IPad Mini Tips (Netflix, 4k and HD video)

Over the years, Netflix has become a big deal, gradually taking over conventional cable TV. Gadget companies understand this and ensure that their releases are compatible with the application. If you are considering buying an iPad mini hoping to access Netflix, you will be looking for a model whose iPad iOS has the relevant support.

So, can Netflix run on the iPad mini? You can only access Netflix using iPad tablets that run on iOS 13.0 or later. Therefore, your best bet will be the iPad mini of the 4th generation onwards. If you have the older models running at least on 5.0 versions, it will be challenging to download it, and even so, you may only acquire the oldest Netflix if your gadget allows it. Since the iPad Air and the mini 2 don’t have support, you will be safer using the iPad Pros or the generation 4 or newer models.

Netflix is a go-to for millions of users at a time since it is dominating the subscription TV space. Apple also joined in to enable its devices to run the application, from iPhones to tablets. However, not every Apple device is compatible with Netflix.

For Netflix to operate smoothly on your iPad mini, it should run on iOS 13.0 or newer. Therefore, you will access the application if your tablet is the 2nd or 3rd generation iPad Air or the 4th and later versions of the iPad mini.

You are also safe if you have the 9.7-12 inch iPad Pro. Unfortunately, any other Apple tablet running an older model than the iOS 12 is not compatible with the current Netflix unless you use the old version of the app. Thus, the old iPad mini 2 and the original Air do not support the application.

You will only be lucky if your iPad mini runs the latest software version, preferably from iOS 12 and over. It is best to buy a tablet running version 13 that usually has better features anyway.

In this case, you can consider any tablet starting from the 4th generation to any other later release, including the iPad Pro models. If you already own an iPad mini and are unsure about your iOS, you can easily confirm from your tablet when you navigate to the settings.

You can go to “General” then click “About”, where you can see all your device’s features. The latest update should be besides “Version.” This way, you can tell whether you can download the app.

Primarily, Netflix is pretty picky in matters of processor capabilities. Consequently, it cannot operate in an iPad mini running on 32-bits like the original model. Thankfully, Apple’s later releases came with more than 64 bits, making them compatible with Netflix.

They also have powerful features, particularly the A8 processor and at least 1GB RAM. Not only will your updated gadget run demanding apps, but you will also stay at par with Apple’s innovativeness.

You will beef up your security, your iPad mini will boast the best features, and Apple will have eliminated bugs from the older version. If the company doesn’t offer the performance you need for your tablet model, the last resort would be to buy a new or refurbished gadget from their stores with the version you need.

How To Watch Netflix on Unsupported iPad

Apple diligently keeps altering the features of old machines to stay ahead of other highly competitive companies. However, in the process, other less powerful devices have stayed behind. The good news is that there are still workarounds you can use to access demanding apps like Netflix, even with an incompatible tablet.

If you have an unsupported iPad mini, you can always access Netflix in its old version. If you have already downloaded it, the system can use it in its current outdated state. The only downside would be the old Netflix app may not have the latest features or could be slower than the optimized later versions of the Netflix app.

Alternatively, if you have another upgraded Apple product, able to access Netflix, you can purchase the app from your account then find it on purchases using your old iPad. It is also advisable to use your iPad’s browser to access the app while streaming Netflix shows.

If your iPad mini cannot support the Netflix app, you do not need to worry since you can access Netflix using the following hacks.

  • Downloading the Old Netflix App

Luckily, if your iPad mini is an iOS 12 or earlier version, you can access the old Netflix. Note that you cannot find this app from the store, as it only applies to tablets containing the application in their systems. Therefore, you must have installed Netflix earlier; otherwise, you cannot download a new incompatible one.

First, you can go to the store, sign up, and locate Netflix from your purchased apps. When you click on the iCloud button, you will see a pop-up asking whether you can download Netflix’s old version. Downloading it should give you access to the application on your iPad Air and iPad mini 2 or 3.

