Oculus Quest Controllers (Valve Index, Quest 2, Quest 1)

The best way to dive into Virtual Reality is using top-of-the-line gadgets like Valve Index and Oculus Quest. Considering their high-performing graphics and the wide range of games options available, you may have thought about whether you can interchange their controllers. Therefore, if you have a Valve Index and want to use it on your Oculus Quest 2, here is what you should know.

So, can you use Valve Index controllers with Oculus Quest 2? The Valve Index controllers are compatible with Oculus Quest 2 but you must use a calibrator for proper alignment. This process is usually tricky and will only work if you are playing through SteamVR and are not running an Oculus-dedicated title. To use Valve Index controllers with Oculus Quest 2, download the software, run it, simultaneously turn both controllers on, and hold them together while you move them around. The Index controller will be calibrated in less than a minute, allowing you to play using the Oculus Quest.

Today’s focus is on the incredible world of Virtual Reality while considering gadgets like the Oculus Quest 1 and 2 and the Valve Index. Oculus Quest 2 was launched in 2020 compared to Valve Index’ release in 2019. They are gamers’ favorite, explaining why many are concerned about using Valve Index’ controllers with Oculus Quest 2 or the other way around. I finally concluded after thorough testing.

Fortunately, you can use the Valve controllers for Oculus Quest. However, it is a demanding process that may take a few tries before you get it right. Another caveat is that the interchange will only be effective if you use SteamVR and not Oculus-dedicated titles.

You will also need a calibrator, and you must set up base stations to monitor the Index controllers. Generally, you will turn on both sticks and hold them together while moving them around as the space calibrator runs. Doing this will align these two systems in less than a minute but you will have to repeat this process whenever you want to play from SteamVR.

The Oculus Quest and the Valve Index are two separate systems, hence there is no direct way to connect their controllers. For instance, the Index usually works based on a lighthouse system. Therefore, its lasers scan the room allowing the controllers and the headset to confirm their positions according to the lasers’ hit time. Therefore, it becomes tasking to connect the Index to the Oculus Quest.

A helper software like the space calibrator must intervene here to align the controllers. However, you should have a virtual desktop that runs your PC and Oculus Quest and link everything to your VR desktop. Next, ensure that you have set up everything from the controllers to the base stations. You can now open SteamVR then click any key on the Valve Index controllers.

You will immediately notice how disoriented the devices are, meaning that they cannot run unless you align them. To fix this, you can go to your downloaded space calibrator, tap knuckles left, and corresponding Oculus left.

It is advisable to hold the two controllers in your hand before this correction, assuming that they are one system. You can now click to commence the calibration, and while at it, confirm that you have the necessary rotation samples.

Move them around as much as you can, preferably in an “eight” motion. When the calibration stops, you will notice that the Index controllers will be in line, although you can still fine-tune to be certain.

You can leave SteamVR and place down the controllers if everything is complete. As soon as you don’t detect the touch controllers on your Oculus Quest, you can rerun SteamVR. Consequently, the Index gadgets should now be working perfectly.

Do Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Work With Quest 1?

Many gadget designers ensure that the same gaming devices are compatible, meaning that you can use new controllers on older generation models. Perhaps you have lost your Quest 1 peripherals and hope that the Oculus Quest 2 controllers will come in handy. I have the answers you seek.

Unfortunately, the touch controllers for Oculus Quest 2 cannot function with the Quest 1. Finding the original Quest components is also quite tasking since the creators discontinued its production.

They are barely in stock unless the manufacturers decide to create more. The best and only way to play on your Quest 1 is by buying the controllers from retailers that still have them on shelves or purchasing a used one from legitimate sellers.

After the discontinuation of the original version of Quest, it became tasking to find part replacements for the gadget. Therefore, it would come in handy if the Quest 2 controllers could be compatible with the Quest 1.

Sadly, the two gadgets are distinct, meaning that you cannot use either in place of the other. Therefore, the last resort is to find a retailer that still has them in stock or get a second-hand one from sellers online.

The same case applies to the Oculus Quest 2, since you cannot use it with Quest 1 controllers. You will only get the right, left, or gamepad options if you try pairing. However, many users prefer the Quest 1 controller, thanks to its outstanding features. For instance, it is better for players with smaller fingers and hands that find it tasking to reach the top buttons of the Quest 2.

Oculus Quest users tend to be divided about the better controller since there are only slight design differences. With the release of the original variation, the controller came with some improvements, some that interfered with the Quest 1 upsides.

For example, the original gadget controllers are comparatively more comfortable and lighter. The haptics is also much better, explaining why many would love an update that allows the Oculus Quest 1.

Quest 2 featured a combination of characteristics from the original and the Rift S. The two gadgets use one AA battery. Also, Quest 2 maintained the same conventional shape and design you know. However, it has a wider opening for your hands to leave more space for your thumb to move when using it.

