Play Sea of Thieves With 4 Players Or More (Checked out)

Most avid gamers prefer live multiplayer games, particularly action-adventure titles like Sea of Thieves. However, if you have more than five players and want to play simultaneously, you may wonder whether SoT has a player limit.

So, can you play Sea of Thieves with more than 4 people? You can play Sea of Thieves with more than four players, but it is quite tasking and entirely up to chance because you must ensure that all the players have logged onto the same server.

To facilitate it, you can tap set sail simultaneously, and, while on the game, look for each other to check that you have landed in one location. The chances are high when you are living in the same region. However, it isn’t a sure process, and you may have to keep trying until you are all on the same server.

If you are new to Sea of Thieves, you must have noticed that the system only allows you to add three more players to your team. However, what happens when you want to include other players in the game? Let’s determine whether you can bypass SoT’s rules and add more than three crew members.

It is tasking but possible to play Sea of Thieves with more than four players; however, it is mainly based on chance. You can only do that if you are all on the same server then meet in one place; this way, you can link up with your friends or even strangers on another ship.

With your buddies, you can start the game simultaneously to increase the chances of landing on the same system. However, it can take a couple of tries before you get it right. Alternatively, you can also befriend another ship and join other players on their voyage.

The best and only way to play SoT is when all the gamers have logged onto the same server. Therefore, you can try to locate each other on your ships. It is usually a matter of chance to be on the same system, but you can try setting sail simultaneously until you are sure to be in the exact location. Some gamers raise their Reaper flags to find their buddies’ islands and keep trying until they see each other.

When successful, you can meet in one place, join forces and go on your adventure. Another way is to find a friendly ship and urge them to ally with you. However, this is usually not reliable, primarily due to communication hurdles. You can either use voice chat or text, which may fail if the other players have turned off their comms.

Is Sea of Thieves 4 Player?

Some video games are pretty versatile and have excellent dynamics that change your entire gaming experience. Every title also has its designated number of players allowed to engage the enemies during a particular mission. You will notice that the riskier the game, the bigger the crew should be therefore, in this section, I will help you understand the structure of Sea of Thieves.

In Sea of Thieves, the entire crew membership is four players, but even a solo gamer can still enjoy the adventure. Generally, Sea of Thieves’ largest ship can only carry a maximum of four players, although the smaller ones can accommodate even two crew members.

Rare (the game’s developer) has provided an option where you can request another player from a different ship to join you. All this can happen courtesy of the boat, which will negotiate with the new friend. It’s quite a hassle that most gamers would instead only engage with the available crew in the impending missions.

It is advisable to be well coordinated in your voyages. When working as a crowd, there are high chances that something could go wrong, explaining Rare’s decision to minimize the number of players to make the game manageable.

One vital issue that comes in handy with a party of four is communication. If you are on a multiplayer mode with your friends, you will also need to convey messages to each other while gaming. Therefore, it is simpler for all of you to communicate and coordinate when you are just four instead of six or more.

Sea of Thieves remains a great title with a maximum of four players unless the developers plan to change the number of the crew. However, most gamers feel that SoT engineers ought to increase the party to about six or eight. On the contrary, developers state that a vast population may interfere with the smooth running of the game, and some crew members may likely remain behind.

How Many Players Can Play SOT?

Sea of Thieves is a remarkable experience that imitates a live-action environment of open-sea piracy. The crew in a ship works harmoniously in their missions targeting rewards that they will eventually share. If you are a new enthusiast of SoT, I will highlight the number of players that can play the video game at any given moment.

Rare, the game developer, requires a group of four or fewer players in a single crew on a large ship. There are also more miniature galleons for fewer players, especially two individuals. It is also possible to have a single-player mode on SoT when your buddies aren’t online to join you in quests. Luckily, you can also make friends along the way to increase your crew.

Furthermore, the type of ship you use may also determine the number of pirates you can onboard. If you’re sailing in a boat, you can carry a maximum of four counterparts, but a sloop would take less.

SoT is a very social and adventurous game. Going on voyages alone is excellent, but it can be more fun if you play as a team. Since the maximum number is four, according to Rare, you will still have the freedom to collaborate with other pirates outside your ship. They can join your crew and undertake any activities just like your actual teammates.

However, if they encounter an enemy in the sea, you are likely to lose them to their original ship, which is one of the downsides of having temporary members in your group. It’s advisable to stick to the pirates that Rare offers you to avoid inconveniences while playing SoT. If you use a two-person ship or the larger one, you can still acquire many treasures with a sizeable and manageable team.

