Gaming Keyboards (Worth it or a waste of money?)

When it comes to gaming, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it. However, you will need gaming accessories that improve your experience and make it easier in some cases.

So, does a gaming keyboard really matter? Gaming keyboards matter and are very important in the gaming industry. These keyboards are more responsive, lighter, and in-tune with most of your needs. Furthermore, gaming keyboards come with comfort options, macro support, and responsive lighting. They are also customizable and great for disabled gamers.

Gaming keyboards are an essential unit in any gamer’s setup. They can give you the edge you need to beat the competition and finish off opponents. Therefore, having the best keyboard under your fingertips can make you the pro you’ve always wanted to be.

Gaming keyboards are important since they provide comfort, have a faster response, make gaming easier, and offer custom control pads. They are your first and best connection to your computer, making it easy for you to communicate and give commands. This is possible even if your computer is not running properly.

One of the main benefits of gaming keyboards is that they make gaming more comfortable and fun. While many games have become more casual-friendly in recent years, they still need long playing sessions. Most casual-friendly games will need more than 20 gaming hours, meaning you can easily get uncomfortable. In fact, some of these games might need several hours, especially when you are playing end-game content with other gamers.

To tackle such long hours of gaming, you will need a gaming keyboard that makes things more comfortable. These keyboards feature well-spaced, full-sized, mechanical keys that are easy to use over long gaming hours. In addition, the gaming keyboards have a specific shape that fits in your hands for a long time without hurting your wrists.

Gaming keyboards provide a faster response time. They feature mechanical keys instead of membrane keys that can be hard to use. The mechanical keyboards are easier to press because you don’t have to use a lot of force. This makes them more convenient.

Gaming keyboards can type much faster than standard keyboards. This is important because when playing a game, you will move your character easily and more accurately. With the entire gaming process made easier, you won’t suffer fatigue while playing. Furthermore, you will be able to make your moves much faster and more efficiently. As a gamer, you know how important split-second decisions are; a gaming keyboard gives you this advantage.

Gaming keyboards also make gaming much easier. These keyboards often come with more keys or rows that you can customize to perform almost any function you wish. Furthermore, you can set several profiles if you are playing more than one game.

This allows the keys to operate accordingly depending on the game you are playing. By customizing keys, you can automate some of the essential tasks you perform in your game. By being able to customize these keys, you make gaming easier. It also gives an advantage over other gamers who may be using standard keyboards.

The fact that gaming keyboards come with custom control pads also makes them very important. As much as this doesn’t apply to every gaming keyboard in the market, many gaming keyboards come with custom control pads found on their left side. These control pads are almost similar to WASD keys and the keys surrounding them.

Custom control pads are very helpful when playing games. This is because they give you better control that translates into better response time. As a result, you will easily move around and cause damage to your opponents. Regardless of who you are up against, you will have the confidence to face them, thanks to the gaming keyboard.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard?

Gaming keyboards can improve your gaming experience significantly. These keyboards come in handy, especially when playing games on your PC. They give you better control of the game and make it more comfortable.

When buying a gaming keyboard, you should consider factors like the type, price, colors, layout, and appearance. The type of gaming keyboard you buy determines how effective they are. Therefore, you should buy a keyboard that not only meets your preferences but is also efficient in performance.

The first thing you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard is its type and functionality. There are different types of keyboards, namely, membrane, dome, and mechanical. Membrane keyboards are built with pressure-sensitive pads and are quite effective due to their low profile and quiet keypress. However, membrane keyboards are not ideal for detailed work or when your game involves plenty of keyboard action.

On the other hand, dome keyboards are equipped with a hybrid button that sets a folding action under the keys. The folding presses down on the membrane once the keys are pressed. Dome keyboards have become a popular option among consumers nowadays. Even though they can be a little bit costly, these keyboards are ideal, especially for leisure gaming.

Mechanical keyboards are the most ideal for gaming. They use a lever and a spring-based mechanism to perform their functions. Furthermore, their key presses are very precise and responsive, making them the best pick. Therefore, when buying a gaming keyboard, you should always go for a mechanical one.

Another factor you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard is color. You might fancy getting a blue or red keyboard, depending on your preferences. As much as these colors are good for physical appearance, they are more than just decorations. Blue and red are mechanical keys developed by Cherry, a company known for gaming keyboards production. These keys (red and blue) were considered as the industrial standards for several years.

The mechanical keyboard keys are named by the color of their stem, meaning there are different types. Each colored keyboard has different feels and produces different types of click sounds. Therefore, depending on your preferences, you should go for an ideal keyboard color that gives you the best gaming experience.

Like with any other item, price is also a factor you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard. Given the cost of gaming keyboards, you should save up a bit of money if you plan to buy one. Avoid buying cheap gaming keyboards whose performance is not guaranteed. Such keyboards can be quite tempting, but they become faulty after a short period. The standard price of good-quality gaming keyboards is between $80-$130.

