PS4 Play CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray? (Checked out)

In this era where technology has taken over, it is impressive that one device can effortlessly handle several tasks at a go. Therefore, gaming companies have been striving to stay ahead by making their consoles compatible with DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray. Therefore, you may be wondering if this applies to the PS4.

So, can the PS4 read and play CDs? The PS4 doesn’t have CD support; hence, it cannot read or play its content. It doesn’t have the recommended 780 nm laser that translates the CD’s format. However, you can use special software like Aiseesoft Video Converter or DVDFab to switch the CD’s format to one that the PS4 can understand.

The code can translate to MP4, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or any other versions that the console supports. You can download the applications on your Mac or PC, transfer the files to a USB, plug them into the console, and gain access.

The demand and use of CDs may have dropped over the years, but there are still frequent users who would want to plug one into their consoles to access their favorite music. Therefore, can the PS4 read and play CDs?

Unfortunately, the PS4 is not compatible with CDs. Sony hasn’t offered that option yet, meaning that you cannot insert a CD into the console. Also, the company has the warning on its website. The PS4 drive doesn’t have the required 780 nm laser to interpret the CD’s format.

However, some versions usually have a unique code for your console to read the input. You can transform a CD such that the PS4 supports it as long as you have the right software. This way, you will convert it to an MP4 format that the PS4 reads. Besides MP4, the PS4 can also play other disc formats like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, including others you can confirm from the user manual online.

It may be surprising that your favorite gaming device cannot support CDs, although they are one of the simplest multimedia forms. The PS4 may have excellent capabilities as a gaming device, but it seems to lack in this sector. There are various reasons for this, and some gamers are confident that it may have been Sony’s way to direct its customers to its other music services.

Others also believe that gamers may not have widely used the CDs with the predecessor, the PS3, making the developers not to consider it as an essential feature. You will discover that the company also doesn’t support MP3 through the USB port.

Therefore, the PS4 remains the only console with DVD capability that cannot read CDs. You won’t find dedicated PS4 CDs, and the console website states that you should not insert any into the machine.

Thankfully, there is a workaround to this. The PS4 can read formats like MP4 and others that list on the website if you want to enjoy your music. These versions usually have a code like “H.364” to make translation easier. Luckily, you can even transform your CD to make it readable on the PS4 using special software.

Can You Make the PS4 Read and Play CDs?

Some users love to play music through CDs because they give the original content, unlike other methods that interfere with quality. In other cases, you may not find everything digitally, creating the need for storing content offline. Therefore, how can you make the PS4 read and play CDs?

You can make the PS4 play otherwise unsupported CDs using software like Aiseesoft Video Converter and DVDFab. These applications work on the Mac or PC to translate the CD format for the PS4 to read.

You will have the original disc content and access everything via downloading. After inserting the CD into the drive, you can easily make format switches. You will only have to install these apps on your device and make the necessary setups to make them work. The music or content in the CD will go to the Finder under application if you have a Mac or folder files for a PC.

You don’t have to trash your CDs since they are incompatible with the PS4; instead, you can download some software that will safely translate the format for the system to read. I will discuss the two main applications for this task to get you started.

  • Aiseesoft Video Converter

This software is one effective way to play all your unsupported CDs on the PS4. It is a straightforward Ripper, and you can even use it on your Windows and Mac PCs. It guarantees high quality, and your CD will always sound the same as the actual disc. With more than a thousand formats, this software is one of the best file converters to use, and I will show you how in these simple steps.

First, you need a downloaded version of the Aiseesoft Video converter if you have a Windows or Mac. You can then launch and install it on your device and save it among your apps or files. Afterward, you can place the CD that you wish to convert to a readable format in your internal or external drive. After inserting, the application will load the CD and set up the songs into the system for conversion.

Remember that before this, you will click Ripper at the top of the screen and tap load on the menu that appears. The disc options will show, and you can pick the one you want to use. Next, select the whole list icon, choose all the CD audio tracks, and tap OK.

In the last step, you can tap on the right side menu to pick the format you want the device to take. It is best to include the codec; for instance, you can use H.364 if your need the MP4 format.

After that, navigate to the edit button and find the settings. You can now go to the video option, pick encoder and select the codec. Lastly, choose your preferred location and “Rip All.” You will have successfully converted all the CD’s content, and they can download to your computer. If they don’t, you can continuously tap the download icon at the bottom of the software window.

  • DVDFab

Another equally efficient software is the DVDFab, which effortlessly converts CD audio and video for Windows and Macs, and you can also use it to switch DVDs to readable formats. This application will come in handy to design a personal PS4 CD, especially if you have some experience in conversion. The best part about DVDFab is that it is thorough, giving you everything you may need.

