Microsoft Surface Pro (Battery replacement checked out)

The Microsoft Surface has a built-in battery, unlike some other tablets that have removable batteries. The removable batteries make it easy for users to replace them when they stop working or malfunction. Since the Microsoft Surface has an in-built battery, you might be wondering if it is possible to replace it when it starts to malfunction.

So, can a Microsoft Surface battery be replaced? A Microsoft Surface battery can only be replaced at a Microsoft service center. This is because the battery is in-built, and Microsoft designed the laptop to have an irreplaceable battery. If you bought a Microsoft Surface and it has issues that were not detected in the factory, then Microsoft can replace the battery.

If your Microsoft Surface battery has issues, you should register your device and request repair services. You also have the option of replacing your old Microsoft Surface with a new one. Any attempt to open your Microsoft Surface will automatically void the warranty, and you have to pay for all damages.

There are many advantages of owning a device with an in-built battery. However, if the in-built battery of your device starts to act up or dies, you might need to replace it or get a new one.

After the introduction of Microsoft Surface, there was consistent criticism about its battery capabilities. The Microsoft Surface has a battery that can work for 9 hours, but it becomes weak over time. If your Microsoft Surface battery becomes weak, you might be looking for options to improve its performance; therefore, wondering if you can replace the battery.

You cannot replace the battery of your Microsoft Surface because Microsoft designed the table to use an in-built battery. If you open your Microsoft Surface, you void the warranty, and you have to fix all the problems out of pocket.

It is also difficult to find an original Microsoft Surface battery because Microsoft does not manufacture Surface batteries to sell as replacements. If you want to improve the performance of your Microsoft Surface’s battery, you can have it replaced by a Microsoft service center.

Many portable computing devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets had removable batteries for a long time. When the battery became weak, you could easily replace it with a new original battery. Nowadays, most tablets come with in-built batteries that make them difficult to remove and replace. You only have the option of using your Microsoft Surface with its original in-built battery until it becomes weaker.

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When you purchase a Microsoft Surface tablet, you receive a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90 days of technical support. Microsoft will perform its obligations if you also abide by the fine print on the warranty document. If you open the Microsoft Surface to replace the in-built battery, you will automatically void the warranty. If the replacement results in any hardware damage, Microsoft Service Center will not replace or repair your Microsoft Surface.

If you decide to replace your Microsoft Surface’s battery, you need to know that it is not an easy task and could lead to further damages. You need to have proper knowledge about the contents of your Microsoft Surface and how to safely open it without damaging any other hardware inside the tablet. There are so many tools that you need to open a Microsoft Surface, such as a suction cup, T3, T4, and T5 Torx screwdriver, and an IFixit opening tool.

Any small mistake when opening the Microsoft Surface can lead to costly mistakes such as cutting delicate wires or removing important small components. You also need a heating gun to remove the adhesive holding the screen; if you are not careful, the heat might damage the screen.

If you want to replace your Microsoft Surface battery, the most important thing you need is a new and original replacement battery. It is very difficult to get a new and original Microsoft surface battery because Microsoft does not sell replacement batteries. You have to buy the replacement batteries from other parties, which might not be original.

Replacing an original battery with a fake one can be detrimental because it might cause damage to your Microsoft Surface. The fake battery might also perform poorly, causing you to replace it after a short time.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of replacing your Microsoft Surface battery, you should leave it to the experts. Microsoft has the Microsoft Service Center, which helps resolve issues on all original Microsoft devices.

If you have any issues with your Microsoft Surface, you can contact the Microsoft Service Center and plan for a diagnosis. If an expert at Microsoft Service Center finds an issue with your device, they will repair it using new genuine Microsoft parts.

The first thing you need to do is to register your Microsoft Surface online. After registering your tablet, you should troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing to see if you can find an easy solution that does not involve replacing it. If the battery issues persist, you can request a repair service.

You can then send your Microsoft Surface to the repair center. If your Microsoft Surface is out of warranty, Microsoft will require you to pay a service fee. After some time, Microsoft will send you a refurbished Microsoft Surface tablet that you can continue using.

You can also opt to replace the old Microsoft Surface with a new one. If you take your Microsoft Surface to the repair center, they will tell you all the issues and how much it will cost to repair it. Sometimes, the costs of repairing and replacing the battery might exceed the cost of getting a new one.

There is no need to spend more money repairing an old Microsoft Surface if you can get a new one at a cheaper price. Microsoft also has a trade-in program that allows you to send in your old device and get extra cash back. Visit Microsoft Store to see all the devices that qualify for a trade-in.

How Do I Make My Microsoft Surface’s Battery Last Longer?

A longer life to your Microsoft Surface’s battery ensures that you avoid all those numerous trips to a power outlet to charge the tablet. Most tablets have powerful batteries, but some things can cause the battery to become weak quickly if you are not careful. There are some things you can do to extend your Microsoft Surface’s battery life.

