PS4 Support Tips (144hz, HDMI, Downloading games)

If you want the best gaming experience, getting a monitor whose Hz matches the fps you are getting in the game is necessary. Therefore, whether the PS4 can support 144Hz is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can the PS4 support 144Hz? Like other consoles, PS4 plays games at 30 or 60 fps; therefore, getting a 144Hz monitor is not worthy since PS4 does not support it. This explains why most gamers prefer gaming via PC to consoles, as they can go higher and give better graphics.

Using the best graphics are any gamer’s desire for a fantastic gaming experience. Therefore, can the PS4 can support 144Hz. The PS4 features outdated hardware that limits it to 60Hz through an HDMI connection.

Most games cannot run at 30fps consistently, including games launched as recently as 2014, such as Destiny. Even if the hardware could support 144Hz, it cannot output more than 120Hz over 1080p due to the HDMI 1.4 spec.

However, the PS4 Pro can run a few 30 fps games at 60fps, but there is no upgrade for 60fps games yet since the frame rate is locked. While it may work fine at 1080p and 60Hz, you will likely get more input lag. However, if you are not playing competitive games, the game may play fine, and you will not notice the lags.

With a 60Hz monitor, the fast-moving content will look good given its response time, and you will be comfortable gaming. This means that there is no point in purchasing the 144Hz, as these consoles will not support them; hence, no effect on performance.

Even though PS4 does not support 144Hz, this does not mean that you cannot use monitors with your console. As long as your chosen monitor has an HDMI port and the display ratio is compatible with your PS4, you can comfortably play with it. However, you should note that monitors do not have speakers, and depending on the type of game you are playing, you may need to connect one to enjoy the game.

Monitors are a good alternative to TVs, given their optimized features that make them ideal for gaming. They are also affordable with more features than your standard television. With a monitor, you will experience a low input lag and improved motion performance, making it a great option for a competitive gamer.

Despite the above benefits of a gaming monitor, the best gaming monitor narrows down to your preference in terms of specifications, budget, and needs. A monitor with an impressive display will add life to your gaming and give you an amazing experience.

Can the PS4 Work Without an HDMI?

You may want to connect your PS4 to a monitor, only to realize that your HDMI is missing or not working. This raises the question, can the PS4 work without an HDMI cable?

The PS4 can work without an HDMI as long as you have a converter that will translate the output into the format supported by your monitor. This format could include VGA, component, DisplayPort, or composite. To get sound, you will need to connect your PS4 digital audio to your speakers, given that the HDMI cable transmits both audio and sound.

There are two ways of connecting your PS4 without an HDMI. The first option is to use a composite cable. With this option, you will need to check the ports at the side or back of your TV. These ports could be DVI, coaxial or composite cables, among others.

The ports are converters since the HDMI signals are converted into a format that your monitor can understand; such that you can connect your console to your monitor without the HDMI. A composite input comprises three yellow, white, and red cables ports, while the coax input mimics a threaded screw. A DVI input is similar to what older monitors used to connect.

When you use composite cables for your connection, you should consider high-quality cables to make the process easier and give excellent graphic quality. Low-quality cables or convertors will affect your audio and picture quality and HDMI signals.

You will plug one of your HDMI cables into your PS4 and the other into the HDMI converter to initiate a connection. Next, plug the appropriate cables into the converter and the other end to the television. Afterward, you can switch your TV to the proper input and turn on your console. If you see the Sony logo on the screen, you will know it worked.

The second alternative will be to use a DVI converter. Both HDMI and DVI are digital signals, and if your monitor or TV has DVI input, you will see even better results than with other types of converters. While at this, you should avoid audio loss or low-quality audio, as with the HDMI to composite converter.

There are several types of DVI ports depending on the monitor model, and the first step should be confirming the DVI port in your monitor and the DVI port used by the converter. To use an HDMI to DVI converter, connect one of the ends of your HDMI cable to the PS4 and the other to the DVI converter.

Next, connect the DVI cable to the converter and its other end to the TV or monitor. You can then switch your display to the appropriate input and turn on your console. If you see the Sony logo, then the connection is successful. Lastly, turn up the volume to test whether the sound comes through.

Another alternative would be connecting your console to a PC monitor, which has a VGA port instead of an HDMI port. In this case, you will need an HDMI switch, an HDMI to VGA converter, VGA and HDMI cable.

The HDMI switch is necessary in this case since the PS4 may fail to connect directly to the monitor through the converter. Also, the VGA port will not support the audio signal, but the separate jack in the adapter will help.

