Play PlayStation With Oculus Quest (PS4 and PS5 checked out)

Using a mainstream headset such as Quest and PSVR is a plus for any gamer, but most importantly, you would want to know what works best with your console for a fantastic gaming experience. Therefore, whether you can play PlayStation with oculus quest or not, I understand it is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can you play PlayStation with oculus quest? The oculus quest is not compatible with the PlayStation PS4 or the PS5 and therefore there is no official support from either Oculus or Sony. Workarounds instead can be used to get some form of connectivity established but this is limited and doesn’t provide full compatibility.

There is somewhat of a workaround to get the Oculus to work with a Playstation, so this does not mean that you cannot use it on your PlayStation. With a few changes in your settings, you can use this modern headset characterized by advanced controls for an amazing gaming experience. Given the settings you will have to adjust for this headset to work well on your console, it is no wonder Sony prefers its customers to use their original headsets instead of the third party.

As part of their marketing strategies, companies, including gaming companies, will develop their consoles and accompanying accessories so that they are usable with specific brands. This ensures their customers stick to their line of products. However, in a bid to explore, customers may try different accessory combinations based on the features and experience they give, breaking free from the manufacturer’s initial plans.

If you want to play PlayStation with oculus quest, you can do so, even though there is no official support between the two devices. To do this, you will need to explore one of two options, the use of a sidequest and remote connection. If you choose to use a sidequest, you will need to install a PS remote play in your headset.

However, some users have raised complaints on the workability of this option, with most claiming that the app did not work well. If you choose the PS remote play option on your PC, you will require a virtual desktop.

This desktop will be useful in mirroring your data as you will be transferring it in two stages. However, latency is a common issue in this whole process. This issue may not always affect you as it depends on the game you are playing, but, generally, it will affect fast games.

Before purchasing the oculus quest, it is worth understanding how it works. This wireless headset features modern hardware making it among the top brands in the market. With this headset, you do not need other equipment to connect for it to function fully.

All you will need is to download the Oculus app for your Android or iOS and log in to your Facebook account. Thus, if you are okay with this requirement, you will be able to access the oculus quest benefits, including its portability and less friction in terms of functionality during use.

In addition to being a standalone headset, the oculus quest also gives its users access to some free games on platforms of their choice. This means an expansion of your game library; hence, more fun and experience. Its wireless feature ensures unlimited use, and you can use it anywhere with fast transitions from one person to the other. This feature also ensures it does not easily break if it accidentally falls.

During the initial set up of your headsets, you should check that your phone is Bluetooth enabled to ensure a smooth process in the future should you want to connect it to other devices. It is worth noting that after completing this setup, you will not necessarily need your phone. However, you should still keep it in order to check your notifications, buy apps and social updates.

Once set up, you can enjoy your oculus quest headsets’ unique features and free games on your gaming device, especially if it can support VR headsets. This alternative will further expand your gaming library, given that most of the top-ranking VR games are available on PC and not the console itself.

Also, you will be able to play the VR games wirelessly on your PC using your quest headsets. There are two alternatives you can use to do this, including the wired and wireless methods. The wired method, also called the Oculus link, uses a USB cable, while the wireless options include the Virtual Desktop, Air Link, and third-party app. To set up your headsets, you will need a PC that is VR-ready, cables, and software. The software that you will use in this case to run your Oculus link is the Oculus app.

Before using the oculus link, you will need to set it up with a few steps. First, turn on your Quest and connect it to your PC using the USB cable. Next, you will open the Oculus app and click on Add New Headset and select your headset. This action will then actualize the initial setup. Once set up, you can use the link anytime you connect your headset to the PC. You will receive a prompt to do this anytime you connect, after which you can launch the Oculus games.

If you want to play wirelessly using your Oculus Quest headsets, using the Air Link is the way to go. You will need an AC router with at least a 5GHz network to set up this link to ensure good performance. You should then connect your PC to the internet via Ethernet cable and enable the Air Link in your Oculus App settings Beta section. Lastly, start your Air Link, and you will be good to go.

The Virtual Desktop is the last alternative that allows you to interact with your PC display from your headset. It is a good alternative if you are experiencing issues with Virtual Desktop or Air Link. The performance of a Virtual Desktop is dependent on your network and setup.

Like Airlink, you will need a reliable internet connection of at least 5GHz, and you should connect your PC via Ethernet cable. You will also need to install a streamer for your Virtual desktop and ensure it is running before you can connect it to your Quest.

Can You Play PS4 With Oculus Quest?

