Get a Gaming Laptop: Worth it or waste of money?

2020 and 2021 have seen the rise of prospective gaming device buyers due to increased stay-at-home measures. The only concern is whether playing on gaming laptops is the best way to go considering that they are pretty pricey and other gaming platforms.

So, are gaming laptops worth it or a waste of money? Every penny you invest in a gaming laptop is worth it. It is a high-performance device with clear graphics and sounds, high-resolution images, and functions at incredible speeds. New users love that it is portable, unlike other gaming gadgets, and comes in a sleek and lightweight design.

It is also versatile; hence, you can use it for gaming, music, videos, shows, work, or school. The only downside is that they are pretty pricey, don’t have upgrades, and are subject to overheating depending on the model.

Gaming systems are one of the most coveted gadgets but face the challenge of pricing. Since such high-performance equipment can be too expensive for some prospective users, we went into the markets to find out the nature of their pricing.

Laptop pricing usually depends on the model and the device’s capabilities; thus, the latest models and high-end gadgets will be more expensive. A while ago, the prices were at a record high, with most users obtaining them at over $1200. However, since the demand is slowly diminishing, you can find a great device at roughly $700-$900, depending on the model version’s specs.

With the lowest prices at around $700, you will still have an incredible laptop but GTX 1650. In contrast, higher-performance RTX laptops can go at $1100, while the best versions will be at a staggering $2000 or more.

It is worthwhile to spend about $1000 for a versatile, high-end device with great returns. Besides, you can find a way around obtaining overpriced gadgets by waiting out the hype and watching out for sales. Typically, as new models get into the market, users rush for them, and the manufacturers increase their prices while reducing that of the older versions.

Similarly, most manufacturers significantly lower their prices during holiday sales. Provided that you book one as early as you can, you may end up saving a lot. The sacrifice may be to wait a few more months, but it is worthwhile if you will get the high-performance gadget you need.

What Makes Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

First-time buyers may be shocked by the prices of gaming laptops; however, veteran players understand that they are justified. We aim to explain the reason for the price tag and why their demand is still high.

Gaming laptops are pretty pricey because of the significant reduction in size compared to desktops. They have to perform at the same level as other gadgets but with mini chips and processors. Secondly, they have better designs because they are slimmer and lightweight, making them more portable. The manufacturers also design them with more durable materials and incorporate better accessories.

Generally, gaming laptops use more advanced technologies in their manufacturing, and their creators invest heavily to ensure that they function like other bigger and heavier gadgets. Unlike their PC counterparts, gaming laptops have to offer the same performance regardless of the significant size difference. The components are smaller to make the laptop portable, but the function must match other larger devices.

Consequently, most PCs have a slightly higher performance than gaming laptops. However, the small size of the hardware makes the gaming laptops more expensive. Looking at it closely, you will find it justified because instead of a bulky immobile gadget, you get the same high performance in a device that is about three times smaller than you can fit in a small space and take it wherever you go.

Besides, some great models are more high-end than the latest PCs. One challenge with gaming laptops, however, is underclocking. Given that the computer is more miniature but has to function the same as desktops, the manufacturers have to reduce the hardware power. Otherwise, overworking the chips and the processors can cause overheating.

The old gaming laptops were too bulky, unlike the current ones. They had larger keys, aggressive designs, and were too heavy. However, all thanks to technology, they now come in slim versions are easier to carry around. Currently, you will find them more elegant and of great designs. They exchanged the massive thermal vents for more subtle features and some statement accents.

For more than $1000, the laptops’ material is more durable and robust. Additionally, most laptops are flashy, and some manufacturers create statement designs to enhance the aesthetics. If you dig deeper into your pocket, you can land on key backlights and other incredible accessories, making your laptop a cool gadget that you can show off.

Unfortunately, given that most companies invest heavily in their products’ portability, they become higher-priced than gaming desktops. In addition, slimmer laptops are generally pricier than thicker models. There is a higher demand for thin and lightweight gaming laptops, making them more expensive. Landing on one may stretch your budget, but it means that you can carry it wherever you want, and it can fit in a tiny space.

Pros and Cons of a Gaming Laptop

No gaming device functions at 100 percent; each has its downsides. It is critical to understand the good and the bad before making a purchase, and we tell you all about it.

The main advantage of a gaming laptop is that it is portable, with most models being slim and lightweight. This feature makes it easier to use it for other tasks such as projects and assignments for work or school, and it helps that it also doubles up as an entertainment device.

On the contrary, most new users find it quite pricey, unlike other devices. Additionally, unlike PCs, you cannot upgrade it, and it usually doesn’t have high battery life. Lastly, it is subject to overheating due to the high-performance rate.

The first win for gaming laptops is their portability. Instead of carrying around bulky computer hardware, you get a compact, lightweight device that functions the same, or in other cases, better. The standard laptops’ monitors measure around 15 inches, while the larger versions are approximately 17 inches. The more extensive makes are still portable, but the advantage is that they offer the user a desktop-like gaming experience.