The advantage is that, unlike the original, it has a better battery life since it has fewer internal LEDs. According to Oculus, the device functions longer than the original, but the tracking abilities remain intact.

Generally, you would want to use the Quest 2 controller, thanks to these incredible features. It also helps that it has better battery management capabilities, and so does the headset. However, it can only function for less than three hours after a full charge like the original.

It additionally has impressive characteristics like allowing you to set it to sleep when you are not using it. Finally, it has advanced tech where the system will turn on automatically when you wear the headset and pick up the controllers.

Which Controllers Can You Use With Oculus Quest 2?

You can add several accessories to a VR for an excellent gaming experience. You would need hands-on controllers that are user-friendly and highly responsive for enhanced playability. This last section gathers some of the best controllers you can use comfortably with an Oculus Quest 2 if you are looking for replacements.

Besides the official Oculus Touch controllers, you can use gamepads and HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick). Other Xbox and PS controllers can also easily pair with the OQ2 to let you access certain games as long as they have support. For instance, you can use the new Xbox Core, PS5, and Thrustmaster FCS.

Lastly, since the gadget has Android support, the controllers that are at least Bluetooth 3-enabled can function seamlessly with the Oculus Quest 2. The controllers above are some examples of ideal add-ons to your OQ2 for the best gaming and will serve as excellent alternatives to the regular VR controllers.

The Oculus Quest 2 manufacturers confirm that any controller that links to OQ2 via Bluetooth class 3.0 can effectively function on the device. However, maneuverability will differ from one accessory to another, and you may not have the same experience as the standard controllers. Therefore, the most important aspect to consider when selecting the right device is entirely based on preference.

You will instantly notice that some games may be challenging to control using certain controllers. For instance, gamepads are practical for Star Wars, but HOTAS would offer you the ultimate gaming experience.

Therefore, if you are playing the game or a similar one on the OQ2, it is advisable to try a Thrustmaster FCS controller. The Xbox Core is also viable alternatives for your OQ2 gaming needs, among other Xbox gamepads.

The device is sleek and can elevate your gaming to make it more enjoyable for use, even on titles with special designs for gamepads. It may seem traditional but still boasts of some excellent features.

The buttons are customizable, it can easily share data, it is compatible with other gaming platforms, and has a high-quality grip. On the other hand, if you love PS controllers, your go-to would be the PS5 gamepad.

It is responsive to all of your gaming actions and effectively makes you feel like part of the VR. For instance, when you pull a bowstring, you can interact with the tension and force the action generates. Other than these options, remember that any controller that connects to the device will still assist you in navigating the commands you need to play your favorite titles.

Can You Bring Oculus Quest on a Plane?

You can access video gaming from multiple platforms that offer players the best entertainment. One of the perks of technology is the invention of portable devices like the Oculus that allow you to play anywhere at any time. However, one pressing concern among new owners is whether they can carry this gadget along with them even when traveling on planes.

You can take your Oculus Quest with you on trips if you don’t want to miss out on exciting in-flight gaming. Usually, the checkpoint officers do not allow batteries delivering over 100 watt-hours. Thankfully, the AAs on this device rate at 14 watt-hours when fully charged.

Therefore, it is way below the minimum requirements from TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Still, it is advisable to avoid suspicious packaging that may cause unnecessary attention. Instead, you can remove the Oculus from the box and keep its wrapping case intact. The TSA will let you through provided that it doesn’t have any other electronic attachments,

Generally, VR is quite convenient for use on a plane because you won’t bother other passengers while you play, and you will immerse into your fantasy world to keep you busy during long and uneventful flights.

Experts believe those with high altitudes issues will find the Oculus Quest a great solution. If you are unsure about traveling with your VR headset, you don’t have to worry as long as you pack it correctly.

If you combine it with other electronics, the chances are high that the officers may stop you from boarding the plane. Therefore, it is best to check everything while you are packing to ensure that you can use your Oculus even when you have a long trip, which immensely helps people suffering from travel anxiety. Before packing the Quest, confirm that you have fully charged batteries to last you long enough.

Remember to check the controller batteries, although they usually don’t run out fast. You can also carry your headphones or other 3.5mm earphones if you cannot find the official ones. Finally, check that you have enough of the best movies and games you would want to enjoy during your flight, and you can download and set them up beforehand. Moreover, if you are on a long journey, you may need a fully-charged battery pack for replacements when necessary.


If you are looking for the best VR, you will incline to the Oculus Quest 1 and 2 or the Valve Index. They provide the best entertainment and are perfect options for gamers who love to delve entirely into their gaming.

Luckily, you can use the Valve Index controllers with the Oculus Quest 2 as long as you have the calibrating software and can set up everything. Unfortunately, the Oculus Quest 2 controllers are incompatible with Oculus Quest 1, meaning that you must find the exclusive components for the original gadget. Regardless, you will be glad to know that you can use some Xbox and PS controllers, and you can carry along your adventures even as you travel long plane distances.

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