Play Elder Scrolls Online (Playing Solo or with Friends)

If you are a fan of the Elder Scrolls series titles like Morrowind and Skyrim, you probably want to know whether you can play Elder Scrolls online solo. Whether this is possible or not, I understand it is a concern that requires your attention.

So, can you play Elder Scrolls online solo? Generally, you can play everything in ESO solo while online. However, the exception to this is the Veteran Dungeon’s highest level and the twelve player trials. These games require more players, given the nature of the mission, making it impossible for a solo player. This leaves a solo online gamer to explore content like Questing and Story content, Solo arenas, group dungeons, PVP, Delves, and Public Dungeons.

If you want to know whether you can play Elder Scrolls online solo, this is the ultimate guide for you. I will help you know whether you can play Elder Scrolls online solo and when you can play on multiplayer mode. Read through the rest of the sections to find out all the answers you need.

Most MMORPG and ESO series fans are hesitant into exploring the ESO online solo, which is why I will help you know how you can go about switching from your comfort zone and still enjoy your experience.

You can play Elder Scrolls online solo. While many fear the many quests it has, it is not dangerous to go solo. The quests in Elder Scrolls solo, unlike those in multiplayer, are fascinating, stimulating, and fully voiced. You can also approach the game in single-player mode, given the NPCs that do not require control by real people.

While there are many contents you can access solo in Elder scrolls, it will be tricky for you to access the 12 player trial zones. These zones only allow the high-level groups constituting 12 players to access and complete.

This is because difficult enemies with millions of hit points dominate these zones. Also, the bosses here are too difficult to defeat when solo, and you can take up to an hour to do so. The difficulties and duration you may take to complete the game in these zones make them less exciting and worthwhile for a solo player to complete.

Even with limited access to the more technical zones, this does not imply that any character can participate in the solo games. Therefore, you should focus on building your character skills to ensure you clear the public and group dungeons within a shorter span.

Your character should possess exceptional skills in both his stamina and HP. With a skilled character, you will spend less time accomplishing missions and have a higher chance of greater rewards.

As mentioned earlier, one of the contents you will enjoy in ESO solo includes the questing and story content. These include the main story, faction, DLC, side quests, and the daily missions. The beauty of all the quests in ESO is that they are fully voiced and have fascinating locations and characters.

Also, while some quests will not display the enemies openly, they are easy to complete despite your level. You will also get some interesting rewards from most of these quests, including Gold and sellable items, making the quests worth completing.

The Overland Zones makes the most in the explorative content of the ESO games. You will discover cities, towns, and landmarks and enjoy activities such as killing monsters, searching for treasures, hunting down world bosses, and doing side quests, among others. The good thing about the overland zones is that they are easy to explore, and you can complete them with just a basic build.

If you want the easiest form of dungeons in ESO, then Delves are the way to go. A Delve is a cave featuring a small map and has s few enemies that you can conquer within a few minutes. In each Delve, there is a boss who is a little more difficult than the rest of your enemies. This difficulty enables you to develop skill points when you defeat them, making it worth completing.

On the other hand, the public Dungeons are a step higher than the Delves in terms of difficulty. They feature more enemies and multiple bosses in close but different locations. Like in Delves, there are also Skyshards that develop your skills, making the competition worthwhile.

When gaming solo, you will have problems with these bosses, but the game features a level scaling. This implies that while the monsters you encounter may exceed your current skills and capabilities. However, skillful management of your character skills and healing will be sufficient to deal with most of them.

In addition to the above Dungeons, there is the Group Dungeons, which marks the ESO selling point. These dungeons are specific for group gameplay, and, in some instances, they will use limiting mechanics such as pressure plates to prevent you from moving forward as a solo player. However, not all Group Dungeons feature these limitations, which is why you can still play ESO solo based on your build and experience.

Group Dungeons feature the Normal and Veteran modes to scale their difficulty levels, and you can switch to your preference to make things easier for yourself. Therefore, if you are still wondering why one should consider the solo option given the above features of the Group Dungeons, the answer is that Group Dungeon features the best gear sets for specific builds. Thus, you will collect these items faster than when in a group by going to the farm alone.

Other players will consider the solo option to challenge themselves. If you can solo in the Group Dungeon, you will improve your build over time, as the challenge is similar to the harder version of the public dungeon. This means more experience; hence, a better performance in other ESO solo contents.

Another thing you will enjoy in the ESO online solo is the Solo Arenas. These include the Maelstrom and Vateshran Hollows Arenas. Both of these arenas feature the Normal and Veteran modes, and you can choose the scale of difficulty you want to play.