How To Get Two Crews on Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves offers one of the best action-adventure for lovers of pirate-themed multiplayer games. However, the four-player maximum threshold can limit gameplay if you want all your friends to go on a voyage with you. One pressing question is whether you can instead have eight players or two crews going on a mission.

The most critical factor to consider is whether the eight of you are on the same server. An easy way to determine it is by locating each other using special flags or ferries like Ferry of the Damned. However, it is only by chance, and you may have to keep trying different means to locate each other.

To make the process easier, all your seven friends should be living nearby. If you have all started your crews, you can all launch the game simultaneously, and you can even use a timer, to be specific. If you are sure to be on the same server, you can make your characters die as soon as possible for all of you to link at the Ferry of the Damned.

The key to playing with six to eight players on SoT is patience because you must all be on the same server. Many find it easier to locate each other at the Ferry of the Damned, where all the dead pirate characters appear before respawning. If you had set sail simultaneously, there are high chances that you would be on the same server. Then, the next step would be to kill your pirate very fast to get on the ship.

You can all use a blunder bomb to hasten the process. If you have all died and you meet a friend on the ship, you can respawn and invite the other players to the game, with each player with three or more members in one vessel. Otherwise, if you don’t see each other, then you should repeat the entire process.

How Many People Can Be on Sea of Thieves Server at Once?

Sea of Thieves has one of the most incredible settings, and, incredibly, you can also encounter other players in the course of your voyages. Therefore, you may wonder how many players the server can allow in one setting.

Rare hasn’t been very clear on this issue, but, generally, up to 99 players can be logged onto one server at a time. However, the Rare team states that the population cannot surpass the 100 player limit, but, still, they haven’t given an exact number.

Additionally, Xbox Live shows that there can be up to 32 players on a system. The developer’s aim is that all the players can have the best gaming experience such that there is no clashing in the open seas. They will always ensure that they balance the population using one server to prevent players from frequently bumping into each other, causing confusion and unnecessary confrontations.

Many gamers often ask the maximum threshold for players on one Sea of Thieves server, and the concerns keep growing since the development team doesn’t have a clear stand on the matter.

Speculatively, it can go up to 99, but it cannot pass the hundred-player mark, according to Rare. Ultimately, the goal is for every gamer to be comfortable and have a fun adventure. Essentially, if you use the same server, you will all be in the same open sea.

If the player count is too high, you will keep crossing paths with other players, ruining gameplay. You will struggle for resources, and it can turn into battles. Therefore, it is critical to even out the number. Rare doesn’t seem to focus much on the number of players on the servers.

Instead, it focuses on the distance between them. Hence, instead of knowing how many people are voyaging in the sea, the developers want you to keep guessing, making the experience more exciting.

They seem to have succeeded in preventing overcrowding, but still, not make the game too deserted. Therefore, it is typical for the game to shift players between servers to ensure that there is always a distance between two vessels, limiting chances of clashes. If you are keen, you may realize that in most cases, you can see another ship after fifteen minutes or an hour.

Luckily, Sea of Thieves has an extensive map to ensure that the server population is always in check. Another significant aspect is that all the servers are usually in harmony. The day-night cycles and the current weather are constant for all players on the same system. Besides, even when you shift across servers, you won’t necessarily be expelled from the game; the migration will be effortless, hardly noticeable.

Are there any Plans for Bigger Crew Sizes in Sea of Thieves?

One pressing concern among SoT fans is whether there is hope for Rare to increase the maximum crew size from four to six or even eight. Here is what the development team says in regard to the matter.

The company may not have specific plans to extend the game’s crew membership, but there are hopes that some aspects of the ship may change in the future. Rare says that discussions are underway to change some parts of the vessel, including crew sizes.

Therefore, fans can be on the lookout if the development team announces significant changes to their favorite action adventure. Rare may set the game to start as a fleet or a ship with more than four players. However, for now, you may have to get accustomed to playing on four-player or join alliances with other ships to form a grand fleet.


Sea of Thieves is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer action adventures. Therefore, it is understandable that you would want as many of your friends as possible to join you in your voyages. The only challenge is that the SoT set up only allows about four players in a ship at a time.

However, you can bypass the system to merge two crews and form a massive fleet. You only have to ensure that you are on the same server, traveling in the same seas. You can try launching the game simultaneously, then look for each other and set sail together.

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