Nintendo Switch Accounts (Play and Transfer games checked)

If you are planning to get a new console or already have one, you must be contemplating how you can retain your games in the old console and play them in the new one. Whether you can transfer Nintendo Switch games to another account or not, I understand it as a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can you transfer Nintendo Switch games to another account? While it is possible to transfer data to another account, transferring games is proving to be challenging. However, in the recent past, Nintendo is easing this process, and, hopefully, it will soon be able for users to do this on their own.

First, you should note that any transfers you make will delete your data from the old console, which is why you will need to confirm whether you will keep or dispose of the old console during the transfer. If you choose to keep the data, Nintendo will allow you to select the data you want to transfer, but if you are getting rid of the old console, you will need to transfer everything to your new console.

Purchasing games after acquiring a new console can be tasking; however, finding a way to access your old games when you buy a new console is relieving. Therefore, can you transfer Nintendo Switch games to another account?

If you purchase a digital game or physical game on your Switch console, you cannot transfer this game to a different account, which is why you should ensure you are using the correct account when purchasing games. Digital games, despite their convenience in terms of download, cannot allow you to share them with your friend unless you give them your console.

Also, you cannot resell these games after purchase, unlike physical games. However, other users can enjoy the games on your account if they are using the primary console. For this reason, you should be considerate of the games you prefer or consider mixing the digital and physical games before you can invest your money in purchasing these games.

Game transfer to another account is a whole process, as games will not move with your data during data transfer. This means that you will have to download your games afresh in the new account. Before embarking on this, you will start by deactivating your account in your old console since it is only possible to use your account in one console at a time.

To deactivate your account, visit Switch eShop and select your account. You will then click on your Profile, scroll to the Deregister tab and confirm deactivation by hitting this tab. Once done, you will log in to your new account, and you can download your games. You should note that upon deactivating your account, you will lose all your saved data regarding the games and need to start afresh.

If you purchase your console from another party and want to keep the games, a change of the email address will prove useful. To do this, you will need access to their email and password. Start by changing the email address, in which case, the previous owner will receive a verification code that they can share to enable you to change the email. You will also receive another code in your new account, after which you will own the account and digital content in it. After making these changes, ensure you change your password for safety purposes.

In addition to data transfer, Nintendo has also made it possible for users to access the game from different accounts, provided they have access to the primary account. However, this process is not as easy, but you can do it by yourself. To accomplish this, all you need is a Nintendo Account, which replaced the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Network ID.

This account is also vital to accessing games from the Switch online shop and for buying games. If your family members or friends have a profile on your console, they will access and play the games you have purchased even when you are offline. This account allows up to eight users to connect to the console and play.

When you log in with your account to a console, the system will detect and tie that console to your account. This means that you will need to deactivate from the initial console for you to play digital games on a different console. This way, you can log in to the second console with your credentials and use it as the main console.

Upon deactivation, you cannot play games or make purchases from that console but the active console. This means that you can use your account on one console at a time and fully enjoy the privileges.

In one of its firmware updates, Switch introduced the cloud and automatic data saving options to its users. This feature made switching and game sharing possible, but, still, you can use your account in one console at any given time. Also, to successfully play games between two consoles, you will need an account and a stable internet connection. If you lose your connection, the game will equally pause.

Can I Play Nintendo Switch Without an Account?

Now that you have bought your Switch console, you are probably wondering whether you need to set up an account for everyone in your home to be able to play the games. Read on as I help you know whether this is necessary and how to go about this process.

It is possible to play Nintendo Switch without an online account or membership. In this case, you will utilize cartridges; hence, you will not require internet access as well. However, if you want to play online with Switch, you will need an internet connection and a subscription to the Nintendo account. While playing offline, you will have limitations, including the inability to download games. You will also not be able to play multiplayer games if you choose this option.

Playing offline is possible for single-player games, but not all the games rank the same. This means that you should know which games will play well while offline and choose them, especially if you plan to be offline for some time.

