Roku Remote Control Soundbar (Roku TV, Samsung Soundbar)

Soundbars are becoming very popular as people shift from TV speakers and other audio outputs. Generally, TV speakers don’t have the desired sound quality to listen to music or play video games, making people look for another alternative. When you connect a soundbar to your TV, you create a home theater with high-quality sound output.

So, does the Roku remote control the soundbar? A Roku remote can control the soundbar. This means you don’t have to operate the soundbar directly if you have a Roku remote. Those with a Roku player or Roku TV can use the Roku remote to control the soundbar. This means you can save some money instead of getting a typical soundbar remote control.

Soundbars are becoming very popular with time. They are the perfect alternative for those looking to replace poor TV speakers that can’t project desired sound quality. With the increasing popularity of soundbars, some people wonder if a Roku remote can control the soundbar.

A Roku remote can control a soundbar. This is the case because the soundbar has features that a Roku remote can contact. Therefore, if you have a Roku player or Roku TV, you don’t have to get a new soundbar remote.

You can use the Roku remote to adjust the volume on your soundbar, among other things. You can also control the surrounding speakers using the remote. The relationship between Roku remotes and soundbars is based on common features. Understanding how they work together will help you pair them even better.

Generally, soundbars have richer and fuller sounds than those produced by a TV set. What makes soundbars a great option for better sound output is that they are available in different models.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end soundbars because you can get value and midrange soundbars at a cheaper price. Soundbars come in different units — it can be a stereo with a subwoofer and two speakers or have five speakers to enhance sound quality. The high number of speakers helps create a virtual surround system with a subwoofer.

If you have a Roku TV, you can use its remote to control your soundbar. Generally, you can use a Roku remote to control any soundbar available. The best part is that the Roku Voice Remote Pro is hands-free. Therefore, you can use the remote to control your soundbar by voice.

This means that you don’t have to touch the remote. The Roku remote has different features that make it easy to use on your soundbar. For instance, you can easily adjust the volume on your set by pressing the + button.

The soundbar has the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) and the Audio Return Channel (ARC). When the two features work together, they allow two-way communication between an extra device and a TV over the HDMI cable.

When you connect the soundbar to your TV using the ARC HDMI port, it automatically detects the soundbar. You should also immediately be able to control the volume on your soundbar using the Roku remote. For the connection to work effectively, both your soundbar and TV must have an HDMI ARC connection.

While Roku remotes are useful on most soundbars, their setup process differs depending on various things. For instance, the setup might be different when you have a smart TV with the Roku operating system.

It could also be different if you use Roku Box or Roku Streaming Stick. The process of ensuring that the HDMI CEC feature is turned on also differs depending on the manufacturer. In fact, there are different names for the feature depending on the manufacturer.

For instance, on Sony TVs, they are called “Bravia Sync”. If you want to get the most out of such setups, you should go into the list of connected devices in the settings and find out whether the soundbar is included.

The Roku remote will only work on your soundbar if it is connected. For more information regarding soundbar connectivity, you should consult your TV’s manufacturer. They will let you know about the connection that works best on your soundbar.

After setting up your Roku TV with the soundbar, you can easily adjust the features to enhance your audio experience. When you press the star (*) button and navigate to the Sound Settings, you can turn on the virtual surround speakers.

This will significantly improve the audio output. It also creates a surround sound experience without involving the back speakers. If you want to get the best sound quality, you can use your Roku remote to turn on the Dialog enhancer.

This will go a long way in improving dialogue clarity irrespective of the soundbar in use. Experts advise that you keep the surround speakers near the subwoofer to get the best audio quality. You should also constantly adjust the audio settings until you get one that suits your surroundings.

While a significant number of TV sets manufactured in the past ten years have an HDMI ARC port, some don’t have it. If your TV doesn’t have this port, you can still control your soundbar with the Roku remote.

However, the speaker must support HDMI for that to happen. You can adjust the settings by going to System Audio Control and controlling other devices connected to the soundbar.

Connecting Roku remote to a soundbar

If you have a Roku player or Roku TV, you can use it on your soundbar. This is the case because the Roku remote can connect with the soundbar and execute different commands. However, some users wonder how they can get their Roku remote to control the soundbar.

You can use your Roku remote on a soundbar if the soundbar is powered on. Connecting the soundbar to any Roku outlet will give you the best audio quality. After connecting the remote to your soundbar, you can use it to control the basic functions of the TV.

However, before you start using the device, you have to set it up. The process of connecting a Roku remote to your soundbar is not complicated. You just have to follow a few steps to get the job done.

