Minecraft Hypixel Tips (Best Bow, Axe and Armor)

Bows are ranged weapons from the inventory that a player uses to fire arrows and other items. I understand that the best bow in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, what are the best bows in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock? The best bows in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock include the Mosquito, End Stone, Magma, Super Undead, Runaan’s, Hurricane, Explosive, and Spirit bows. The Mosquito bow generally ranks higher in the list for its greater strength than the Runaan’s bow, especially during dragon fights. Players also love it as they can rely on it consistently even when they do not charge their arrow in the Howling cave. Even then, each of the above bows stands out for its uniqueness, making it useful on different levels and tasks.

Some items are better than others based on their design and effectiveness. This is the same case for bows, in which case a player’s preference counts based on their end goal.

The best bow in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock includes the Mosquito, End Stone, Magma, Super Undead, Runaan’s, Hurricane, Explosive, and Spirit bows, which I selected considering their price and popularity in mind. These bows rank differently in the early, mid, late, and end games. Generally, bows in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock are expensive but worth getting.

The Runaan’s bow is an iconic weapon in Hypixel Skyblock that ranks top. In addition, it features the strongest due to its abilities, hence a must-have for any player. Also, compared to its functionality, it is affordable, selling at 420k coins.

A triple arrow shot with the Runaan’s bow aims at the target even without the enchantment, making it a versatile and reliable ranged weapon. Also, the two extra shots give an 80% damage making this bow viable in any scenario. It is no wonder every seasoned player has this bow and prefers it over other high-end bows.

If you are looking to cause double damage from a single shot, then the Magma bow is a must-have. This damage is possible courtesy of its Magma cream, which is the bow’s trademark and the reason behind its popularity.

The bow, like Runaan, is affordable despite its exceptional features and benefits. In terms of the damages, this bow does more than what the Super Undead bow does to the Undead. This makes the Death bow the only one that can cause more damage than the Magma. Even then, this bow is not fancy, neither is it fun to use. However, it will get the job done in the simplest and most fierce ways, hitting your enemies like a truck.

The Hurricane bow is a cheap version of Runaan’s bow. It is best in dungeons and shoots five arrows instead of three though its damage is less than Runaan’s. Given its higher number of arrows in a shot, this bow synergizes well with the Rend enchantment.

The Explosive bow also ranks among the best given its AOE explosion properties on each arrow. This feature makes this bow useful in killing Endermen and mobs through the terrain. Other players also use this bow to deal with the Zealots efficiently, even though the Frozen Scythe will be a better option in such cases.

You can get several bows during the mid-game, including the Last Breath, Spider Queen’s Stinger, Venom’s Touch, Soul’s Rebound, and Spirit bows. The spirit bow ranks top in this category, as it is ideal if you have fallen dead before the end of the fight and still want to help your teammates. It is also a reasonable weapon outside dungeons, but Runaan’s and Magma bows outshine it.

If you are playing during the late game, your bow choice should be the Mosquito or Death. During dragon fights, you will most likely prefer the Mosquito bow, which is stronger in such cases than Runaan’s.

The death bow is helpful in dungeons and will cause 100% damage to undead mobs. Also, after hitting one enemy, this bow has a 50% chance of bouncing and hitting another enemy. Using it with the bouncy arrows will increase this probability to 100%, making it even more effective.

Finally, you can also consider others, such as the End Stone and Super Undead bows. The End Stone bow is ideal in the early game and features high strength at an affordable price. With this bow, you will shoot most of the early game monsters you would without getting close.

The Super Undead bow is a greater choice that ranks between the Undead bow and Death bow. If you want a bow that will enable you to deal with the undead without affecting your finances, this bow is the most ideal.

It also features bounce abilities that increase its effectiveness. However, if you want an anti-dead weapon, the Death bow is a better option. The super undead is handy if you cannot meet its budget, hence suitable for new players who prefer distancing from their enemies.

Best Axe in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Axes in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock are useful in obtaining logs and while farming. Unfortunately, there are very few axes on the Hypixel server and they are not for combating mobs.

The axes in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock will rank differently depending on their use. The jungle, sweet, treecapitator, and promising axes rank among the best for their roles. However, most players prefer the Jungle and treecapitator axes due to various reasons. Other axes perform well to a certain extent and require the intervention of another to complete the task at hand.

When it comes to foraging, players debate on the best axe, with players torn between the jungle axe and the treecapitator. Generally, the jungle axe is a powerful wooden axe that can break several logs in a single hit.

The treecapitator axe, on the other hand, is golden and can also break many logs in a single hit. Thus, the difference between the two axes is their material, and a player’s preference will inform their choice.

While players get torn between the treecapitator and jungle axes, the jungle axe is a better option for its ability to break up to 10 wooden blocks in a single chop. This way, hacking down trees becomes more efficient in Hypixel Skyblock.

