SCUF Paddle Controllers Worth it? (Checked out)

The goal of any gamer is to optimize their experience. Optimization, in most cases, will come at a cost since you will need to invest in the best gadgets, including controllers. Therefore, whether SCUF controllers are worth it or not, I understand it is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, are SCUF controllers worth it? If you want to get the best First Person Shooter experience, then SCUF controllers are worth trying. These controllers feature custom-made buttons, thumbsticks, and a paddle control system, among other features, for the best control. With over 90% use by E-sport professionals and its presence in major tournaments like SFCO, ESL, Call of Duty, and more, this controller is worth trying for any aspiring gamer.

If you want to know whether SCUF controllers are worth it, this is the ultimate guide. I will help you know whether SCUF and paddle controllers are worth it. Read through the rest of the sections to find out all the answers you need.

SCUF controllers stand out for their customization that suits the specific needs of elite gamers. I will help you know more about these controller features and whether they are worth trying if you want the best gaming experience.

SCUF controllers are worth a try for any PS4 or Xbox One user, given their custom design that has the players’ comfort in mind. While these controllers may not stand out in terms of their features compared to the standard Xbox and PlayStation controllers at first glance, a closer look at this custom-designed controller will prove otherwise.

As a modern gamer, one of your top priorities is never to be caught off guard, especially in shooter games, as this is a sure mission failure when it happens. Unlike standard controllers, a SCUF controller will enable you to respond to unprecedented threats, as you can fire back or move without readjusting the position of your hands.

This is a plus since the traditional controller requires you to take your hands off the sticks; hence, a longer response time. A longer response time could mean losing the gunfight, especially where your opponent is using the SCUF controller.

In addition to allowing you to accomplish your missions faster, the SCUF controller offers comfort to the player. With this controller, you can change the D-Pad shape and analog sticks on the back of the controller. The customizable analog stick enables you to enjoy comfort over long hours of play, as with this textured grip, your hand will not slip from the controller during heated fights.

Also, this grip makes control much easier. The D-Pad of this controller is swappable, such that you can scroll through the menu options faster and comfortably. Apart from face customization, the SCUF controller features customized paddles on the back. Paddles are essential in any console, given their role in expanding gameplay options.

The SCUF controller paddle utilizes the fingers at the back of the controller rather than overworking your thumb. This is unlike the standard controllers that only use the thumb. With these fingers, you will be able to use the back paddles for more game actions. The standard paddle layout will have four paddles, with the first for the couch, the second for swapping weapons, the third for reloading, and the fourth for jumping.

These features offer an advantage in fighting and shooter games where you have to make decisions in a split second. Thus, instead of dropping your thumbstick for the takeover or crouch, you can move your fingers on the paddle rear.

Another feature that makes the SCUF controllers stand out is their trigger system. These controllers feature triggers with sensitivities that you can modify to suit the game you are playing. The trigger control system has a quick shift trigger to activate different points on the trigger stops. This way, you will regulate movements past the activation points, a useful feature for shooter games.

The adjustable hair trigger eliminates unnecessary latency, while the trigger covers improve your hand comfort and trigger accuracy. For instance, you can use the hair triggers to adjust the trigger and the digital trigger as a mouse click in case of instantaneous reactions.

SCUF controllers are still the best option if you have a big hand, given their trigger extenders that extend the controller’s natural parameters to fit your large hand. This way, any user, regardless of their hand size, can use the same controller comfortably. The controller also has a weight control feature to reduce strain and fatigue, especially during long gaming sessions.

Scuff controllers also feature digital switches. Digital switches include triggers and tap bumpers. The triggers remove the traditional pull and replace it with instant clicks, while the digital tap bumpers add a mouse click to the bumpers.

The latter is useful for shooter games. In addition to the above features, you can get a customizable design of your SCUF controller to match your personality. Also, depending on your gaming needs, you will get a controller suiting you.

With the above impressive features of SCUF controllers, you may be tempted to rule out that your gaming skills will improve with this controller. However, it is worth noting that these extra buttons will not make you a better gamer. Rather, they improve your already excellent skills to enable you to compete efficiently with other elites.

The ability to slide without removing your hand from the trigger is an excellent addition, especially for a shooting game, but will not improve your aiming skills and understanding of the maps. Thus, a SCUF controller is a worthy investment because these extra accessories enable you to do things that you would not normally do with the standard controller.

The above said, buying a SCUF controller is also worth it if you want an unmatched experience from your competitors. However, you should note that durability is a concern with these controllers, especially with the rear paddles.

These paddles can stop working randomly or break. The good news is that SCUF can replace it if the issue behind the fault is under warranty, but, if not, you will need to purchase a new controller.

Also, Bluetooth connectivity is, in most cases, ineffective, but you can save your situation using the micro-USB cable. The controller features cable retention capabilities that lengthen the USB life courtesy of its cavity housing, ensuring a secure fit.

