Kindle Cases (Fit Paperwhite, Kobo, Oasis, Screen Protector)

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most popular iterations of the Kindle device developed and marketed by Amazon. The first Kindle Paperwhite iteration was released in 2012, and the latest iteration was released on September 21, 2021. If you owned a Kindle Paperwhite and had a case, you might be wondering if the case can fit a basic Kindle before getting a Kindle Paperwhite.

So, do Kindle Paperwhite cases fit Kindle? Kindle Paperwhite cases do not fit Kindle because they have different dimensions. The Kindle Paperwhite is slightly bigger than the basic Kindle; hence, its case would not fit because it is too big.

The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration, released in 2021, is 6.9 by 4.9 by 0.32 inches, while the basic Kindle released in 2019 is 6.3 by 4.5 by 0.34 inches. If you want a good case that can protect your Kindle, you should get the one that fits.

Kindle ereaders are amazing devices that enable you to read ebooks and other digital reading material. If you want your Kindle to last longer, you need to protect it from hits and bumps, and the best way to do so is to place it in a protective case.

When choosing a case for your Kindle, there are several things you need to consider before making the final decision. The case should make the Kindle easy to handle, and protect your device from scratches, drops, hits, bumps, and general wear and tear. While shopping, you might see a Kindle Paperwhite case and wonder if it can fit your Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite cases do not fit Kindles because they have different dimensions. The Kindle Paperwhite is slightly bigger than the basic Kindle; hence, its case would be bigger than the Kindle. For the case to work properly, it must be a perfect fit.

The Kindle Paperwhite fifth iteration has a dimension of 6.9 by 4.9 by 0.32 inches while the basic Kindle has dimensions of 6.3 by 4.5 by 0.34 inches. The Kindle Paperwhite case will leave small spaces around the basic Kindle; hence, will not be a perfect case to protect your device. If you want to protect your device using a case, you should get one specifically made for the basic Kindle.

Choosing a Kindle case

When choosing a case for your Kindle, you first need to check your device’s size. You need to get a case that will perfectly fit your device without leaving any spaces or being too tight, hampering the easy use of your device.

You can easily find perfect cases for a basic Kindle on Amazon. Amazon has released several models of the basic Kindle, some of which have different dimensions. For example, the Kindle 1 has dimensions of 8.0 by 5.3 by 0.8 inches, while the Kindle 7 has dimensions of 6.7 by 4.6 by 0.4 inches; hence, you need to pay close attention to the model you are using. 

Most Kindle cases seem to fit only the generation they were made for; hence, they cannot be used for other models. Some people see this as a major problem because it makes users buy a new case each time they buy a different Kindle model.

You might be disappointed if you spend a lot of money buying a different Kindle, hoping you could use the case from your previous Kindle model. Sometimes you can buy a Kindle bigger than your previous model or too small.

The difference in size makes it difficult to reuse cases from the previous model; hence, for users who want to save money, the difference in size in most Kindle models does not help them save their money.

The need to replace your Kindle’s case every time you buy a new one might be a big disadvantage, but many advantages make each purchase worth it. These advantages include tailored cutouts that leave spaces for the power button and charging port. The Kindle case supports the sleep and wake function.

There are several designs and colors to choose from which make your Kindle look good. The case’s front cover always folds completely to the back, allowing one-handed use. If you like reading physical books, the case has a hardcover paper feel; hence, when you read from your Kindle, you feel like you are reading from a physical book.

Do Kobo Cases Fit Kindle?

The Kobo is an e-reader developed and produced by Kobo Inc., a Canadian company that sells ebooks, audiobooks, tablet computers, and ereaders. The first Kobo ereader was released in 2010 and marketed as the most affordable ereader on the market. If you have been using a Kobo and decided to switch to Kindle, you might wonder if the Kobo cases can fit your Kindle.

Kobo cases do not fit Kindles because most Kobo models have different dimensions than most Kindle models. Some Kobo ereaders are bigger than Kindles, while some are smaller. For example, the Kobo Aura HD N204B released in 2013 has dimensions of 6.91 by 5.05 by 0.46 inches, while the Kindle Paperwhite 2nd iteration released in 2013 has dimensions of 6.7 by 4.5 by 0.34 inches.

The case used in the above Kobe ereader could not fit in the Kindle ereader. Kindle ereader also uses cases that fit specific models and could not be used on other ereaders. If you want a case for Kindle, you should select one specifically made for that Kindle model so that it can serve you well.

How the case fits on your Kindle is very important when choosing a new case for your device. If the case is not too tight, the Kindle could fall off the case and get damaged. If the case is too small, it will be very difficult to put the Kindle in that case. Therefore, you need to get a case that is specifically designed for your Kindle model.

A Kobo case is specifically made to fit the dimensions of a Kobo ereader. The manufacturer did not think about any device other than the Kobo, making it difficult to find a Kobo case that would be a perfect fit for a Kindle ereader.

