Nintendo Switch Without Joycons? (Checked out)

Nintendo designed and developed the Nintendo Switch video game console as a hybrid gaming system capable of being used as a home console and a portable gaming device. The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers, which are the primary controllers of the console. If you have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering if you can set it up without using Joy-Cons.

So, can you set up a Nintendo Switch without Joy-Cons? You cannot set up your Nintendo Switch without using Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are the primary controllers of the Nintendo Switch, and you cannot set up the console for the first time without them. When you set up your Nintendo Switch, you have to attach the two Joy-Con controllers and sync the controllers with the console.

You can then use the Joy-Con controllers to finish setting up the Nintendo Switch. You can then remove the Joy-Con controllers and use any other compatible Nintendo controller to play games.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console that offers various ways to play your favorite games like Metroid and Donkey Kong. The Nintendo Switch video game console has two official controllers, the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro.

After purchasing a Nintendo Switch console, you cannot immediately start to play games on it. If you do not follow the instructions carefully or use the correct accessories during the first setup, your console might not function properly. You have to set up your Nintendo Switch first, and you might be asking yourself if you can do it without using Joy-Con controllers.

It is impossible to set up your Nintendo Switch without using Joy-Con controllers because they are the console’s primary controllers. The Joy-Con controllers have to be registered or synced with your Nintendo Switch before you can finish setting up the console. If you do not use the Joy-Con controllers, you will be stuck on the first step of setting up the Nintendo Switch. However, after setting up your Nintendo Switch, you can use the Pro Controller to play games and navigate the menu.

Joy-Con is the primary game controller for the Nintendo Switch that can be attached to the console or used wirelessly. Like the Wii Remote, you have to register or sync your Joy-Con controllers with the Nintendo Switch. You cannot get any response from the Nintendo Switch if you use unregistered Joy-Con controllers. The purpose of attaching the Joy-Cons to the console during the initial set-up is to register the controllers, and, after registration, you can remove the Joy-Cons.

Nintendo designed the Nintendo Switch to be compatible with other Nintendo controllers and some third-party gaming controllers. After you finish setting up the Nintendo Switch, you have the option of using the Joy-Con controllers to play games or use other compatible gaming controllers.

After setting up your Nintendo Switch, some of the controllers you can use include the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, PDP Faceoff Deluxe, and Hori Split Pad Pro. You should note that some games on Nintendo Switch require Joy-Con controllers, so it is best to keep them around you when gaming.

To set up your Nintendo Switch, remove all the contents in the box, including the tablet console, Joy-Con controllers, Switch dock, Joy-Con controller grip, Joy-Con controller straps, AC adapter, and HDMI cable. Attach the Joy-Con controllers in the tablet console and turn on the console.

The Joy-Con controllers will automatically register with the console. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup. Remove the Joy-Con controllers and set up the Nintendo Switch Dock. Slide the console into the dock and turn it on. Follow the instructions on the television to complete the setup.

Fix Joy-Con controllers that are not responsive or respond incorrectly wirelessly?

The Nintendo Switch video game console has three gaming modes, and two of the modes allow you to use Joy-Con wirelessly. When you are playing a game on your Nintendo Switch using Joy-Con Controllers wirelessly, the characters on the screen might be moving on their own or not responsive to any input from the controllers. There are several things you can do to rectify the problem.

The first thing you need to do is to check your console’s system and ensure that it is the latest system update. You should also confirm that your Joy-Con controllers are fully charged. When playing games and the Joy-Con controllers seem unresponsive, try to reduce the distance between the controllers and the console.

You should ensure that the console is placed in an area with minimal interference to the Joy-Con controllers. Finally, you should remove any devices that can interfere with your Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo usually releases system updates after some time to either remove bugs or improve performance. The system updates also affect the performance of the console’s accessories, and if you do not update the system, your Joy-Con controllers might malfunction.

To update your Nintendo Switch’s system update, select the “System Setting” on the Home Menu and select “System.” Select the “System Update” to begin the update process, but first, the system will perform a check to determine if a new system update is available. If there is an update available, the download process will begin automatically.

The Nintendo Joy-Con controllers contain non-removable 3.6 volts 525 mAh 1.9-watt-hour lithium lithium-ion polymer batteries. These batteries can hold power for up to twenty hours of gaming. When the Joy-Con controllers’ batteries are low on power, they might become unresponsive or send wrong information after pressing specific buttons.

However, you can charge the batteries of your Joy-Con controllers by attaching them to a charging console or using the charging grip accessory. You can also buy the Joy-Con AA battery attachment, which contains AA batteries that can power your controllers if you do not have time to charge them.

When playing games on your Nintendo Switch using Joy-Con controllers wirelessly, ensure that you reduce the distance between the console and the controllers. When you detach the Joy-Con controllers from the console, they communicate wirelessly with the console via Bluetooth. Bluetooth works better if the distance between two devices is short.