The first thing you should do is open the settings option on your home menu. This is where you will find the settings required to pair the two devices. After pressing the settings options, you will see a list of different settings on your screen. After that, scroll down to Audio.

The Audio option is mostly near the bottom of the list. In some devices, it could be near the top. Upon clicking on Audio, the “Audio Preferences” menu will pop up. This is where you can start adjusting the different connection settings and adjust them depending on whether you want to use the soundbar.

In the Audio Preferences menu, select Audio Mode. You will be given different options in the next menu— select Auto (DTS). This is a crucial step in the connection process because it allows your Roku to automatically detect all connected speakers.

The option ensures all the speaker’s project sound if you play any media. In the next step, Set ‘S/PDIF’ and ‘ARC.’ In the same ‘Audio’ menu, you should open the ARC settings on your Roku TV. Under this menu, select the auto-detect option.

As the name suggests, this setting will enable the device to automatically connect to any available devices, including your soundbar. Besides, Roku will automatically detect the identity of your speakers. For maximum efficiency, you should exit Audio settings to automatically save the changes.

When the changes have been made, open the system settings. To do so, scroll down the main menu settings and click on the ‘system’ option. This leads you to a different menu you need to adjust the connection.

After clicking on the system, a new menu pops up. From this menu, select ‘CEC.’ You will notice different CEC options from this menu. You can set the optimum CEC preference by clicking the checkboxes for ARC. You also have the option of using the system audio control in your connection.

When you use the “System Standby” you will allow the soundbars to be controlled by a Roku remote. From this point, you can use the remote to increase or lower the volume on your soundbar. You can also use the remote to control the surrounding speakers.

Roku TV Soundbar

Sound bars are quickly becoming the most popular sound output devices. They are highly reliable and tend to produce quality sound — much better than TV speakers. For that reason, some users wonder if they need a sound bar for their Roku TV.

Getting a soundbar for your Roku TV is advantageous. Even though you don’t need it, it can help improve the sound quality of your TV. Generally, TV speakers have poor quality sound that significantly affects the user experience. With such speakers, you won’t have a good gaming experience nor enjoy listening to music. This is why you need a soundbar to help enhance sound output on your device.

Roku is a device that allows you to install a wide range of streaming applications on your TV. These apps can be used to stream music videos or watch movies. Roku supports many channels, including live and local networks.

Besides, Roku TV lets you subscribe to Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max. You can also enjoy watching your favorite series. All these features show that Roku TV is a great option for entertainment purposes. You will have access to almost everything you need!

Despite the slightly expensive cost of the Roku TV, its sound quality isn’t the best. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to hear dialogues when watching a TV show or movie. This is why it is beneficial to consider investing in a soundbar.

A soundbar is great, especially if you have sufficient space to place a new speaker. Getting a soundbar and connecting it to your Roku TV is an affordable and efficient way to improve the TV’s overall quality. You won’t have to spend a fortune trying to get a fancy sound system.

Besides, many of these devices come with built-in Bluetooth or wireless connections. This makes it easy to stream content from your home network without compromising the setup. Soundbars are also advantageous because they don’t take up a lot of space in your home.

Even better, they are compact, and you can easily move them around. Contrary to what some people think, you can use the speakers in a small room. This is the case if you don’t want to take up a lot of space.

Apart from connecting it to your TV, you can also connect the soundbar to external devices. For instance, you can hook it up to your game console and enjoy a great gaming experience.

Samsung Soundbar Roku compatibility

The market is full of different types of soundbars. Samsung is one of the companies that make soundbars. Some users wonder whether a Samsung soundbar can work with Roku.

A Samsung soundbar can work with Roku. Generally, Roku doesn’t care what kind of soundbar it is connected with. As long as the soundbar is in working condition, it can be paired with Roku. The only uncertainty associated with using soundbars on Roku is whether your TV supports Dolby Digital Plus audio.

This is the model most online streaming providers are using today. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the soundbar supports the new audio model before purchasing it.

You can use different methods to connect your Samsung soundbar to Roku TV. For instance, you can connect them using an HDMI. You can also pair them up with an AUX cord or optical cable.


Thanks to the great features of soundbars, they have become a popular method of audio output. If you have a Roku player or Roku TV, you can use its remote on your soundbar. This is possible because the soundbar has similar features to the TV.

You can use the remote to adjust the volume of your soundbar and control the surrounding speakers. To connect the remote with your soundbar, you only have to turn it on, and they will automatically pair. If you want to get the best audio output from your Roku TV, you should get a soundbar.

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