Game Pass Ultimate and Gold (Cancel, Expiry and Cost)

As a devoted PC gamer or an avid console player, you need a plan that saves you money and gets you many games. Microsoft has several plans that gamers can subscribe to, including Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold. If you subscribed to Xbox Live Gold and want to pay for Game Pass Ultimate, you might be wondering if your new plan will cancel your old one.

So, does Game Pass Ultimate cancel Gold? Game Pass Ultimate does not cancel Gold because they are two different subscriptions. The benefits of having a gold subscription include multiplayer access, over 100 games, two free games each month, and discounts on selected games on the Microsoft store. When you purchase Game Pass Ultimate, you still keep all the benefits of Gold. However, offers to upgrade from gold to ultimate are limited and not accessible in certain areas; therefore, you need to check first before confirming the upgrade.

Most gaming companies have several subscription plans that are tailored to suit their consumers’ budgets. Signing up for a subscription service allows you to access services and great deals that other consumers do not get.

Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service where you have to pay a certain amount every month. Sometimes, you might forget to pay, or maybe you do not have enough money, and you might be concerned that you might not enjoy playing your games.

When your Game Pass Ultimate subscription runs out, Microsoft removes the digital license to download games. The games you downloaded before the subscription ended will still be on your console or PC. However, you cannot play the games until you pay your subscription fee.

If you want to continue playing the games without paying the subscription fee, then you have the option of buying the game. Your game saves will remain in your console or PC even when your game pass ultimate subscription runs out. You can play the games offline if you have the games on discs.

The Game Pass Ultimate subscription works like every other subscription service, and if you stop paying for it, you will not enjoy the service. The game pass subscription allows you to download as many games as you like, and the digital license will enable you to play the game for as long as your subscription remains active.

However, when you fail to pay the monthly fee, Microsoft will take away the digital license, and each time you try to play the game, you will get a message on your screen informing you that you need Game Pass.

However, you do not need to worry about losing your games when your Game Pass Ultimate subscription runs out. Every game that you downloaded through Game Pass will remain installed in your console or PC. The games will remain as long as you do not uninstall them because you cannot download new or uninstalled games when your Game Pass subscription is over.

The money you pay each month gives you the license to download and play over 100 games available on game pass ultimate. If you fail to pay the monthly fee, you lose the license, which means you can no longer play any games you downloaded through Game Pass Ultimate. Unlike other purchases, you do not own the games on Game Pass Ultimate but the license to download and play. Once your subscription is over, you cannot do anything with the games.

Your game progress will also remain saved in your console or PC, and you can access them after you renew your subscription. However, Microsoft keeps updating games on the list, and some games are removed after some time.

Therefore, if you stay for too long without paying your subscription, you might come back and find your games are not available on Game Pass. If you decide not to renew your game pass subscription for a few months, check how long all the games you have installed on your console will be available on Game Pass.

If you want to continue playing your games without paying the subscription fee, you have to purchase the games. The Game Pass subscription is for use only when playing the leased games, and it ends when you stop renewing your subscription. If you already owned the game, then you can continue playing the game by using the key.

If you do not own the game, you can buy it on Xbox Live and continue playing from the time you left it on game pass. If you downloaded the games through the Gold membership program, you would have access to the games until your Gold subscription expires.

Reasons To Continue Your Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

As an avid gamer, there are several reasons that should convince you to continue your Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Here are some:

Microsoft offers you over 100 games on Game Pass with major titles such as Gears of War and Halo. In addition, you also have access to new releases by Xbox and other third-party game developers. Microsoft also releases some major titles exclusively on Game Pass. Games like Void Bastards and Outer Wilds had their launch days on Game Pass before Microsoft made them available on other platforms.

Another reason is the great deal that Microsoft offers you through Game Pass. At 9.99 US dollars a month, you can get new games and great discounts on major titles. In addition, the Game Pass Ultimate package gives you more services such as Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for Xbox One and PC for only 25 US dollars a month. You will also have access to EA play and the games in their library.

Game Pass maintains its games month to month, and Microsoft rotates only a few games in and out of Game Pass. So, when you miss paying the subscription fee for a few months, you have little chance to come back and find that most of your games are gone. On the other hand, Game Pass has a stable catalogue, which means that you can afford to miss a few months and still find most of the games in the library. You can also play a few games for several months without worrying about Microsoft taking them off their list.