Despite these limitations, these paddles are worth purchasing since as long as they are working well, you will get the best experience using them. Another setback is their high price.

These controllers cost almost double the price of standard Xbox or PlayStation controllers; hence, not a fit for everyone. However, if you can afford them and want to improve your gaming experience, they are worth the investment.

Are Paddle Controllers Worth It?

The invention and patent of the paddle control system for game controllers over four years ago saw SCUF innovating and redefining how gamers use their controllers. Therefore, whether the paddle controllers are worth it or not is a matter I will address to enable you to make the best decision the next time you buy a controller.

To start with, a player with a paddle controller is advantaged than one without; hence, worth it. This is because you can aim by placing your thumb on the thumbstick and use other function keys like sliding, jumping, and crouching.

If you are not conversant with paddles, the experience may seem awkward at first, but, over time, you will understand and appreciate the difference that paddles bring when you play. In fact, over time, you might stop using the face buttons.

Paddle controllers bypass the limitations of the standard controllers. Any player having two thumbs will use a standard controller for aiming and controlling movement. This implies that they cannot control press the face button and still control the thumbstick.

The sad outcome is that jumping, aiming, and firing on the traditional standard controller is almost impossible. Using a paddle controller ensures a player performs these functions simultaneously.

Paddles are controller inputs located underneath it. These inputs mirror the functions of the face buttons more efficiently, enabling gamers to multitask. Paddle controllers are worth a try, especially if you enjoy the Shooter games. 90% of the elite gamers prefer using controllers with paddles, so you should also give it a try.

Paddles allow gamers to place their thumb on the thumbstick and still perform advanced moves. This feature explains the improved performance users derive from such controllers. With these controllers, you will also improve your control and hand use during gameplay. This way, you will execute advanced moves without too much strain for a fantastic gaming experience.

The SCUF controllers feature up to four paddles that players can choose depending on their preference. If you are a beginner, you can learn to use this system by starting with the two paddles.

Some controllers feature two paddles, while others will have up to four. If yours has four, you can remove the inner two and start learning with the remaining two. By default, the right outer paddle is for crouch or slide, while the left one is for the jump.

During gameplay, you can start by using these buttons and ignore the face buttons. You will take some time to get used to them, and, once comfortable, you can move to the next step if you have a controller with four paddles.

A controller with more paddles is advantageous as you will use your hands more to perform the necessary functions when aiming. The extra two paddles will enable you to swap and reload/interact, that is, the inner left paddle is for reloading/ interacting, while the right is for weapon swapping.

To make your learning smooth, incorporate one of the inner paddles at a time rather than once. Once comfortable with three paddles, you can add the fourth one. If you practice using the paddles regularly, you will be comfortable using them after two weeks on the minimum.

Once you fully master using the paddles, you can enjoy the remap feature to suit your playstyle. You can remap the back paddles, for instance, to any of the face buttons. To use the remapping feature, you will need to plug your controller into your PC using a USB cable.

Next, you will run the app, and once it detects your controller, it will grant you access to the software suite. From the software, you can customize the paddles to the game action that you want.

Despite being an optional add-on, the remapping feature is useful for players participating in multiple games and would vary the back paddles for some face buttons for different gameplay and games.

Besides remapping, you can also customize other settings on your app, including trigger adjustment, button assignments, and thumbstick sensitivities. Also, you can create the controller profiles you want on the app and switch between them using the in-built profile switch.

Another unique thing about the paddles is the suitability and comfort they give users with different hand sizes. Using the controller underside, a player can maintain their thumb on their thumbstick and still access the face buttons.

The paddle design featuring low friction and rings around the thumbstick to reduce friction; hence, wear and tear meet the gamers’ demand, and the rubber grip gives them added stability for better performance.

The soft finish on the top casing gives a luxurious feel for the player as they showcase their excellent skills to their opponent. Finally, paddle controllers are worth it, since by purchasing these controllers, you can also get accessories for your other consoles like PS, PC, and Xbox One. These controllers will come with paddles and other innovative features that will take your gaming to another level.

Wrap Up

If you want to improve your gaming experience and rank with elite gamers, investing in the best accessories is mandatory. SCUF controllers are one of the tools you will need to improve your experience. These customized controllers feature comfort coupled with thumbsticks and a paddle system that enables you to put all your fingers into use for a fantastic First Person Shooter experience.

Another consideration for an amazing gaming experience is the paddle system in SCUF and other top-ranked controllers. These controllers bypass the limitations of standard controllers and ensure efficiency during gameplay.

Using all the four paddles in your controller will make you a pro, since it can make you take unprecedented steps within seconds, like in shooter games. Thus, while the above controllers may cost more than the standard, they are a must-have if you want to enhance your gaming skills and challenge your competitors.

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