Minecraft Hypixel Tips (Play on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

Minecraft servers have continued to gain popularity over the years, with Hypixel being the most popular. I understand that whether you can play Minecraft Hypixel on Xbox One is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can you play Minecraft Hypixel on Xbox One? Despite being the biggest Minecraft server, you cannot play Minecraft Hypixel on Minecraft Xbox One. You can connect your Xbox One to this server but you cannot do anything meaningful beyond.

The Hypixel server boasts a high number of visitors monthly since its launch. If you have an Xbox One and you want to play this game, you may wonder if it is possible.

Hypixel is not a bedrock edition server, hence you cannot play on Xbox One. However, you can connect your console to this server, but nothing beyond this. To deal with this limitation, gamers used GeyserMC to access Hypixel but it stopped working.

The GeyserMC bridged the gap between Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, enabling bedrock edition users to join java edition servers seamlessly for a true cross-platform experience.

It functions like a standalone proxy that allows users to join through any Minecraft java server. Unfortunately, after implementing the Hypixel anti-cheat, players were banned from connecting through GeyserMC.

The game’s featured disparities will bar you from a successful play on Xbox. For instance, Bedrock features a further hit distance that enables you to interact with things beyond which a Java player can.

The movements in bedrock are also of high inertia compared to Java. Also, you will not be able to click the links in chats, a feature that Hypixel often uses, and the commands will go differently to servers.

Lastly, there are differences in the behaviors existent in Java and bedrock. For instance, in Java, the buttons lack hitboxes while they do in Bedrock. Also, the physics and entity cramming are different between the two. Thus, given these limitations, you will need a java account to access Minecraft Hypixel on Xbox One.

While you cannot play Minecraft Hypixel on other consoles apart from PC and Mac, you can enjoy crossplay on any console, but there are limitations to this. For instance, you can only enjoy it on sponsored servers and connect to games created by other players on their friend list.

Fortunately, you can get around these limitations and connect to any server you wish with a little effort. If you own a server, you can set your Java server to allow anyone to connect irrespective of their console or version.

Connecting to a server hosted by someone else can be tricky for Xbox players, as you will have to trick your console into enabling this connection. To do this. Start by closing the games you are running and open your network settings.

Next, open the advanced settings window and click the DNS settings. You will then change the IPv4 DNS settings to manual, enter a new Primary DNS then set the secondary DNS. You may have to switch between secondary DNS options severally to attain a good connection to your chosen server.

Once done, restart your console and open Minecraft then, on the Server list, click on any of the options having the message Join to open Server list below its name. This action will open another screen where you can connect to a server and enter your chosen server’s IP address and port. It is advisable to enable the Add to Server list to ensure you do not type this information every time you want to join in.

Can You Play Minecraft Hypixel on PS4?

Gamers prefer the PS4 for its high-tech features and luxurious experience. Therefore, can you play Minecraft Hypixel on PS4?

You cannot play Minecraft Hypixel on PS4. However, you can play from a PC or Mac. This is because Hypixel is a Minecraft Java server and not Bedrock. Thus, while gamers desire this addition to the PS4, it is up to Hypixel to initiate this, something they probably will not do.

Launched in April 2013, Minecraft Hypixel remains the most popular Minecraft Java server, with over two million players joining in to play every month. Hypixel started as a YouTube channel with Minecraft adventure map content.

Over seven years later, the server boasts over twenty minigames, including Mega walls, SkyWars, and Build Battle, which gamers can enjoy, explaining the high number of players. Players can also enjoy other game features like messaging, cosmetics, and friends.

To play Minecraft on PC or Mac, you will require a Minecraft account and the game, downloadable on your Mac or PC. Hypixel is accessible using the client, but other Minecraft versions like pocket edition and console may not be compatible with this server.

Once you start Minecraft, navigate to the menu and select multiplayer. Next, click add server tab to connect to servers. You will receive a prompt to provide a server address, and, in this case, use mc.Hypixel.net, then click done. This action will pop a list of servers for you to connect.

Thus, click on Hypixel server from the list of newly added servers. When you join the server, you will enter the main lobby and join other minigames. The different NPCs will present the games, numbers, and participants. Yours will be to select one of the minigames and enjoy.

If you own Minecraft and have an account, you can play Hypixel for free. With this set, you will only need to connect to the server through its official address. Once you join the server, you will enjoy free play with thousands of online gamers.

Cross-platform play for non-bedrock servers on PS4 is more difficult than on Xbox One. You will need to set up a LAN game on a different device, preferably a PC, download, and run Phantom in the same network as your PS4. Next, drag the phantom software into the command prompt window and press enter to start the software.

