League of Legends (Controllers, Steam, Chromebook, OBS)

League of Legends is a high-rating MOBA game that is pretty demanding, especially with your devices. On the other hand, many gamers love the versatile and easy-to-use peripherals for their titles, raising the pressing issue of whether League of Legends has controller support.

So, can you play league of legends with a controller? At the moment, League of legends doesn’t have controller support, although you can deploy third-party software to help redirect commands to your gamepad. This way, you can use the application to bind your controller to the keyboard and mouse. However, the controller may not have the same feel as the KB and M, and gaming may be too tasking for you. I also don’t advocate for the installation of malicious software that may harm your device.

If you are used to playing with console controllers, it is understandable to wish to use them for a title like League of Legends. Currently, LOL doesn’t have controller support, but, luckily, you can use third-party software to bind and redirect input to your gamepads. Therefore, you can link your controller to the keyboard and mouse such that the system recognizes the command.

On the downside, using a controller won’t offer you the same gaming experience as the KB and M. It is also best to use only legitimate and safe software on your device, or else, your systems may crash.

League of Legends developers have not set up controller support for the game, and there may not be any such plans soon. The mouse and keyboard provide sufficient maneuverability, perfect for MOBA games, including LOL. Generally, these peripherals make the complicated moves of the title easier, explaining why the developers made the game with them in mind.

You may have seen a popular gaming streamer create a video playing League of Legends using a controller, precisely the PS4 version, and you may want to try it out too. Fortunately, connecting your controller to your devices is pretty simple if you have reliable third-party software. This program will effectively bind your keyboard and mouse to your controller, ensuring that your gaming device will interpret the input accordingly.

However, there are some downsides to using the controller instead of the intended KB and M. It may be pretty challenging for you to get used to the commands, although it may be easier with more practice. The first step is to open the control panel on your PC, navigate to the Hardware and click “Add device” to bind the KB and M to the controller.

Next, you can long-press the controller key waiting until you see flashes on the light bar. Add it when it detects the device, and your controller should have connected at this point. You will also need the binding software as you install the drivers depending on the system you are using. When the system says start, you can click it, and your controller will automatically connect. Lastly, you may have to configure your controller keys to correspond to the KB and M pads.

How To Download League of Legends on Chromebook

Not many gamers know that you can play League of Legends using a Chromebook. However, it is a more tasking process, unlike the usual OSs since the procedure is lengthy.

If you are confident that your Chromebook meets all the requirements to support LOL, you can start by enabling developer mode and installing Crouton. Next, open the terminal using Ctrl+ Alt+ T and type “shell,” enter, then run the installer. After a few minutes of installation, the system will require an admin setup.

You can also convert it back to ChromeOS by typing Ctrl +Alt + Shift+ Back. To make it easy to use, you will also need Synaptic, and when you open it, install Ubuntu Center using the search bar and click apply. Additionally, set up PlayOnLinux and Curl to enable downloads and play LOL. Lastly, you can enter League of Legends on the installer to have it on your PC.

LOL will only play on your Chromebook if you have the actual Linux and Croutons or ChrUbuntu, but I will use Croutons for this tutorial. Also, not all Chromebooks are receptive to this process, and you may have to back up your data since the download may erase your PC files.

Initially, you should place your computer on developer mode by holding the Esc+ Refresh+ Power button. Next, install Croutons and open the terminal by typing “shell” + Enter, then operate the installer and launch Ubuntu.

After installing, the system will require an admin setup, or you can revert to ChromeOS. You may also use Synaptic GUI to install Ubuntu through the system’s search bar. Next, you can launch it using the terminal and type gsku and enter. Moreover, you will need the 7zip, which you can find in the OS’s Software center, then launch it.

The other application you will need is the PlayOnLinux that gives you access to titles on Linux. Another handy tool is Curl, which makes it easy to download whatever you need when you type using the terminal. As long as your device is compatible with League of Legends and you installed all the required apps and systems, you will now be free to install the game.

When you type playonlinux and enter, you can toggle to the installer and type in League of Legends, and it will install on your device. However, the game tends to be unstable. Generally, Linux and Chromebooks are not dedicated to gaming, which can cause errors in the system. I recommend using Windows devices to download titles because of the issues involved and the lengthy setup procedure.

How To Stream League Of Legends With OBS

Many gamers worldwide are addicted to League of Legends. If you can broadcast it, it makes it easier for other players to join in on the exciting gameplay. Therefore, read on to understand how to stream League of Legends with OBS.

If you have OBS on your PC, you will first add scenes on the bottom left part of the screen. You will need the game, webcam, and browser. Starting with the camera, you can add the video capture device and click ok as the webcam will appear, and you can put the image aside to make other settings. Next, click text and type in the streaming service’s URL.