Therefore, you will have various conversion options, all at very high speeds. Luckily, the program also supports switching numerous formats that the PS4 can read, and here’s how to use it.

Initially, you can convert the CD you want to any file format as soon as you download and install the DVDFab app. If you have a Mac, you can find the software in applications on Finder; otherwise, you can access it through the files under a preferred folder if you have a PC.

The second you launch it; you will find an icon at the top of the window called Ripper. When you tap on it, it should let you pick the PS4 format you require. Subsequently, you can place your CD into the drive and sync it on the software as you begin translation. It is best to notify the application about the CD’s properties (size) before switching.

It ensures that the gadget will not occupy an unnecessarily massive space on your PC. It is safe to save the CD content to your computer at the folder button below the window when done. The switching process will begin by clicking Start, and your songs will be compatible with the PS4.

If you succeed, the CD content should be in your downloaded or saved folder. Alternatively, DVDFab also allows manual downloads to your PC at the bottom of the software window.

Now that you know how to convert the CD format, it is also necessary to understand how to transfer content to the console. Using a USB drive, you can locate and copy the songs from the folder to the USB.

Once you have assigned them to the thumb drive, you can eject the gadget from the PC and insert it into your console. When you turn on the PS4, you can plug the drive into the back or front ports, and it will read the CD contents.

Can the PS4 Play DVD?

DVDs can help you save a lot of storage space since they serve as a backup for some of your old favorite titles. However, console users find it challenging to play on their devices, primarily if their consoles do not support DVDs. If you have recently purchased a PS4, let’s find out whether it can read DVDs.

A PS4 console can play a DVD once you enable its disc playback feature. For this, you will need an internet connection for the PS4 to update the software for DVD support. Remember that it is a one-time process provided that you have never run a disc before on the system.

Consequently, you will play videos from your DVD on the PS4 even without an internet connection. The console will play movies or any other content on your disc without a drop in quality. The resolution will stay the same, and the DVD can run 4k images for the best video graphics.

If you have a PS4 but were previously uncertain about DVD compatibility, I assure you that you can always run your content from the disc. However, some gamers have challenges with this before updating the system over the internet or when using an un-finalized DVD. The best way is to get the right disc and connect the PS4 online to update applications responsible for running the DVD automatically.

The next step is playing the DVD on the PS4 system. To kick off your playback on the console, insert the disc in the device while it’s on. A menu will pop up with the disc icon. Next, click on the play button to access the content of your DVD. Also, you can use tools to rip the DVD into a PS4 compatible file and play the videos without glitches.

Can the PS4 Play Blu-ray?

As I had previously mentioned, the PS4 can effortlessly play DVDs, and you can use some applications to enable CD support. However, is the device also compatible with Blu-ray discs?

All the PS4 versions can read Blu-ray discs, provided the video contents are not in 4k UHD. Therefore, the 3D and HD Blue-ray discs will run perfectly on the console. 4k videos require a drive that the PS doesn’t have, only letting you play the standard Blu-ray videos.

However, the newer generation PS can play the Blu-ray discs in perfect 4k UHD format. Like other discs, you’ll need to update your PlayStation to the current version first. It will require an internet connection initially, although you won’t need a network to play the discs once the system upgrade is successful.

Generally, a PS4 can read Blu-rays but is only limited to HD and 3D discs. Otherwise, anything above these options may be challenging unless you find a current-generation console. Blu-ray video playback on a PS4 is a simple procedure that begins by ensuring that your device runs on the current version.

When you have stable internet, you can click it when playing the disc for the first time to override restrictions. Once you insert the Blu-ray into the disc drive, an option will appear on the screen tagged “Blu-ray Disc” or just “Blu-ray.”

Using your PS controller, select the choice and press the play button. You can use your controller to pause, rewind or forward the movies you are watching, the same way you maneuver your PS videos.

The audio and video quality of Blu-ray on the PS4 is impressive. Lastly, if your PS4 doesn’t recognize the Blu-ray even when you follow the protocols and are confident that there isn’t physical damage, perhaps your console may have system issues.

Wrap Up

You will be glad to know that the PS4 is a versatile device that offers unlimited entertainment. Besides gaming, you can also insert Blu-ray discs or DVDs for your videos. However, the Blu-ray must not be a 4k UHD version. Also, remember that you should update your console software for the PS4 to run DVDs.

Additionally, although the console isn’t compatible with CDs, you can convert the disc format using software like Aiseesoft Video Converter and DVDFab. This way, the content can translate to a version that the PS4 understands. When you download these applications and redesign the discs, you can save the content and access everything through a USB plugged into the console.

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