PS4 Connection to Wi-Fi Hotspot (Checked out)

With the world becoming a global village, the future of gaming will likely rest on the ability of players to connect and play online; hence, the need for an internet connection. Therefore, whether you can connect your PS4 to a Wi-Fi connection or not, I understand it is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can I connect PS4 to a Wi-Fi hotspot? A PS4 can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and allow access to games online just like you would using the Ethernet cable. To do this, you will scan your console for the available networks then select your Wi-Fi name. You will then enter the password, and your PS4 will connect to the internet, and you can play and download online games.

If you want to use this connection permanently on your console, it is advisable to set it as default. Otherwise, stick to the custom settings to enable you to switch between the Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

PlayStation Plus is currently the top subscription gamers enjoy while using Sony’s PlayStation. With this subscription, players can play online and access multiplayer games. This means that you should have a stable connection for a good gaming experience.

PS4 supports Wi-Fi connection, enabling players who do not have access to the router through the Ethernet to connect to the internet and enjoy gaming. According to Sony, the Wi-Fi connection is fast and smooth, giving players a fantastic gaming experience. This connection also enables players to bypass the limitation of having short Ethernet cables that cannot stretch to the spaces where they have set their PS4.

To connect your PS4 to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you will click the wireless option when searching for a new connection. This action will display a window showing the available Wi-Fi networks in your house and around. You will then select the option you want and enter your password.

In addition to Wi-Fi connection, the PS4 also supports mobile hotspots. Thus, if you do not have a router or if your router fails to provide a stable connection, you can use your phone as a hotspot and continue gaming. To do this, start by setting a hotspot on your phone by going to settings then mobile data.

You will then click on the personal hotspot and turn it on. It is advisable to set a password for your phone and the hotspot’s name for security reasons. Once done, you can turn it on and establish a connection with your PS4.

To connect your PS4 to your mobile hotspot, click on the network settings and then Wi-Fi under internet connection settings. You should then select the Easy option, and it will display a list of the available Wi-Fi connections. From this list, select the name of the Wi-Fi that you set up on your phone, enter the password, and you can now access the internet via your mobile hotspot.

If you are using your mobile device to access the internet, you should understand that, unlike normal Wi-Fi, it might experience signal issues, especially if you keep it far away from your PS4. Thus, to ensure maximum signal, keep it close to your console. Also, you should charge your device before use or have a charger nearby to maintain its charge to avoid losing connection in the middle of a game due to low charge.

When using the mobile hotspot, you should also bear in mind that your PS4 will use a significant amount of data, unlike normal internet surfing. Hence, do not be surprised if you soon receive a notification that you are running out of data. Thus, for uninterrupted connection, especially if this is the main hotspot for you, consider a data plan that gives you enough data that you can also use without surcharges.

If you are unsure whether your plan has the free access point, you can confirm this by checking your contract or contacting your ISP. Alternatively, consider installing a Wi-Fi router connection in your home and only use the mobile hotspot when the Wi-Fi is faulty.

While Sony promises uninterrupted connection via Wi-Fi, you will likely experience issues such as slowness once in a while. At times, your PS4 may not connect even after following the above connection procedures. Your console may not connect to the Wi-Fi due to poor configuration or a problem with your proxy or DNS settings.

When this happens, you can troubleshoot before alerting your ISP to check your connection. First, check that you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi and that you entered the correct password. If you use public Wi-Fi such as hotel Wi-Fi, you may need to log in through a browser.

Still, if the above does not work, you can check your support website and try the troubleshooting options they give. If your console is not connected due to a weak signal, or if you notice extreme slowness upon successful connection, try placing your router close to the PS, but if this does not help, you will need to boost your signal.

An example of a booster is the Connectify Hotspot, which suggests the Wi-Fi channels and the location of your router. This way, you can increase the signal strength for a fantastic gaming experience.

While you can get a seamless connection through your Wi-Fi, you can also consider an Ethernet cable where possible. This option will equally work, and most gamers prefer this when able. However, there are certain limitations when it comes to the Ethernet cable.

For instance, if your PS4 and router are far apart, you will need a long Ethernet cable, which is difficult to find in most cases. Also, if the router and PS4 are in separate rooms, you will need to drill a hole on your wall to pass the cable from one room to the other safely.

