Xbox One (Chipping and Jailbreaking checked out)

From the first Xbox series global launch in 2005, Microsoft has consistently released incredible gaming platforms for its users. The only challenge with the games is the cost, leading to some users opting to play for free instead. Therefore, I aim to find whether it is possible to jailbreak Xbox One.

So, can you chip Xbox One? It is quite tasking to hack into Xbox One due to the robust security measures put in place by the developers. It is only possible through some applications like JTAG, Jailbreak, and Booster, which you can download and set as your console’s operating system.

However, installing these applications can risk your hardware and software, nullifying any warranty claims in the future. You also risk being banned from the company, and you can get arrested by the authorities.

Online gaming has taken root in the recent past, with millions opting to enjoy their preferred games at the click of a button. However, game developers have made them quite costly, prompting players to take other illegitimate routes for access. To address these concerns, we must first explain what jailbreaking entails.

Jailbreaking, hacking, cracking, or chipping is a non-ethical procedure used to remove restrictions to access a system. In gaming, it refers to the cheats that one can exploit and gain control of a console to download games otherwise paid for first.

After chipping, you won’t have to pay a dime, which saves you on cost. The Xbox also had such issues, especially with earlier models that didn’t have the security measures to protect against jailbreaking.

Majorly, jailbreaking changes a system and allows it to perform functions that its original design restricted. In Xboses, it means making the Xbox function accept previously prohibited applications like copies of games.

With the growing fame, the term sneaked into the coding industry to allude to code adjustments on devices such as changing rights and deploying programs. Therefore, it refers to establishing a program into a system to escape or bypass restrictions from the developers.

The concern with jailbreaking is the legal part of it and the several risks involved. If the authorities catch you bypassing the system to obtain paid games for free, you can be arrested under your state’s laws on piracy and theft. You will also pay the price of scraped warranty and deal with any software or hardware issues on your console. Microsoft may also take back the device on the grounds of violation.

Can You Jailbreak Xbox One?

Microsoft is very cautious regarding its security systems. Therefore, they ensure that their applications are solid and put up stringent measures to secure them. However, people are still finding ways to get around the most guarded systems, including the Xbox series.

You can jailbreak Xbox One but only through hacking into the system itself, which may be tasking, unsafe and illegal. These games are primarily server-based, given that they require the use of the internet, making it challenging to crack unless you use specific hacking application tools.

Knowing that skilled crackers can maneuver their system, Microsoft has its ways of detecting tampering and dealing with it. For instance, a jailbreak can ruin your hardware rendering your warranty null and void.

Chipping the Xbox series is risky, and experts advise against it, especially if you have a new console. Apart from the illegal part of it, you will also be risking your gaming system. If your jailbreak is successful, you will enjoy free gaming, and you won’t need to purchase gaming DVDs. Besides, the hacking won’t cost you anything, and you may end up saving a lot of money.

On the contrary, you have to deal with risks like your operating system being corrupted, which also endangers your hardware. There is approximately a 10% risk of physical damage, and in case it happens, you will have gone against the warranty rules. If you recently bought the game, there is little chance of replacement, even after spending hundreds of bucks buying it.

Is Jailbreaking Xbox Legal?

The initial and running cost of gaming systems like Xbox is usually high. Some users will find a way to crack it to get free games and modifications. We went on to find out what happens when you jailbreak Xbox.

It is illegal to chip or hack a paid gaming system due to the country’s piracy rules. Using specific tools to modify or get free games is illegal, and you can be charged if guilty. Besides, other risk factors are involved, such as the destruction of your hardware, which also nullifies your warranty.

Not only will Microsoft fail to replace your system, but if they detect foul play, they can confiscate your console. They may also ban you indefinitely from future use.

There are several tutorials on how to jailbreak Xbox One. The only issue is that they are not very stable and do not guarantee that your systems will be safe. Apart from risking your hardware, you may also be guilty of playing pirated games.

If the authorities catch up with you, you may face years in jail time or pay a hefty fine. Apart from the government, you will also go against Microsoft. They can take back your device, and if you have corrupted the system, they will not honor the warranty terms.

Why Xbox One Has Not Been Jailbroken

It isn’t easy to break into Xbox One. The manufactures are in the software business and would lose a lot when hacking gets public. Let’s find out why and how Microsoft protects its systems.

Microsoft has put up concrete measures to prevent hacking the Xbox One, such as solidifying its system security and offering rewards to people who can identify loopholes. They have bounty programs where crackers can get hundreds of dollars for pointing out any vulnerability.

The game also runs exclusively on developer mode, meaning that players usually use the same code. It also doesn’t have memory exploits, and the machine architecture is excellent. Lastly, the game runs separately from the apps for maximum security.

The game developers have emphasized maintaining system security. They can quickly identify vulnerabilities and cover them up. However, it doesn’t mean that they are hack-proof and safe from malicious codes and other breaches.