Furthermore, it would help if you also considered the keyboard layout. The keyboard layout is vital because it shows the type and number of keys and a keyboard has. On average, gaming keyboards have between 88-101 keys. There are keyboards with the maximum number of keys while others have fewer. Therefore, you should get a gaming keyboard that matches your preferences.

After checking all the mechanisms and functions of the gaming keyboard, you might also want to consider its appearance. Given that the keyboard will be set on display, you wouldn’t want something that is too blingy or too colorful. Instead, get a gaming keyboard with a simple, elegant look and feel.

What Are the Best Gaming Keyboards?

Gaming Keyboards can help improve your gaming experience and getting the best ones on the market will be even more captivating. With the significant growth experienced in the gaming industry in recent years, plenty of companies are making gaming equipment. Therefore, it is important to get the best gaming tools with excellent performance.

Some of the best gaming keyboards on the market today include Corsair K100 RGB Optical, Mountain Everest Max, Razer Cynosa Chroma, G.Skill KM360, and Logitech G915 Lightspeed. These keyboards have excellent performance capabilities and will completely transform your gaming experience. While some of them can be costly, they guarantee user satisfaction, and you will get value for money.

The Corsair K100 RGB Optical is one of the best keyboards available on the market today. It is the best option when you want to upgrade your gaming experience to the best level possible. The Corsair K100 RGB gaming keyboard is a premium option with plenty of exciting features. However, you need to know that this is a big keyboard with an enormous footprint. Therefore, you will need to clear your desk before nesting this state-of-the-art gaming device.

In terms of features, this keyboard will leave you fully satisfied. It has a metal volume wheel, a USB pass-through, and RGB lighting. The RGB lighting is one of the most exciting features of this keyboard because it is highly aggressive and attractive. Furthermore, this keyboard has excellent keyboard responses, a satisfying tactile click to each press, a decent spread of keys for most sizes, and beautifully dimpled keys to help you rest your fingers. This makes it comfortable when pressing the buttons down.

The Mountain Everest Max is another ideal gaming keyboard on the market. It is a full-size keyboard with a Numpad that comes in handy, especially when working. The Numpad is a magnetically attaching module that can be attached on either side of the keyboard, and it is also hot-swappable.

The Mount Everest Max gaming keyboard is ideal for fast gamers. This is because it has a base that allows you to pull them out when using the keyboard. There is also a barebones version of this keyboard that lets you pick your keycaps and switches from the start. As a result, you can create a custom option.

You can also go for the Razer Cynosa Chroma, another ideal gaming keyboard. This keyboard has one of the best feelings with low-profile membrane keys. With a retail price of $60, the Cynosa Chroma is one of the most affordable gaming keyboards you can get. The price doesn’t take anything away from its quality, with online reviews backing it up.

Even though it lacks some of the common features like dedicated media controls or wrist wrest, this keyboard boasts its extensive RGB lighting. This lighting can be applied by zones or programmed on a per-key basis. It is a nice-looking, solid, and no-frills keyboard with one of the best membrane options available. This keyboard has several versions of it available, giving you different options to choose from.

G.Skill KM360 is another ideal gaming keyboard you can go for. Even though it is a basic keyboard, it performs efficiently. It is a solid, reliable, well-built, and decent gaming keyboard you should try out. However, this keyboard lacks media controls, pass-throughs, and a wrist rest. Nonetheless, this keyboard will be a good pick, especially if you are a fast gamer.

Its affordable functionality also makes it a good choice. With the average price of gaming keyboards edging towards $200, getting decent ones at lower prices is becoming harder. This is why G.Skill KM360 is one of a kind gaming keyboard with excellent performance and affordable prices. The keyboard is also comfortable with extensive RGB lighting.

If you fancy wireless keyboards, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed is an excellent candidate. Even though it can be costly, this keyboard offers plenty of exciting features. This keyboard goes for around $250, though there are slightly cheaper versions that you can go for. However, the cheaper version lacks some vital features, so it is not highly recommended. The $250 you invest in getting this keyboard will get you some of the most admired features in the gaming industry.

Some of them include smart media controls, a lovely volume wheel, and plenty of gaming keys. There are also a handful of macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. Furthermore, the keyboard has gamer-designed keys that are more comfortable. They have a convenient layout and design that increases efficiency.

Final Word

Gaming keyboards are very important when it comes to gaming. They are responsive, lighter, and in-tune with most of your needs. Also, it is more comfortable to play games with keyboards due to their convenience. Apart from making gaming easier, gaming keyboards also provide faster response and custom control pads.

When buying a gaming keyboard, you should consider factors like the type, price, colors, layout, and appearance. These factors will help you get the ideal keyboard that suits your preferences. The performance of a keyboard is specifically an important factor to consider because it could determine its durability. Some of the best gaming keyboards on the market today include Corsair K100 RGB Optical, Mountain Everest Max, Razer Cynosa Chroma, G.Skill KM360, and Logitech G915 Lightspeed.

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