Alternatively, the market also has thin models which are incredibly lightweight. If you want a versatile gaming device, laptops are your best bet. Due to the wide range of capabilities and their portable nature, you can comfortably use your gaming gadget as a regular laptop too. You can carry it to work or school while using it for your projects or assignments. Alternatively, it can serve as entertainment in your free time to play, listen to music, or watch your favorite shows.

Although it is relatively more expensive to acquire a gaming laptop, it introduces you to impressive specs and the best gaming experience. If you get a high-end device, you are confident of high resolution, silent operation, and speed. Lagging can be a bummer to players; therefore, the manufacturers ensure that the gadget is as high-performance as possible through clear graphics and sounds.

As a result, you get a smooth gaming experience and at lightning speeds, which is also perfect if you want to play competitively. Lastly, most people consider gaming laptops more stylish platforms. From the sleek design, unique accessories, features such as key backlights, you will love to show off your gaming laptop.

Moreover, different high-end brands have unique identification features that will stand out, and the best part about laptops is that you can easily customize the look. On the contrary, every prospective buyer needs to know about the downsides too. First, Gaming laptops aren’t upgradable. The only way to get the latest titles and features is to purchase the newest model.

With this device, you are restricted from updating a few components, such as the RAM or the hard drive. Secondly, the gadget’s battery doesn’t last as long as the manufacturers say. Each laptop’s battery life, however, varies from one developer to the other. They usually consume a lot of power due to the robust components such as the GPU and the CPU. Therefore, your device can last around five hours or less if you are an avid gamer.

You will also notice that some gaming laptops heat up faster than gaming PCs. Overheating is a common concern in slim models or the high-end types with robust components. Depending on the make, during intense gaming sessions, your gadget will struggle to maintain airflow for cooling and, in turn, overwork the fan, which can damage.

Lastly, gaming laptops are more expensive than most gaming devices, especially if you need a high-performance model. A middle-range laptop may double the price of a console and slightly top a gaming PC. Luckily, with technological advancements, developers are constructing better versions that will address these issues.

Is It a Good Idea To Buy a Gaming Laptop Right Now?

If you need a gaming device, it is critical to consider the risks involved alongside the benefits. Besides, you must have also thought about getting alternatives such as consoles or PCs. To help you make the right decision, we delve deeper to understand all the dynamics.

You may view the price as a hurdle but buying a gaming laptop is an excellent investment if you weigh all the options. It is a high-performance gadget that is portable, lightweight and has a sleek design. If you travel a lot and want to carry your gaming device to different places, it is your best bet. It also comes in handy if you and your friends love playing in other locations.

Similarly, a laptop is versatile for use at work or school, meaning that you can get a portable yet effective computer and a gaming device in one place. Considering all the specs and benefits you get as a gaming laptop owner; the price tag is justified.

There has always been a debate between laptops and consoles or gaming PC users. Prospective owners are also usually on the fence when deciding the most effective option. All three gaming platforms are incredible, but each is unique, and the selection relies on preference. For instance, a gaming laptop is easily portable, unlike PCs or Consoles.

Also, laptops aren’t exclusively for gaming since the device has an inbuilt battery that can store power for hours. On the other hand, gaming PCs may be bulky, but they are upgradable, customizable, and offer you more storage. Consoles are also more affordable than the other two options, but they have limited games and lower performance levels.

Avid gamers love using gaming laptops. Besides the top-notch performance, the devices are portable and more stylish than consoles or PCs. Gaming desktops are heavy to carry around, and their use is restricted to a small space range. You will also have to buy some accessories separately, which means additional costs. Laptop owners also find them easier to set up and start using, unlike with other platforms.

Unfortunately, laptops aren’t upgradable like PCs which you can customize and fine-tune to your taste. You will realize that these gaming devices have different specifications, hence the unique price tags. However, laptops are slightly more expensive than PCs. Therefore, you may have to dig deeper if you want a gaming laptop for the added benefits such as space-saving and portability.

You may also find it hard to choose between a gaming laptop and a console. A console has an exclusive design for gaming, but you can use the computer for office or schoolwork. Another advantage is that you can play unlimited games on them, whether online or modded, but still get top-class performance. The win for consoles is that they are more affordable than the high-end laptops, and you still get a great library to start you off.


Many prospective users would love to obtain gaming laptops, but the only hurdle is the pricing. These devices are usually expensive since they have mini chips and processors, unlike desktops, but still have to function effectively. Most high-performance gadgets are made of durable materials and have high-resolution images, clear sounds, impressive speeds, and advanced designs.

New users also love that they are portable, lightweight, and versatile. Therefore, you can invest in one if you want to enjoy all these great features. The only compromise is that it is an expensive device, doesn’t allow upgrades, and may overheat due to overworking.

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