While you can do VR gaming through your PlayStation VR headset, these headsets are becoming outdated. With the release of affordable Oculus Quest headsets, it is no wonder gamers want to know whether they can play PS4 with Oculus headsets.

You are not able to connect your Oculus Quest headset to your PS4 as you would with your PSVR due to their incompatibility. However, all is not lost as you can stream your PS4 games to Quest and access them on your virtual screen. This is possible with an Oculus Link. With this link, you can turn your Oculus Quest into a PCVR headset. Your PC and software will generate relevant content and interpret the controllers’ movement to enhance your gaming.

Theoretically, you can connect your PS4 to the Oculus cable, given that it features a 3.0 USB port. However, even with its advanced features, the Oculus Quest headsets will not work on your console. This is because, upon connection, your console will not interpret what it should do with the console, given the differences in tracking, software, and controls.

Thus, if you want to play your PS4 on Oculus Quest, you can do so by exploring one of the options that I will discuss below. Before then, you should understand that streaming your PS4 games on the Oculus quest headset can be a hassle, and you should be ready and willing to exercise patience in all the steps if you want to achieve a satisfying result.

One of the ways you can enjoy your PS4 with oculus quest is using a PS remote play. This feature allows you to access and control your console from your Android phone. Since the Oculus headsets can work on Android, you will be able to sideload the remote play on your headset. This way, you can use it as you would your mobile phone. To achieve this, you will need a PC and a SideQuest for sideloading apps and a Remote Play and Google Chrome for installing APK to your headset.

If you encounter problems with the remote play, the good news is that you can explore the Chiaki, which is an alternative remote play app. To use this feature, you will need a PC and SideQuest for sideloading apps and the Chiaki app. Still, if you experience issues, you can opt to use the Virtual Desktop. Most gamers find this solution easy to set up, and it works well for most though a few report latency issues for the fast games.

The video capture card is another alternative, similar to the Virtual Desktop, but, in this case, you will use a video capture instead of remote play when forwarding video inputs from your console to the PC. This alternative does not experience latency hence better than the Virtual Desktop.

Can You Play PS5 With Oculus Quest?

Like any other manufacturer, Sony would wish its users to use their VR headset, but games and controllers’ compatibility issues determine this decision for most gamers. Therefore, I will help you understand whether playing PS5 with the oculus quest, a third-party headset, is possible.

Despite there not being a major link between the Quest 2 headset and Sony, there are options you can explore if you want to play PS5 games on your headset. A common way to do this is by sideloading apps. For instance, by sideloading the Remote Play app, you will be able to play games such as Fall Guys on your Oculus Quest.

Since Sony’s PS5 is not open, you cannot use peripherals that are not specifically designed for it. Also, there are no concepts about drivers like in PCs. This explains why you can use limited accessories on its consoles or use other apps to alter settings and allow compatibility.

However, with the latest updates from Sony on its PlayStation 5 controllers, it is evident that the new controllers it will release will be different from the current ones in the market. Gamers will seemingly be more immersed in their game; hence, a great achievement in virtual reality. These controllers will also feature a single cord for the connection, which is an inspiration by DualSense.

Even with the above promising future in the PS5, diehards will still stick to the Oculus Quest since it doubles up as a PCVR headset if you have a long USB cable. In addition, its motion controls are very exciting. By slipping on your Oculus quest headsets, you can navigate on simulated environments, get a hold of virtual objects, and actively participate in scenes rather than spectating unfolding actions from a distance.

However, due to the active nature of these controls, you should keep an eye on your kids when they use them to avoid injuries. You can check what they are playing by casting it into your phone or TV.

While the Oculus quest features several benefits, especially for adults, you may want to think twice before purchasing this console for your child. This is because it requires a Facebook account for the initial setup and functioning. Ideally, kids below thirteen years should not own a Facebook account; hence, a limitation. Also, with this feature in place, Gamesharing will be impossible since one account can accommodate one Quest.

Wrap Up

The oculus quest is a complete headset and does not require extra accessories upon purchase to function. However, since Sony’s PS only works with compatible headsets, you will need to adjust a few settings on your quest headsets to function. Among the options you can use include SideQuesting and the Virtual desktop feature. These features enable you to connect your console and headsets for a fantastic gaming experience.

Given its unique and modern features, the Oculus quest makes the virtual experience real, and, if not monitored, children can get injured in the process. The good news is that with the Virtual Desktop feature, you can see what your children are watching to ensure their safety.

Finally, it is not guaranteed that the Oculus Quest will work on PS5. However, avid games may stick to the Oculus quest, especially if they do not have a problem with the Facebook log-in and Gamesharing features.

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