In addition, you can upgrade the jungle axe into the treecapitator. This upgrade is vital as you will enjoy an increased chopping speed and power. Even then, both axes are good if you want to stockpile wood for whichever reason.

You can obtain a jungle axe on Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock from an Auction house or craft one yourself. To craft the jungle axe, you will have to unlock the blueprint, possible after reaching Jungle Wood Collection Skill level seven.

To do this, a player will have to collect more jungle wood to get the XPs towards the collection skill. When they reach the required level, they will need a 2x stick and 3x enchanted jungle wood to craft the jungle axe.

Once a player has all the necessary materials, they will place their sticks in the bottom center and the enchanted wood in the top center, right, and center-right panels. However small their experience, any Minecraft player should be familiar with this recipe. Once a player builds the jungle axe, their wood collection will become faster.

On the other hand, if a player chooses to purchase their jungle axe from the Auction house, they can buy the materials in the server’s economy. The enchanted blocks and sticks cost about 2400 coins on the game server.

Best Armor in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Armor in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock increases a player’s stats if put in the appropriate slot. They come in four categories, namely chest plates, helmets, boots, and leggings. Also, their stat increases health, strength, defense, crit damage, and intelligence, with no upper limit.

The best armor in Minecraft Hypixel varies depending on the level you are as a player, the enemies you are fighting, and the damages you want to cause depending on the level you are playing.

Even then, some armor sets rank better than others, and players on every level prefer them. Therefore, some of the best armors include Ender, Strong Dragon, Shadow Assassin, Maxor’s, Storm’s, and Necron’s.

The Ender armor is ideal as an early game armor, and every player will remember it as they will have to use it, especially as beginners. The plus in using this set is that its stat will double when you enter End Island, hence ideal compared to other expensive sets. With this doubling, you will only add a few enchants and reforge it, after which you will be powerful in the zone without too much financial investment.

The Strong Dragon is an affordable armor, usable in the mid to late game. It makes the end game aspect much better, which is why players love it. Pairing this set with the warped aspect will give you a cheaper armor weapon combo, suitable if you are on a budget. The Strong Dragon is an Ender set upgrade, and you may want to get it if you are still using the Ender Set.

If you are looking for impressive stats, you should settle for the Shadow Assassin. This armor is relatively cheap for its benefits, securing its strong position on this list. It gets stronger with every kill you make in the Dungeon, and compared to Maxor’s Armor, it ranks best on Damage but relatively low on Defense.

The Maxor’s Armor is speed-oriented and highly competitive in the end game. It ranks lower in damage, as it does not have Strength. However, its high crit strength covers up this bit. Thus, if you cannot afford Necron Armor, you should settle for Maxor as the next fit, as you will enjoy Crit and Speed if extra Damage is not your priority.

Despite Maxor’s Damage drawback, this armor is strong and features a high-speed bonus at its price. Thus, you may want to have it for its speed and use it alongside other armor.

If you are looking for the best armor for mages, go for the Storm’s armor. However, Storm’s armor has a relatively low HP with +815 health and +370 Defense. If used with Mage weapons, this armor will give incredible results given its high intelligence.

It is advisable to combine it with Hyperion or a Midas Staff and burn the world with them. Some players even replace the Helmet for something that will make the damage Undead, increasing the damage output in Dungeons.

Lastly, the Necron’s Armor is the best for the Berserk class given its highly effective health, fantastic damage boost, high power, and effectiveness. The Necron’s armor outshines other sets in aspects such as Damage output.

A player who wears it will immediately turn into a combat machine and cause incredible damage to their enemies. Even then, this armor features a speed setback, and its boost on intelligence is minor. It is also expensive and currently holds the most expensive title in the armor sets.

With these setbacks in mind, most players shy away from it and switch to the Shadow Assassin Armor. Thus, while switching armor may work depending on what you are looking for in a specific choice, the bottom line is that there are no real choices and going for substitutes that match your budget and needs is ideal.

Wrap Up

The best gaming experience in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock requires you to secure the best armor, bows, and axes. The best bows in Hypixel Skyblock include the Mosquito, End Stone, Magma, Super Undead, Runaan’s, Hurricane, Explosive, and Spirit bows. Generally, these bows are expensive but worth getting, and you will go the extra mile for the best experience.

When it comes to choosing an axe, whether cutting wood for farming or other tasks, you should consider the jungle or treecapitator axes. The good news is that if you choose a jungle axe, you can always upgrade it to a treecapitator in later stages of the game.

Finally, consider armors like Ender, Strong Dragon, Shadow Assassin, Maxor’s, Storm’s, and Necron’s to combat your enemies. The armor you pick will vary depending on your skill level and the enemies you want to combat in the current game level. Even then, there are no real choices to any of the above as long as they match your budget and needs.

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