DualShock Charging (PS4 Tips and Tricks)

PS4 controllers, also known as the DualShock, are used to make gaming on the console easier. Released in 2013, PS4 comes with a DualShock controller, a console, a USB cable, a power cable, and an HDMI cable.

So, can you charge DualShock without PS4? You can charge DualShock without a PS4 console. This is possible because you can use a USB cable to connect your DualShock to another power source like a PC. However, it would help if you used the correct USB cable because some could fail to connect.

Given that controllers have batteries that can run out of charge, you should recharge them regularly. However, if your USB cable is too short to plug into your PS4, you may wonder if there is another alternative you can use to charge the DualShock controller.

You can charge the DualShock controllers without the PS4 but only with specific USB chargers. Typically, a DualShock controller needs to be compatible with a USB cable to charge effectively. When charging it using the PS4 console, you can use any type of USB cable because the two are already integrated.

However, without the PS4 console, you need a specific USB cable to plug into an alternative power source for effective charging. Some of the best alternative power sources are a PC or Mac.

These devices have intelligent chargers that will communicate to the DualShock controller other than just supplying power. To shed light on how you can charge your DualShock without PS4, this section discusses everything you need to know and the precautions you should take.

If you are interested in learning more about charging the DualShock controller without the PS4 console, this guide will be of great help. Read on to find out how long it takes for a dual-shock controller to charge and ways you can prolong its lifespan.

DualShock controllers need a constant power supply to charge to full capacity. Before charging your controller, it is essential to ensure that all the existing battery charge has run out. This is important because constantly charging your controller even when it has sufficient charge will affect its battery life significantly. Also, charging it for too long can also damage its functionality, make it hard to use.

The DualShock 4 controllers have a USB port that is compatible with any 2.0/3.0 USB cables. This means that you can connect your DualShock controller to other devices like computers and laptops for charging purposes. While the DualShock controller can connect to many devices, it is not compatible with every charger.

In most cases, connecting your DualShock controller to a Mac or PC doesn’t cause any negative repercussions. This is the case only if you don’t use fast chargers. Using fast chargers to charge your DualShock controller is risky because it damages it.

When using a fast charger to charge your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, the fast charger uses high voltage to accomplish the goal of charging your device faster. Using the same USB cable on your DualShock controller could burn it out and cause significant damage.

On average, a DualShock controller allows for a 5V 800ma power supply. This is the power supply level required to charge a DualShock controller; anything higher than that could damage it.

Keep in mind that the ma rating is the amount of energy transferred when a device is charging. Therefore, when choosing a USB cable to charge your DualShock controller, it is essential to check the level of power it supplies. This will help prevent damage.

Power voltage is another thing you need to worry about when charging your DualShock controller without the PS4 console. Always ensure that the power voltage does not exceed 5V. In these cases, the voltage indicates the level of power originating from the source. If your computer or laptop is supplying power above 5V, it could burn your DualShock controller.

This is why you need to confirm the voltage level of your power source before charging the controller. You should also beware of power sources that supply energy way below 5V. This could result in slow charging that leaves your battery half-full. Such cases could result in battery failure.

In summary, you can charge your DualShock controller without PS4 as long as the USB cable you use does not exceed 5V. Using the correct USB cable will see your DualShock controller charge effectively and in a short time.

The good news is that you can use most android phone chargers to charge your controller. All you have to do is ensure they don’t supply excessive power that can burn your DualShock controller!

How Long Does a DualShock Take To Charge?

When gaming on PS4, its DualShock controller can run of charge. This means that you have to charge it by connecting to the console using a USB cable. For effective charging, you need to leave it inactive; however, how long will it take to charge?

It takes approximately two hours for the DualShock controller to charge fully. Keep in mind that this time is based on a case where the DualShock controller is entirely out of charge.

For effective charging, you should charge the controller when the temperature is between 50°F and 86°F. These temperatures create an ideal environment for fast charging. This section discusses how to effectively charge your DualShock controller and what to do if it fails to charge.

If your DualShock controller doesn’t charge, there could be a problem with your USB cable. In that case, try using another USB cable that is compatible with the controller. If the controller starts charging effectively after changing the USB cable, you should replace your existing cable because it is incompatible with your DualShock controller. This is a common problem when charging controllers and is often fixed by replacing the USB cable.

Apart from a USB cable, your PS4 console could also be why the controller isn’t charging. In that case, try plugging the controller into a PC, laptop, or wall outlet. If either of these works, you will know the problem is with your PS4 console.

To fix it, try checking the USB port on your console and ensure it is in the correct position. If the port on your console is damaged, it won’t charge your DualShock controller. Get an expert to adjust it and restore its original position for effective charging.