One of the things you need to do to extend your Microsoft Surface’s battery life is to choose the correct power mode. In addition to that, you also need to disable or close all applications that you do not need. You should plug your Microsoft Surface into a power outlet before the battery dies. You should not leave your Microsoft Surface plugged into the power outlet for too long.

You should also know the limits of your Microsoft Surface, like using it for tasks it can do without straining. You should also ensure that the Wi-Fi is disabled unless you want to use it. Changing the setting of your anti-virus will also improve the battery life of your Microsoft Surface. Finally, you should also adjust display settings.

If your Microsoft Surface uses the Windows 10 operating system, you can use power modes to save power. Windows 10 has four power modes: Battery Saver, Better Battery, Better Performance, and Best Performance Mode. Each power mode changes certain settings on your Microsoft Surface, which influences how it uses the power stored in the battery.

Battery Saver mode lowers the performance of your tablet by reducing notifications, screen brightness, and background activity. The Best Performance mode increases the performance of your tablet and drains the battery faster. The optimum mode is the Better Battery mode because it stops all unnecessary background activity without impacting the tablet’s performance.

The more programs or applications you have running on your Microsoft Surface, the faster the battery runs out of power. Therefore, you should ensure that you close all applications or programs that you are not using. To view all the programs running on your Microsoft Surface, open Task Manager, and you will see all the active programs or applications. You can use the Task Manager to close any program or application you are not using.

Another important thing to do to preserve the battery life of your Microsoft Surface is charging it as soon as possible before the battery dies. You should not wait for the battery to discharge below 20%.

A low charge puts a strain on the battery, and if you keep doing it every day, you will shorten the battery’s life. If you are not in a location where you can charge your Microsoft Surface, you should turn on the battery saver mode as you look for other charging options.

You should also avoid leaving your Microsoft Surface plugged in for a long time. Modern batteries are designed to stop charging once they reach 100%. If the battery is full, it will not improve the battery life if you keep it plugged in for a few more hours. It is also not necessary to charge your Microsoft Surface’s battery to 100%.

Studies show that a battery at 80% has more discharge cycles than a battery charged to 100%. If you keep the charging cycle of your Microsoft Surface between 20% and 80%, you will improve its battery life.

It is also important to know your Microsoft Surface’s performance limits and avoid pushing your tablet over those limits. Certain programs require a lot of processing power, which leads to battery draining faster than usual.

For example, Microsoft Surface is not meant for gaming, and if you install a high demanding game, you are likely to shorten the battery life. When you play a game not meant for Microsoft Surface, you put a lot of strain on the processor and significantly drain the battery within a short time.

One of the biggest drainers of power in a Microsoft Surface is the wireless network feature. Wi-Fi drains a lot of power from the battery even if your Microsoft Surface is not connected to any network. When you leave the wireless adapter on, your Microsoft Surface constantly looks for networks to connect, draining a lot of power.

If you are not using the internet or are in a location without Wi-Fi, you should disable your tablet’s wireless adapter. You can disable your Microsoft Surface’s wireless capabilities by turning on “Airplane Mode.”

It is important to have an Antivirus installed on your Microsoft Surface, but you also need to control how it carries out its functions. Most antivirus software will perform scans regularly, and each scan can take a few minutes. Scanning all the programs and files on your Microsoft surface can use up a lot of power, requiring you to charge it very often.

You can change the settings of your antivirus software to carry out scheduled scans at times when you always have your Microsoft Surface on a full charge or when you are near a power outlet.

You should also adjust the display settings to keep your Microsoft Surface tablet charged for a long time. You need to turn down the screen brightness of your Microsoft Surface but not too low that you have to strain your eyes when using your tablet. You can also change the background to wallpaper with more dark colors. You should also adjust the display setting to make the screen automatically turn off after a certain time of inactivity.

Sometimes, you might forget to turn off your Microsoft Surface and proceed to do other things. If the device remains on for too long, the battery will slowly discharge. If you set the screen to turn off automatically after a short period of inactivity, you will improve the battery life.

Wrap Up

Many laptop manufacturers are making batteries in-built because it helps improve the design of the device and its performance. Battery technology has also improved, reducing the need to have removable batteries. If your Microsoft Surface has battery issues, you should report it to Microsoft Service Center.

If the battery can be replaced, experts at the repair center can do it and send you your device after some time. If the tablet cannot be repaired, you can sell it for recycling and get a new Microsoft Surface.

The need to constantly charge your Microsoft Surface can be annoying, especially if you are in a location where you cannot find a power outlet. How you use your Microsoft Surface will determine how fast the battery drains. When you buy a new Microsoft Surface, ensure you do not make mistakes that will reduce the battery life.

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