The last part will involve making adjustments like the outline and League of Legends set up for the game. You can also go to the LOL client and make settings from the source. For instance, you can scroll to the window set up and set the scene game capture.

There are also other underlying factors to consider when streaming and recording League of legends using OBS. On the plus side, LOL is quite a lightweight game, hence effortless to stream. However, the title cannot surpass its FPS or graphics limit; it will run too slowly, which isn’t advisable if you plan to stream to a massive audience.

If the FPS is low, gameplay will stream better and faster using OBS; otherwise, input issues will interfere with the title’s running. You can also manually set the FPS limit by launching the game, then navigating to the options. Next, select the video settings and scroll to pick the limit.

Generally, it is safe to have it at 60-120, although you can place it at 144 if you have a high-performance device. Lastly, while the game is still open, you can click Alt-Tab to be more at ease when you are streaming. Also, note that it is best to make all the necessary settings on OBS according to your device to ensure smooth gameplay.

Is League of Legends on Steam?

LOL is a fantastic game that still stands the test of time, stable since its debut in 2009. It has gained popularity over the years despite being absent on most of the significant promotional platforms. In this section, I will discuss and answer questions about its availability on Steam.

Unfortunately, Steam no longer hosts League of Legends. The game only appeared on the platform briefly after its launch, but Riot scraped it off without elaborating reasons for the move. The LOL creators state that there is currently no plan underway to reintroduce the League on Steam.

Now, you can find the game details on its official website and other channels related to Riot Games. For instance, you can play at signup.leagueoflegends.com, a site that guarantees speedy gameplay, accuracy, and easy maneuverability.

Leaving Steam may have slightly influenced LOL’s player base a few years down the line since Riot now has a more extensive fan base. Despite exiting Steam, LOL still has other platforms where you can find the game. Singup.leagueoflegends.com is a great place to start, and you can find and play the game directly.

Alternatively, the official Riot Games website is another reliable platform for League of Legends. Before you play it, it is best to confirm whether your device has the recommended system requirements to run the game, even before you get to installation. Luckily, the multiplayer video game has free-to-play options, including premium content that Riot charges at affordable rates to keep you playing.

Now, Steam and Riot are great rivals in the gaming industry, and each is fighting to offer the best MOBA experience. Splitting with Steam also seems to allow growth in Riot that may have been challenging to achieve as a team. The players who installed LOL using Steam before its removal may have the title in their inventories, and it may pop up sometimes, although you cannot play it from the app.

What Do You Need To Play League of Legends?

Most Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video games take a heavy toll on gaming devices. Therefore, to ensure that you have smooth LOL gameplay, here is what your system should have.

You will need a powerful PC with 2GHz or higher processing power, at least 2GB RAM, 8GB storage space, DirectX v9.0c supporting video card, Windows 7 or better, and high-quality resolution, preferably 1920×1200.

Besides the minimum features, some recommended specifications will offer you effortless gaming, which is different if your system has the basics. For such instances, an Intel Core i5, an Nvidia GeForce 560 AMD GPU, 16GB SSD will suffice to launch the League client on your computer.

Riot removed LOL from devices with low properties and upgraded it to catch up with changes in technology. Therefore, it is best to use a PC with at least the recommended or higher specs since most gamers use their computers for other tasks besides gaming.

Thus, the more upgraded your device is, the better it will be for LOL and other high-performance PC duties. With a robust system, you are sure to enjoy the crispiest graphics.

LOL is a fast-paced video game, and you will need a speedy processing system to avoid game lags, especially when you are streaming. Speed is also important because it guarantees smooth gameplay, mainly when dealing with enemies. Unlike most multiplayer video games, League of Legends is one of the MOBA titles that is the least demanding of your system.

Other fans also wonder whether the title can run on a gaming laptop. According to Riot, LOL has no issues playing on various laptop models as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

You will need at least a 2GHz CPU and worthy graphics capabilities to kick-start your gaming experience. Generally, you can play LOL on almost all Windows and Mac computers, provided that you have a steady internet of about 6Mbps.

Last Take

Undoubtedly, League of Legends is quite addictive, explaining why many gamers wish to know more about it. If you want to share your gameplay with other players, you can record and stream everything using OBS, and it is quite a straightforward process.

Additionally, suppose you want to play using a controller instead of the conventional keyboard and mouse. In that case, you will only have to download and set up third-party software to facilitate the process. This way, the system will interpret the input accordingly.

You can also download the title on Chromebook as long as you have Linux. However, the process is quite long and full of codes, requiring basic computer skills to pull off. Unfortunately, you cannot find LOL on Steam since its removal a while back.

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