Another way you can fix this problem is by resetting your DualShock controller, a simple process that leaves your device in better condition. To do so, start by turning around your controller. At the back, you will see a tiny hole under the L2 trigger.

Use a pin, paperclip, or any other small item to press and hold it for approximately ten seconds. By doing so, you will restart the DualShock controller. After that, try charging it again to see if it works. In most cases, the controller starts charging effectively after resetting it.

If any of these measures don’t fix the problem, the controller battery is likely to be the problem. In that case, you need to replace its batteries with effective ones. Note that you should only replace the batteries only when all the other options have failed. The type of batteries you get for your DualShock controller also matters.

Some batteries are not compatible with controllers, resulting in insufficient charge. Just because batteries work on previous console controllers like the PS3, it doesn’t mean they will work on DualShock controllers. Therefore, you must ensure that the batteries you are getting are ideal for your controller and will deliver the expected results.

Another problem could be the charging port on your DualShock controller. If you own two controllers and charge them using the same cable and port and one controller charges effectively while the other doesn’t. Then, there is a problem with the charging port.

This can be fixed by blasting compressed air into it to get rid of all the dust particles. When the charging port is filled with excessive dust particles, it cannot charge. Therefore, getting rid of such particles should restore their charging capabilities.

However, when blasting compressed air into the charging port, your controller should be turned off. This is important because blasting compressed air when the DualShock controller is on can cause significant damage.

When you notice grime inside the charging port, you can use a tiny paper towel or toothpick to remove it. Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab to do the same. You are warned against using a wet piece of cloth to clean the charging port because it can damage your DualShock controller.

How Do I Prolong My DualShock Battery Life?

PS4 controllers need sufficient battery charge to operate effectively. Taking good care of your DualShock controller will keep it durable and sustain its battery. Here are more ways that can help you prolong its battery life.

Some of the most reliable ways you can prolong your DualShock controller’s battery life include changing your controller’s shutoff time, dimming its light bar, and reducing its speaker volume. These methods will significantly reduce battery charge usage and help prolong its lifespan.

This section discusses these methods in detail and enlightens you on how to execute them properly. Keep in mind that some of these methods could fail to work on controllers with underlying problems. They are ideal for newly acquired DualShock controllers with no history of battery breakdown.

Changing your controller’s shutoff time is one of the ways you can prolong its battery life. In most cases, you use your PS4 for purposes other than gaming. For instance, when streaming on Twitch or watching movies on Netflix, you don’t have to keep your DualShock controller powered on. Keeping the controller on while not using it could affect its battery life.

Therefore, you need to set your controller to shut off within the shortest time possible when not in use. This will go a long way in preserving its battery life. The process of adjusting the shut-off time on the DualShock controller is easy; go to the console’s settings menu, and select power save settings.

At this point, you will see different options that let you save power both on your console and controllers. Adjust the settings to limit power consumption and help sustain your controller’s battery life.

Another way you can prolong your DualShock controller’s battery life is by dimming its light bar. The front-facing light bar is one of the unique and most innovative features of a DualShock controller.

This light bar changes colors according to your preferences and allows the console camera to track the number of controllers connected. Even though the light bar plays an important role, it significantly drains down your controller’s battery.

While it is impossible to turn the light off, you can dim it significantly to reduce battery charge consumption. To do so, go to settings and select the sound/devices option. Scroll down to light bar brightness level and select it; you will see three options; bright, medium, and dim. Your controller’s light bar is bright on default, but you can change it to dim.

What worries most gamers is that changing the light bar could result in connection problems as the console camera can fail to recognize it. However, this shouldn’t worry you because the console camera will still recognize the DualShock controller even when the light bar is set to dim. Therefore, there is no need to keep the light bar bright when you can set it to dim and help prolong its battery life!

Reducing your controller’s speaker volume will also help prolong its battery life. Apart from the audio system or television noise, a DualShock controller is equipped with an in-built speaker.

The speaker is often used in certain game cues and novelty sound effects. For instance, when playing Destiny 2, your controller will produce sounds regularly while you fight, alerting you faster than the audio system.

Even though this speaker is fun, it is too loud and often shortens the controller’s battery life. This is why you need to reduce its volume significantly. To do so, go to settings and choose the “sounds” option. Under it, you will see an option labeled “volume control.” Select it and reduce the controller speaker volume to zero. This will go a long way in prolonging its battery life.

Wrap Up

Released in 2013, the PS4 console comes with a DualShock controller, a console, a USB cable, a power cable, and an HDMI cable. All these parts are ideal for the effective functioning of a PS4 console. However, if you only have DualShock controllers without PS4, you can still charge them.

This is possible because you can use a USB cable to connect your DualShock to another power source like a PC. Generally, it takes approximately two hours for the DualShock controller to charge fully. Keep in mind that this time is based on a case where the DualShock controller is entirely out of charge.

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