To connect the PS4 to the monitor through VGA, connect one end of the VGA cable to the monitor and the other to HDMI, then to the VGA adapter. Next, connect the headphone or speaker audio jack to the adapter and the adapter HDMI to the DMI switch output.

Power the connection through the HDMI switch power cable and connect the HDMI cable to the switch input and console. Lastly, turn on the monitor, and your console will connect to your PC with a VGA port.

If you try any of the above methods but none works, it could be a problem with your monitor and buying a new one is advisable. The good news is that HDMI compatible monitors are affordable, and with as low as twenty dollars, you can buy one from second-hand outlets.

Can the PS4 Download Games While Playing?

The excitement to explore a new game may see you start playing before you finish downloading. Read on to find out whether this is possible on your PS4 console and how to go about it.

It is possible to download another game on your PS4 as you play. However, you may experience some lag while doing this; though, this will not damage your system hard drive. In one of its PS4 announcements, Sony stated that gamers could play the game online before completing the download.

Also, the PS4 system design lets you download games in the background even when turned off. This feature makes it easy for gamers to share their gameplay on their social media in real-time.

The PS4 allows gamers to play as they download, offering convenience. You will get a taste of the game as you wait for the full download by selecting the parts of the game that you want first. Thus, you can play character selections, missions, or even the whole game mode, as you wait for the rest of the game to complete installation.

To ensure download as you play, game developers come up with selective downloading. This enables Sony servers to queue them first into the download list such that gamers can have easy access.

In theory, you can opt to download the single-player or multiplayer parts first and play the game parts that you love. However, if you are not into the game’s multiplayer aspect, you can go for the single-player.

Games on the PS4 require downloading since the disk is way too large to read at once. Thus, the installation makes it easy for the console to play your game and easier for you on the loading screens, as the output will be seamless without lags.

While it is possible to start playing a game before you finish downloading, you should note that this is possible after downloading a specific amount of data. The complete download should take up to 5 hours.

According to Snellman’s tests, this long duration is due to the artificial latency change, which can cause your download speed to take up to a hundred times longer than it should. It is common when downloading games from the PSN, but the good news is that you can already start playing your games upon reaching the set data download target.

To check whether your game download is complete, go to the notifications sections on your PS4 main menu. From this window, you will check the game installation progress and all the available title updates.

The PS4 comes with a 500GB hard drive that allows for additional content like patches, DLC packs, and TV shows and movies. Thus, at any given time, you may be able to house up to 12 games in your system, but this number may be lower depending on their size.

Despite its convenience to players, not all games have the selective download feature, though most of the latest releases do. For instance, if you are downloading a smaller game, it will take a shorter time, and you can wait for the download to complete before you start playing. While you can play a game as it downloads, you cannot play as it updates and will have to wait for the update to complete or cancel.

When downloading games, you may encounter problems despite having enough storage affecting the whole installation. When this happens, you can troubleshoot on your own by checking your PS server, restoring your license, checking your transaction status, storage, network connection, and updating your console.

Since you are using an online source, the PSN servers are critical for a seamless download, and hitches could indicate a server issue. You can check this via the PSN dedicated page. Unfortunately, if the servers are down, you will wait until Sony fixes the problem. If your license has an issue or the transaction is not verified, you may have hiccups that you can fix online or contact customer support for assistance.

Also, if you don’t have enough storage, this may affect your download or update; therefore, deleting old games may give you more space to accommodate the new download. If your network is low, try restarting your router or contact your ISP for assistance. Lastly, the game you are downloading may not be compatible with your console, in which case, updating your software will solve the problem.

Wrap Up

The PS4 hardware limits it to the 60Hz monitors and upgrading to a 144Hz will not impact its functionality, as this console does not support such monitors. Thus, for seamless, lag-free graphics, consider 30 to 60 fps games on your 60Hz monitors, which is the maximum that PS4 can handle.

If you lose your HDMI cable and want to connect your console to your monitor, then you need not worry, as you can do this using a composite cable or converter. You will follow the steps highlighted above and if you encounter issues, consider upgrading your monitor or contact support for assistance.

Finally, given the duration games take to download, PS4 ensures gamers can entertain themselves as the game downloads by allowing selective download. This way, a player can select portions of the game that they can be playing while waiting for the installation to finish. However, you cannot play the game if you are downloading updates or patches, and you may have to cancel the updates or stop the download altogether.

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