion in Skyblock. It generates glowstone dust and functions well as a good light source. However, it lacks good collection items. This minion is the only true minion from the Nether, hence a bonus. However, you will find it difficult to make this minion efficient.

To do this, you will require compactors which are expensive to make. The acacia minion ends this list though it is not as special. It is similar to other foraging minions, with the tree type being the only difference. It is vital in saving time going to the floating islands.

A minion upgrade is also possible, and you can upgrade a minion to tier 11 or XI. Some of the best upgrades include an Auto smelter, compactor, and enchanter lava bucket. The auto smelter is suitable for gold, iron, cobblestone, and sand minions. It is easy to get and a good thing to have.

The compactor is another important addition that is affordable given its benefits. This upgrade saves on space and is cheaper than the Super Compactor 3000. While some players may choose the Super compactor, it is expensive, and you cannot turn back an enchanted item into a regular item. With just an iron pickaxe, you will gain the compactor in the lapis miner.

Lastly, the enchanted lava bucket is a must-have if you are looking for the best minion fuel. With this minion, you do not have to make choices or switch it out with something else. You will also enjoy an increased and durable minion fuel speed. The disadvantage of this upgrade is its high coal consumption.

How Do You Get Minions on Hypixel Skyblock?

Most players know how to get minion slots, but a few can fill these slots. Here is a step-by-step guide on doing this to continue enjoying the game.

To get minions on Hypixel Skyblock, you can craft them on the crafting table. However, you will require a significant amount of the collection in question. For example, if you are crafting cobblestone, you will need to mine the required number of cobblestone to unlock the recipe, and you can proceed to craft the minion using the 80 cobblestones surrounding the pickaxe in the crafting slot.

If you want to craft emeralds, you will start by getting the resources you want. You can find emeralds on Slime hill. When you trade, you will craft minions, but you cannot do this if you already have the recipe in your collection.

You can check whether you have it before initiating the steps above. If you have the emerald recipe, you can get the coal minion. To do this, place the coal on the island, and it will automatically start putting the ores that it will mine and store as its collection.

While the above methods work for most minions, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, the revenant and tarantula minions will require zombie, spider minion, revenant flesh, and the tarantula web. You will also need a particular slayer level for this unlock.

What Do Minions Do in Skyblock Hypixel?

Players can obtain minions from Terry’s shop, Bulvar, and Bartender. While you cannot trade these NPCs on the Auction house, you can do player-to-player trading to enjoy their benefits.

Minions work automatically by smelting items produced by other minions, then compacting them into their block or enchanted forms. This work comprises the combination of upgrade functionalities such as Auto smelter, Super Compactor 3000, among others.

To accomplish the above, place down the minion in question and let it work. The minion will place the blocks it requires out of nothing and mine them. In the case of the cobblestone minion, you will open a 5×5 area, place a minion on the block in the middle, and it will automatically place the cobblestone and mine.

If you are dealing with mob minions, consider putting up a wall first lest the mobs run away. You do not have to worry about which minions will exhibit this trait since the minion interface features an ideal layout that enables you to see what it requires in its surroundings to perform at its best.

To work with the ideal layout, place your minion down and click on the layout to display the requirements. Next, place a minion with the layout blocks and empty one layer below. The minion will start placing these blocks and break them down eventually.

Therefore, minions in Hypixel are useful as you can craft them into high tiers to increase their storage size and collection speed. The XI tier is the highest, and tier XII is for mining and farming.

Wrap Up

SkyWars is a Survival game on the Hypixel network, released in June 2015. It features islands containing chests and loots inside that players spawn. The players loot these chests for essentials, including tools, projectiles, and armory, among other items. The game features about forty-nine different minions falling under different categories, including farming, mining, combat, foraging, fishing, and dark auction.

Each player has a different preference but the sand, iron, glow stone, acacia, auto smelter, cobblestone, compactor, and enchanted lava bucket top the list of the best minions for most players.

Minions work automatically by smelting items produced by the minions, then compacting them into their block or enchanted forms. You can get minions by crafting them on the crafting table to achieve this. With many minions available on Skyblock, your preference should ensure high performance in the game for a fantastic experience.

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