However, if you have your router and PS4 in one room, you can connect them and enjoy uninterrupted gaming, given that an Ethernet cable offers a stable internet connection. To do this, locate the Ethernet ports at the back of your PS4. The Ethernet cable ports are standard over the years despite improved internet technology in recent years.

Once you plug in your Ethernet cable, go to your network settings and select whether you want the connection to be automatic or custom. The connection will then establish in a few minutes, and you can test your connection to check how smooth it is.

Can You Download Games on PS4 Without Internet?

Most homes have an internet connection, which perhaps explains why most companies design their consoles in such a way that you need an internet connection to access most of its features. At the same time, this requirement can be frustrating, especially on those days when you have a problem with your connection, which is why I went on to find out whether you can download games while offline.

In some cases, you can install games on your PS4 without an internet connection. However, you will not have access to the patches, making it impossible for you to play the game version that came on the disc. Also, while the game might play well without this patch, you are likely to experience glitches and bugs.

Another limitation is that you will not access the online features of your console. In addition to the limited features while offline, it is not advisable to use your console while offline since most of these games will not play efficiently. This explains why the games you buy through the disc download their updates on your PS store.

Offline gaming may not be the best option if you have friends and family around due to its single-player restricted mode. However, if you live alone or are comfortable offline, you can access games with enough hours to meet your needs while offline.

When fully offline, some of the games you can consider include Blood Borne, God of War, and Spiderman. However, you will only access the single-player mode, and if you want their multiplayer, you will have to go online and download the recent patch. Also, you will need a PS Plus subscription to access this feature.

As a gamer, you are probably wondering by now why after downloading your digital game, especially the single-player, you cannot access them while offline, yet you paid for them. Well, to answer your question, you should understand that upon purchase of a digital game, you will acquire a license allowing you to play the game.

Since Sony’s license is on a server, you need to be online at least every two days for Sony to verify that you have the license and allow you to play the game. This technique, which is a DRM, makes gamers complain, especially when they have an internet issue, as they cannot access the game even after purchase.

The good news is that Sony has made it possible for its customers to bypass the DRM limitations and play games while offline. To do this, you will need to log in to your PSN account, implying an initial internet connection.

Next, you will head to your account settings and then account management. Finally, you will proceed to activate your console as primary to ensure it holds your license such that you will not need to be online to seek verification. This way, you will play your digital games while offline.

Playing offline saves you some money, especially if your connection is via a mobile hotspot. This is also encouraging to you as a gamer, as with some games available offline, your console will still be useful. While this holds and whenever possible, you should try not to miss the multiplayer side of the games you download to get amazing experiences, especially for games like FIFA 20 and Fortnite.

When offline, you will also not access Remote Play and Second Screen features. Facial recognition will also be limited unless with a few adjustments to your console settings. Also, when offline, you will not access most of the menu features on your PS4. This means limited manipulation of the settings and game.

You will also not receive activity feeds, news, and suggestions, and your startup menu will appear very bare. Worse off, you will not access social media features while offline. This way, you cannot share your live progress with your friends until you get back online.

Other benefits you can enjoy while offline include capturing moments in your game through screenshots and recording using the share button. You can then save these recordings and share them later when back online.

Sadly, there is still no way of getting these clips to your USB drive, but I hope Sony will develop this feature soon to enable gamers to save their clips and screenshots. While offline also you can access the voice commands on your PS4 menu for an amazing gaming experience.

If you patch your console, you can enjoy extra benefits while offline. For instance, you will be able to set up the second screen and remote play features. The voice control feature will also upgrade with this patch, not to mention the face recognition that allows multiple users to log in with the PS4 camera. This way, your friends and family can use your console when you are away.

Wrap Up

The PS4 is designed in such a way that you can use a Wi-Fi hotspot and play online. All you need to do is know your Wi-Fi name and password and feed it into the system to connect.

Connecting your PS through the Wi-Fi bypasses Ethernet limitations, including the lack of a long cable to stretch to your PS4 room and to have to drill walls to pass the Ethernet cable to these rooms. If you experience connection issues, it is advisable to troubleshoot before contacting your ISP, as in most cases, this is solvable by changing your router position.

Finally, while offline, you can install and play some games on your console. However, you will be limited to the single-player mode. Also, you cannot download patches and updates, which makes these games play better. Thus, if possible, an internet connection is vital for maximum experience with your console.

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