Kindle case features

When searching for a new case for your Kindle, there are other things you need to consider besides size. Another thing you need to consider is your Kindle’s protection. How the case protects your Kindle is very important. If you keep dropping your Kindle regularly, you need a rugged case that can protect your Kindle.

If you select a thin case without enough protection, it will not protect your device. You should also get a case with a secured grip. Some cases usually have a textured grip to ensure that your Kindle does not slip from your hands when using it.

Another thing you should consider is extra features you might find useful. Some cases come with no extra features, and they only serve to protect your Kindle. However, you can also get cases with extra features that can improve your reading experience on the Kindle.

An extra feature that can be very useful is a stand. You can use the stand to stabilize your Kindle on your desk or table if you want to continue reading and are tired of holding the Kindle. Another extra feature you might need on your Kindle case is slots where you can place papers and pens.

You should also consider your budget. Cases come at different prices. Some are cheap while others are very expensive. After considering other factors like size, protection, and extra features, you must ensure the case you want is within your budget.

Some of the best Kindle cases cost a lot; hence, if you do not have enough money, there is no need to go into debt buying one. Many cheap or affordable Kindle cases will work perfectly, and there is no loss in buying a cheap Kindle case.

Do I Need a Screen Protector for Kindle Oasis?

The Kindle Oasis is one of the high-end ereaders developed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon released the first Kindle Oasis iteration in 2016 and later released two iterations, one in 2017 and the other in 2019. The Kindle Oasis is one of the expensive Kindle models, and you need to take good care of it; hence, you might be wondering if it is necessary to get a screen protector for your Kindle Oasis.

You do not need a screen protector for Kindle Oasis because it uses an e-ink screen that is already scratch resistant. The screen protector would also make the Kindle Oasis look bulky. The Kindle Oasis has a low sensitivity screen which means it is not responsive like other touch screen devices like your phone.

If you fit the screen protector incorrectly, it will reduce touch sensitivity ruining your reading experience. The screen protector will also increase glare making it uncomfortable to read. The Kindle Oasis is built perfectly; hence, the screen does not need any other protection apart from a simple protective case.

One of the reasons people choose screen protectors for their touch screen devices is to protect the screen from cracks and scratches. If the device falls down, the screen protector will reduce the impact of the fall on your screen. However, your Kindle does not need a screen because its screen is already strong.

The e-ink screen is strong; hence, it would take more force to break it than other screen devices. The e-ink screen is also scratch free, and you can use your Kindle Oasis without the screen protector, and it will remain scratch free for years. However, if you poorly handle your Kindle Oasis, the screen will get damaged or scratched despite its strength.

Screen protector issues

Screen protectors are hard to fit on a touch screen. You need to be careful when attaching one to your device. The Kindle Oasis has a low touch sensitivity, meaning its screen is not as active as most touch screens.

It takes more effort to use your Kindle Oasis than your iPhone o or Samsung. Adding a screen protector on your Kindle Oasis will make the low touch sensitivity worse, making it hard to input commands on your device.

If you have to put the screen protector on your Kindle Oasis, ensure that you have installed it properly. You can also remove the screen protector whenever you want if it starts to hamper your reading experience.

Most screen protectors will introduce glare on your Kindle Oasis’s screen, making reading in a room with extra light difficult. The e-ink display on your Kindle Oasis is designed to reduce glare; placing a screen protector on it will reintroduce glare on your device.

The Kindle Oasis screen enables you to read even in direct sunlight without encountering glare. If you start to experience glare after installing a screen protector on your Kindle Oasis, you need to remove it. Screen protectors cost between 10 and 20 USD, money that you could use buying more books on your Kindle Oasis.

If you are worried about your Kindle Oasis’s screen and are looking for ways to protect it, you can use a case or cover. You can find a case with a flip cover to protect your screen when you carry your Kindle Oasis around. If your Kindle Screen gets damaged, you can have it repaired by a professional.

If you still have your warranty, you can have the Kindle Oasis replaced by Amazon. However, you should note that not all screen damages can be repaired. A small hairline crack on the screen can render your Kindle Oasis useless.

The e-ink screen is the most expensive part of the Kindle Oasis; hence, if it needs to be replaced, you might have to pay more than 60 USD for a replacement screen. Therefore, when you use your Kindle Oasis, ensure you take good care of it. 


When looking for a Kindle case, you need to buy one specifically made for your model. There are many Kindle models, and they have various dimensions. You cannot use your Kindle Paperwhite’s case to protect your basic Kindle.

You also cannot use a Kobo ereader’s case to protect your Kindle. When searching for a case for your Kindle, you should check the size, protection needs, extra features, and budget before making a purchase.

Screen protectors are good for protecting devices with delicate screens. However, the Kindle Oasis has a strong screen and does not need a screen protector. A screen protector will also worsen your reading experience. If you need to protect your Kindle Oasis’s screen, use a case or cover. 

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