When you set up your Nintendo Switch, ensure that you place it close to where you are sitting when gaming. If you are playing a game with a friend and only their Joy-Con controller is unresponsive, inform them to move closer to the console.

When you set up the Nintendo Switch on the TV mode, you need to ensure that you place the Nintendo Switch dock in a place with little to no interference from other objects. The Joy-Con controllers use Bluetooth when communicating with the console, and the more objects you have between the console and the controllers, the worse your gaming experience will be.

Ensure you place the Switch dock in an open place. Avoid placing the switch dock behind the television, inside or under a metal object, behind large amounts or worse and cords or inside a desk drawer.

Another thing that might cause your Joy-Con to malfunction during wireless gaming is interference from other electronic devices. Sometimes other devices, especially those with Bluetooth, can interfere with the communications between the Joy-Con controllers and your console.

These electronic devices include laptops, tablets, wireless headsets, wireless speakers, and cordless phones. If you have any of these electronic devices near your Nintendo Switch console, move them away, and if the problem continues, turn them off. If you try all the above solutions and the situation remains the same, contact Nintendo Support for help.

Which Nintendo Switch controller should you get between the Joy-Con and Pro Controller?

A video game controller is the most important accessory to a gaming console, and you need the best controller to have an excellent gaming experience. If you own a Nintendo Switch video game console, you might be wondering which controller you should get to play games on your console between the Joy-Con and Pro Controller.

The Joy-Con is the primary controller of the Nintendo Switch, and you will find two controllers included in the box containing the Nintendo Switch console. Some of the advantages of using a Joy-Con controller include using it in different play modes. It can be used for a single-player game or multiplayer game, supports HD rumble and Amiibo, and has a gyro sensor and accelerator for precise motion-controlled gameplay.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a classically styled video game controller and can play games on Nintendo Switch. Some of the advantages of using a Pro Controller include a maximum battery life of 40 hours, compatibility with all Nintendo Switch models, and no analog stick failure reports. If you plan to play games with friends, Joy-Con controllers are the best option. However, if you prefer to play alone, then get the Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Joy-Con includes both left and right controllers, designed to be used in several ways. You can use the Joy-Con controller by attaching them to the Nintendo Switch console, turning it into a portable console. You can also use it wirelessly as a single player or hand one to another person and play a multiplayer game. You can also use only one of the Joy-Con controllers by attaching it to the console table and playing games vertically.

The Joy-Con controllers have a gyro sensor and accelerometer that improve your gaming experience on games that have motion control. The Controllers also come with wrist wraps and are very light, making it easy to use them to play games that require you to move around a lot. The Joy-Con controllers also support Amiibo, but you have to update them first when you get them.

The Joy-Con controllers have a battery life of up to 20 hours; therefore, you can enjoy playing games for a long time before needing to recharge. You can recharge the batteries to 100% within three hours, meaning you will not miss out on gaming for a long time. If you do not wait for three hours as your Joy-Con recharge, you can attach the AA battery attachment and continue gaming.

The Joy-Con controller has several cons, and one of them is commonly known as the “Joy-Con Drift.” The Joy-Con Drift is caused by a manufacturing problem that makes the characters or vehicles move on their own without the player touching the joystick.

If your Joy-Con controllers have a faulty joystick, you can send them to Nintendo Support for repairs or replacement. The Joy-Con may be insufficient for complete games like the Super Smash Bros Ultimate because of its simple control schemes.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller has a comfortable grip, and many gamers who prefer the tactile feel of a classic-styled game controller use it to play games on the Nintendo Switch. The Pro Controller is better suited for fast-paced action games with complex control schemes. Unlike the Joy-Con controllers, the Pro Controller does not have any issues with its analog joystick. The Pro Controller also supports HD rumble, Amiibo, and motion control.

One disadvantage of using a Pro Controller is it is not portable as compared to the slim and light Joy-Con controllers. It will take up a lot of space in your bag if you carry your Nintendo Switch when traveling. Another disadvantage of using Pro Controller is not all games on your Nintendo Switch are compatible with it.

Since the Joy-Con controllers are the Primary Nintendo Switch controller, nearly all games are designed around them. Even if you get the Pro Controller, you have to keep your Joy-Con controllers in case you download a game incompatible with the Pro Controller.

Wrap Up

The Nintendo Switch video game console comes with two Joy-Con controllers. Therefore, it will not be hard to set up your console for the first time. If your Joy-Cons are not functioning, you can ask your friend to lend you theirs as you wait for Nintendo Support to repair or replace your Joy-Con. After setting up your Nintendo Switch and your Joy-Con starts malfunctioning, you can use the solutions in this article to make them work better.

Finally, choosing between Joy-Con and Pro Controller depends on how you place your Nintendo Switch. Each controller appeals to a different playing style and offers specific benefits. If you prefer to play games alone and play games that require quick reactions, the Pro Controller is the best choice. Go for the Joy-Con controllers if you like to play games with others or plan to use the Nintendo Switch as a portable gaming device.

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