To counter such attacks, they use robust Windows 10 in the security systems and ensure that you cannot interfere with their hardware. In case you do, the live servers can ban you automatically. Therefore, the only way to chip the Xbox is to penetrate the OS, hardware, and live servers, which is rather tasking.

Running on developer mode has also contributed to their hack-proof status. All users use the same code when gaming, making it difficult to load systems like aimbot during an ongoing game. Some users connect the console to the PC instead of copying other systems to crack Xbox.

The challenge is that they cannot operate unless they are in developer mode. Microsoft’s other security measure is separating the games from the applications, which ensures that no other game or app can modify files. Therefore, even when you try to crack a game, it wouldn’t work since it won’t gain access to data from other games.

The company was also very keen on its Virtual Machine (VM) architecture enabling it to run concurrently with the game. You cannot crack a VM and access the game unless you maneuver out of the machine. Some tech-savvy users can do it, but it is tasking and time-consuming.

Lastly, the Xbox one is difficult to chip, thanks to the inability to exploit its memory. Without it, you cannot rewrite the app’s memory because Windows uses data protection (DEP) and RAM to randomize data storage.

How To Jailbreak Xbox One

Although it is tasking and quite complicated to crack Xbox, some people can still penetrate the system using certain tricks. We dug deeper to find out the most practical ways to go about it and discovered three main methods.

Using JTAG

One of the most effective ways to crack Xbox or any other gaming system is using JTAG. This tool enables you to download games from the net and run them on your Xbox. It is one of the most straightforward tools to use when copying items to your system and playing all the games you want without necessarily buying them.

You can bypass the systems and have unlimited gaming of your choice, even the paid ones. It also has an option allowing you to play minus the game disk. You can maneuver it even in the new Xbox version using elementary steps.

First, download the latest JTAG application, which comes as a RAR file. You can then extract it using WinRar or any other applicable software. Next, create an XBOX folder and insert another called XMOD under it. Copy the XBOXMOD folder under the XMOD, taking the XMOD to a USB drive. After switching it on, plug your USB into your gaming system, then go to the settings under the navigation bar. Click system update and check for any new updates.

A notification comes in highlighting the JTAG for which you will enable by accepting the prompt. Please wait for it to load in a couple of minutes. When successful, your Xbox will beep and shut down. When you power it on, your console will pick up the new JTAG version allowing you to play unlimited games. We don’t own these methods as they are from JTAG’s official website. They are only valuable tips from their developers to help you maneuver the system.

Using Jailbreak

Alternatively, you can play games via the game’s website. You also don’t necessarily need a third party since you can back up and update the game through their site. There are other ways to jailbreak using some easy steps. First, download the Jailbreak Tool, then obtain your PC’s ZIP file. Using PUP, PKG, and DAT, you can create files the same way you did with the JTAG. For starters, you need to create a folder, say, XBOXONE and under it, create another as UPDATE.

You need to take all three files (PUP, PKG, and DAT) and copy them as extensions of the new UPDATE folder. Note that it is essential to name all your files in uppercase since the system only recognizes that as the Xbox update. Next, you need to plug your USB into your computer then format it. Go to the XBOXONE file, copy it to the drive, switch on your console, and plug the USB into it. Click on the settings and the settings tab under the navigation menu.

Go to system update and look for a new update. You will get a notification that an update is available, click on it and install it to your gaming system. Please wait for it to load for around 15 minutes. If successful, your console will auto-shut and notify you about the update. Restart your system and confirm through the settings tab. If you updated correctly, you would get a new operating system to enable unlimited free gaming.

Using Booster

This method using booster is one of the simplest to follow that works exclusively for the Xbox. Most importantly, it only works if you have updated your system to the latest version. First, download the tool, which comes as two folders in your ZIP; one is a new booster tool and the other a custom Operating System. Take the two files to a USB Drive, then plug them into your console. Proceed to the navigation menu followed by the console’s OS tab.

Look for any update in the system to find your newly downloaded software. Click and acknowledge it as you start the updated system, and the next vital step is data preparation for the cracking. Go to Start on your console and check the battery-enable option. A pop-up will appear for you turning your Xbox into DFU mode.

Click restart and repeat the process while the USB is still plugged in. Long press the power button for approximately four seconds. Your system will restart in a new version. Look out for a notification that the jailbreak was successful. Before using your Xbox, select the IPSW to allow it to run as you play. You will have hacked the system allowing you to install and download any game you wish, even when it is paid.


Buying a console or games to play can be pretty pricey, making some users look for a way out. The developers are aware of foul play, and they constantly update their systems to make them more secure. If you are considering chipping the Xbox, note that not only is it illegal, but you will also be putting your hardware and software at risk.

Hacking the system contravenes Microsoft’s policies, and the company will not honor its warranty claims. If you decide to use JTAG, Jailbreak, or any other application to crack the system, it is best to prepare for any eventualities.

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