Game Pass is also available on PC and console; therefore, you can access all your games on your personal computer. If you are using a PC for gaming, ensure that it has the correct hardware and software to run games because most games are very demanding. To access Game Pass on your PC, you only need to pay 4.99 US dollars each month.

Why Is Game Pass So Cheap?

Xbox Game Pass is among the cheapest monthly gaming subscription services offered by Microsoft for Xbox consoles and PC. While other gaming companies like Ubisoft and Sony have expensive monthly gaming subscriptions, Microsoft’s Game Pass is very cheap, and you might think that there might be a catch.

Several things make Game Pass so cheap, and one of them is strategic marketing. Game Pass is also a relatively new product, and Microsoft is trying to attract many gamers to subscribe. The low fee is also a way to get you interested and hooked on the service.

It is also a method that Microsoft uses to make more money through online gaming. Finally, the low price is a method of introducing gamers to other products and services.

Every company markets its product or services in different ways, and one is using a low price. If consumers see a new product or service with a low price tag, they will be interested, and most will try it. For example, Microsoft offers you access to numerous games for only 14.99 US dollars a month through the Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft also makes the deal better by asking new subscribers to pay only 1 US dollar for the first month. This marketing strategy brings in many gamers who want to try playing games for one dollar a month, and many of them will stay after realizing how many games they can play for only 14.99 US dollars a month.

The Game Pass subscription service is a new product to many gamers, and, as such, Microsoft strategically sells it at a low price. In the gaming industry, gamers can react negatively to a product or service, especially when they believe they can find the same service elsewhere at a lower price.

Unfortunately, Microsoft made a mistake with the Xbox One, giving it a high price without proper justification. With Game Pass, Microsoft’s low price seems to work because many gamers are signing up because they can easily afford 14.99 US dollars a month.

The low price of Game Pass is to get as many gamers as possible hooked to the subscription service. Microsoft expects to earn revenue from members paying the monthly subscription fees. The low price of Game Pass will attract many gamers, and most of the new members will keep their accounts and pay monthly fees. Once Microsoft has gained millions of gamers, it can adjust the monthly fee to earn more money or introduce other products or services to increase its revenue.

In addition to the cheap subscription fee, Microsoft ensures gamers keep their accounts by offering other deals. For example, if you want to purchase games through your Game Pass account, you get a 20% discount on every game. Other deals include a 30-day free trial of Disney+ and full access to the EA Play game library when you opt for Game Pass Ultimate (As per publication of this article).

One advantage of having a Game Pass subscription is the number of games. If you are a PC gamer, you will have access to over one hundred games, and if you use a console, you have access to over two hundred games. Microsoft also makes old games available on Game Pass, catering to gamers who like playing old games.

This means that you can use one subscription for the whole family. The young family members can play the new titles while the more senior family members can enjoy the old games in the catalog.

Diversity is very important in the gaming industry because gamers have different tastes, and Microsoft takes that into account with the Game Pass catalog. Microsoft releases many games covering different genres so that every gamer has some games they can download and play from Game Pass. Microsoft also has deals with third-party game developers that ensure they keep updating their catalog with more diverse games.

However, games Pass has a few disadvantages, and one of them is paying for downloadable content. Game Pass monthly subscription allows you to play video games online, but you have to make another payment if you want to download a particular game. Another disadvantage is the presence of too many old games in the catalog.

Game Pass might have more than one hundred games for a PC gamer, but many are old games. If you are done playing new games, you have to wait for a while before finding a new game on the list.

The Xbox Game Pass is not a bad service; however, Microsoft needs to improve on certain things to ensure people get value for their money. Microsoft can improve Game Pass by adding more multiplayer games to its catalog. Microsoft can also improve the gaming experience in Game Pass by adding newer games to the catalog.

Wrap Up

Game Pass gives you the option of accessing hundreds of games for a few dollars each month. In addition, you have the option of playing single-player games or joining other gamers online for a multiplayer game. However, like every other subscription service, you have to keep paying the subscription fees to enjoy the services.

If you will be away from your console for a few months, you need not worry about your game saves or progress. You will find all your data as long as you do not uninstall the program.

The low price of a Game Pass subscription seems to work for Microsoft as many gamers are giving it a chance. You also do not have to pay for the first time because Microsoft offers a 14-day trial. So, if you find the games enjoyable, you can choose to pay for only one US dollar for the first month.

Of course, game Pass is not perfect, but it is still a new service that Microsoft has more time to improve. If you own an Xbox console or a PC running on windows, you should try using Game Pass to play games, and, if you like the service, go ahead and make it permanent.

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