The normal mode is the easiest, and you can complete using the basic builds. On the other hand, you will experience more challenges completing the veteran mode and require a solid build and experience.

As a beginner, it is advisable to start with the normal mode. In terms of rewards, both modes have a splendid package comprising armor, weapons, and bonuses. As a beginner, perfecting your skills through the solo arena is a plus, as you will master the experiences, increase your skill level, and earn great rewards while at it.

The last content you can enjoy on ESO solo is the PVP options. This group features Cyrodil and Battlegrounds. Going solo in these groups will challenge your expertise and develop your skills for moments that will call for it in the near future. As a beginner, you will experience frustrations while starting. This is normal, as, over time, you will gain experience and get the rewards for your efforts.

Whether you choose group or solo dungeons, it is worth noting that other players will not affect your gameplay. They may even appear in some locations and fight some opponents who attack your character. However, this should not bother you as there is no risk of losing your rewards, premature completion of missions, or access to loots.

Also, you do not need to worry as these players will not attack you unless you consent to them. For instance, player one must request a duel from player two when playing PVP, which must be accepted first before any of the players can attack the other. If you are disinterested in duels, you can turn it off in the menu, and the system will automatically reject all requests for duels.

When playing solo, playing with a friend is unnecessary, but if you want to make a new friend, you can start with random players. This friendship usually starts casually where you encounter a random player or group of players and combine your efforts against a common enemy.

You will not get penalties if you leave other players to continue fighting in a dungeon that is difficult for you. However, if you prefer organization in your gaming, it would be best to join a player’s guild rather than rely on random players that pop up during gaming. This way, you will be able to plan for your expeditions with individuals from the same guild.

When Can You Play Elder Scrolls Online With Friends?

The cross-platform play support is a top factor that will come to mind when you want to play Elder Scrolls online. Read on as I help you know whether this is possible and how to go about it.

ESO supports online play; hence, possible for you to play with your friends. However, depending on the platform you choose, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC, you will use different processes to do this. Upon adding a friend to your list, you can explore or do quests by clicking their name and selecting Travel to Player.

Before you can play with your friends in Elder Scrolls Online, you need to connect with them first. For a successful connection, you should be in the same region and using the same platform server. The instructions for adding your friend to the game will vary depending on the controller scheme you are using.

If you are using a PC, start by confirming that you are on the same Megaserver that is NA vs EU. Next, open your Contacts menu by pressing O, then press E to add your friend’s name or User ID. When adding a user ID to your friend list, put @ in front of the ID. You can attach a custom message to the request, but this is not mandatory. You can then select their name and send a request to them for connection.

When using gaming consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation, you will start by scrolling to the Social Menu from the Options for PS and Menu for Xbox One. While doing this, ensure that you and your friend are on the same Megaserver. To add a friend to Xbox One, you will approach the character, hold the menu, and navigate the radial menu.

You will see the Add as Friend option in the radial menu, and, by confirming it, you will add your friend to the game. Alternatively, open the Guild menu and select your friend’s name from your friend list and send them a group invite or guild.

Finally, if you are using PlayStation 4, you will open the Guild menu like in Xbox One and select your friend’s name in the friend list. Alternatively, approach your friend’s character to add them to your list. In both the Xbox One and PlayStation, you will only see the names of players in the Friends Menu who are friends with you in Xbox Live or PlayStation Network and have played ESO.

While you can play ESO with your friends on your PC, Xbox One or PS, you cannot cross-platform play between these consoles. Also, there are different servers for each of these platforms, implying that you can only run into players on the system you are using.

These limitations disappoint most gamers, but I hope that the gaming companies will continue addressing them. The good news is that there is hope with Sony agreeing to play Fortnite with other platforms even though it took a long while to convince them. Let’s hope that, over time, with new generation consoles, more games will support cross-platform play.


If you do not want to travel the gaming world in the company of friends or random players, you can still enjoy this on the Elder Scrolls online solo. All you need is to pay attention to is your character’s skill level because you will encounter difficult bosses in the process.

If your character lacks the necessary build or skill, your chances of defeat will be higher; hence, no reward. Some of the content you can enjoy solo include the single, public, and group dungeon and PVP.

On the other hand, if you want your company of friends, you can do so by sending friend requests. This process will vary depending on your gaming console. While doing this, you should ensure that both parties are connecting on the same Megaserver. Alternatively, you can connect with random players who join you on your mission against a common enemy but being a part of a guild is suitable.

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