Using the arrow key, drag the software to the command prompt and autofill the prompt with the software location. This time press the space bar instead of Enter and input the IP and port of the server you want to join.

Once you set your Phantom on your PC, you can freely connect to the server on your PlayStation. All you will do is open Minecraft, and on the Friends tab, scroll down to the list to the Remote Server. Lastly, click the LAN game to join the server you want to play on.

Can You Play Minecraft Hypixel on the Nintendo Switch?

Hypixel server features limitations, especially on the consoles you can play on. I will help you understand whether you can play Minecraft Hypixel on Nintendo Switch.

It is impossible to play Minecraft Hypixel on a Nintendo Switch, just like other gaming consoles. Other versions, including Pocket Edition, Consoles, and Window, will not work. Hence, playing Hypixel remains possible only on Mac and PC.

While the above holds, you can trick your Switch into connecting to the server. To do this, open Minecraft and log out of your Microsoft account. Next, close the game and open your settings on Switch. Select the Wi-Fi network you will use to connect and click Change Settings.

On the settings window, scroll to the DNS settings and change to manual. This action will allow you to change the Primary and Secondary DNS settings. If your connection has issues, you can switch the secondary and primary DNS numbers, then save and Start Minecraft.

After loading Minecraft on Switch, log back to your Microsoft account, open Multiplayer, and then scroll to the Server list. Click on the server you want to connect to, and instead of a successful connection, you will get redirected to a new menu comprising of more server options.

Click on Connect to a Server, and you will be able to add the IP address and port number of the server you want to connect to. Like in Xbox, enabling the Add to Server list is advisable to ensure you do not type this information every time you want to join in.

Since you can enjoy Minecraft on other consoles with limitations, you may want to consider Hypixel with your PC or Mac. This way, you can join your friends and manage your interactions on the server.

The Hypixel social feature lets you interact with other gamers while on the platform with just a few mouse clicks. To join your friend’s lobby on the Hypixel server, ensure you have a Minecraft account and install Minecraft. Next, add the Hypixel server to your server list and start exploring the Friend feature.

With the Friend feature, you can add users you are familiar with, such as your friends, after which you will be able to see their activities on the server and play games with them. To activate the Friend feature, use the /friend in-game command.

You can also use the friend feature to add new people to your current friend’s list, message them, and view the games they are playing. To play with these friends, you should be at a common party.

Your friends can invite you or vice versa using the /p invite [username] command. You can also check who is online and their lobby using the /f list command. However, you cannot join a lobby unless invited by your friend. Thus, the party feature is the simplest way to play games together with your friends, and if you want to chat them up., use the /msg command.

The Hypixel social feature also enables you to invite your friends. To access the social menu, scroll to the hotbar, and while in the lobby, hold the hand item. This action will display five icons at the top, including You, Guild, Party, Friends, and Recent Players.

The You icon mimics a head, and you can click on it to check your network level, achievements, and current guild. To display other users connected to the server, click on the Friends icon. You can also add friends by clicking the book and typing their username.

When you do this, the respective persons will receive your friend request, which adds them to your friend list upon acceptance. This menu also enables you to manage your friends and see their activities on the network. You can also send invites, view their guilds and achievements and their status online.

To start a party, you will use the Party menu. Being in a party on Hypixel with other players enables you to join compatible modes as a party leader. You can also invite your friends into the game and have them play on one team. To invite other players to a party, use the command /p [username], and to check who has joined the party, use /party list command.

If you have a group of friends you regularly play with, you can use the Guild mode. You can have several guilds with dedicated chats to ensure seamless communication among your friends. Through the guild menu, you can track the players’ activities and invite them to a party.

You should note that a VIP+ rank is mandatory for creating a guild. The command for creating a guild is /guild create. You can also use /guild join [name] to invite someone to a guild and /guild accept, to accept the request. Lastly, use the Recent menu to access the list of players you recently played with.

Wrap Up

Hypixel is a popular Minecraft server, but you cannot play it on regular consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Therefore, the only way to enjoy Minecraft Hypixel will be on your PC or Mac.

To play Minecraft on PC or Mac, you will require a Minecraft account and the game. This, you can download for Mac or PC. Hypixel is accessible using the client, but other Minecraft versions like pocket edition and console may not be compatible with this server.

Cross-platform play for non-bedrock servers is possible but challenging, as you will have to trick your console by adjusting some settings. Once done, start Minecraft, navigate to the menu, and select multiplayer.

Next, click add server tab to connect to servers. Click on Hypixel server from the list of newly added servers and enjoy the game. Finally, whether you use PC, Mac, or other consoles, ensure your Minecraft settings are right for you to enjoy Hypixel.

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