If you choose to go online, you will need a Nintendo Account. This account is also a must-have if you want to access the eShop and your rewards. You can create this account with a social network on your PC or smartphone. All you will need is to fill in your basic personal details and an email account.

You should be connected to the internet while creating this account since it is an online account. Once you finish filling in your details, you will receive a verification code on your email address, which you will enter and complete your account creation.

While you may prefer to go offline with your console, you should equally understand the setbacks of not having a Nintendo account. First, you cannot download updates while offline. This means that you may miss downloading patches, making it hard for you to play certain games due to bugs.

Secondly, some games, especially multiplayer, are entirely online, and for you to access and play them, you need an account. For instance, to play a game like Splatoon 2, which is both single and multiplayer, you will need an account since its multiplayer is the main focus and is only available online. Other games might have online features that will make them inaccessible offline. Without an account, you will not also download games with good DLC.

Finally, while playing games offline, you will need to invest in a good SD card, as the Switch storage is not sufficient to store many games. The Switch has 32GB in storage, of which only 25GB is accessible to the user.

This space usually fills up faster given the game downloads and updates, which is why you should focus on increasing your storage space with a good SD card. Other disadvantages include limited access to settings such as the Parental Control and mobile app, which require you to be online to continue working well.

Given the above limitations, it is evident that for you to fully enjoy your Switch console, then having a Switch Online account is vital. With this account, you will access and play multiplayer games and enjoy offers and NES and SNES games. The online Switch account has two types of subscriptions, individual and family. As the names suggest, an individual subscription will cover one user while the family subscription will cover up to eight individuals.

To set up this account, visit the eShop and start the free trial or select and set up your membership plan. The individual subscription costs $20 per year, while you will pay $35 for a family subscription. Whichever option you choose, there will be an automatic renewal, but you can stop it on the eShop menu.

Initially, gamers could play Mario Kurt 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 for free, but now, they need a subscription to access them. The exception to this is when playing Fortnite, which is accessible online without a subscription. Thus, as far as Nintendo online is concerned, you will only need it for multiplayer games. Thus, if you do not have a subscription, you can use the Switch Local feature, in which you can connect up to two consoles with a maximum of three gamers on each.

Another benefit of having a subscription is that you can access SNES and NES games. In its first year of service, gamers on Switch could access NES games and later SNES in the second year. While by default you need an internet connection to play these games, you can download them and play offline. However, once your subscription expires, you will lose access as you would in other consoles.

Another benefit of the Switch account is that you can download the smartphone app and take your multiplayer experience to another level. This app is available for Android and iOS, and you can use it to chat with other gamers. Of course, Fortnite is an exception, as you can still chat with other players using the console.

Also, with this account, your data is safe even if your console goes out of service, as you can back up your data to the cloud. To maintain your saves intact, you should continue renewing your subscription as Nintendo will delete them permanently after six months of no access. Thus, while it is clear that you need a Switch account to set up your console if you visit the Nintendo’s page, you will notice that you do not need to pay the annual subscription fee to access and play some games.

This means that you can play most of the games while offline; hence, you do not need an account provided the main user has downloaded the games and you can link with them. However, you should base your account requirements on the experience you want to achieve as a gamer.

Wrap Up

Transferring Switch games, unlike data, proves to be a complex process for most players. In fact, even after a successful data transfer, your games will not appear on your new console, and you will need to download them afresh. You will also lose all your game data history, implying that you will need to start afresh in saving data.

However, if you are buying a console from someone willing to share their email, you can change the address and access the games and the data. In this case, you should change the password for security reasons.

Finally, while you can play games offline, setting up a Nintendo account will take your gaming experience to another level by offering variety and access to multiplayer games. This is because being offline limits you to single-player games.

Also, with an online account, you can access friendly packages like the family subscription that allows up to eight users to play at a friendly fee of $35 per year. You will also enjoy access to the Nintendo eShop and game updates for a fantastic experience with a subscription.

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