  • Downloading Netflix from a Compatible Gadget

Many users have more than one device from Apple. You may have an iPhone, iPad, or any other gadget, one being in an updated version. Using a new iOS, you can download the current Netflix app such that your purchase will show on your old iPad mini when you access the account.

In this case, you must have the same ID on both Apple products. When you navigate your tablet, it should show you your newly-acquired Netflix. Next, click on the iCloud symbol and obtain the application, even when it is not supported. However, this will only work if your mini is of version 5.0 or higher.

  • Using the Browser

Fortunately, Netflix is compatible with browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Since you cannot download it on the old mini, you can still enjoy the application through its official website. Now that Firefox and Google allow access even to outdated devices, you can use the browsers instead of an installed app.

You only have to sign in with your credentials then log in. You can even add this to your screen to easily access it whenever you want to stream your favorite shows. The only compromise may be the graphics resolution because the older models usually have less powerful GPU and CPU.

  • Downloading using iTunes

Another viable option to access Netflix is through iTunes. Remember that you could use the old iTunes to download apps to your device. Luckily, you can use this method to obtain Netflix too. Consequently, the purchase will appear in your Apple account. However, it is limited to the iTunes version since some will be incompatible.

Can the iPad Mini Download Netflix?

The iPad mini is a versatile device with incredible features, explaining why many Apple users love it. The widescreen makes it ideal for watching your favorite movies, but it is only possible with the correct version. If you are a fan of Netflix and want to buy a compatible tablet read on for some useful information.

The iPad mini can download and access Netflix depending on its current operating system. Netflix runs better on the latest iPad iOS from version 13 and above. The app developer restricted the software only for access by powerful gadgets, leaving behind outdated models like the original and 2nd generation.

Luckily, if you have an upgraded mini running on iOS 13 or later, you can easily download Netflix. You can also use tricks to obtain the app, even if you have an outdated tablet.

The Netflix download process is pretty straightforward. First, you can confirm that your device is compatible with the application; otherwise, an error text will pop up. You can check this by going to the “Settings” then “General” and finally clicking “About.” You will immediately see your iPad’s version when you scroll down. If you are confident that it is up-to-date, you may resume the download.

First, click to locate the app store from the main menu, then choose “Apps” at the lower right of the screen. The new window will have your Apple ID icon. Tap on it and type in Netflix on the search button, it will show up, and you can click download and install. After successfully setting it up, you will have to launch it using your email address and password to sign in.

You can now comfortably log in and stream some of the best videos provided that your Wi-Fi network is stable and works at maximum speed. For the best experience on Netflix or any other exclusive application, it is advisable to ensure that your iPad mini is running on the latest possible iOS. This way, you’ll avoid unnecessary bugs that may affect your streaming.

If you are having trouble installing movies or TV shows from the app, there are also simple ways to fix it. For starters, click the Netflix software, and the window that opens will contain a list of content at your disposal.

You can tap either movies or TV shows on the menu bar to narrow down your options whenever you need to watch something. Next, tap whatever you wish to install, and you will see a download button on it where you can click to begin.

Once you have completed the process, you can retrieve the videos from the download screen. The iPad mini is your go-to device when you need portability, ideal since you can watch Netflix from anywhere. The screen is the right size, not too massive or too tiny for use when alone or with a friend. The batteries are also long-lasting, and the gadget’s versatility and durability top it all.

Can the iPad Mini Play 4K Videos?

With an increased demand for better quality and resolution videos, system manufacturers are striving to offer their users the ultimate experience. Thanks to innovation, the iPad minis have evolved into high-tech tablets over the years, each new release being more advanced than its predecessor. However, does the iPad mini match up to the task?

The IPad Mini cannot play 4K videos as generally the iPad mini’s video capability ranges at 1080p and will not reach 3000p due to compatibility issues. Using iOS 14 and above can allow videos to played at 2160p but this is still not 4K. By using a third-party applications you can convert the 4K to the standard HD that the IPad mini supports

Note that the higher the FPS, the higher the resolution and video quality. However, despite the lower graphics, some minis running iOS 14 and above can play 4K YouTube videos with its settings at 2160p.

You will not achieve the coveted 4K mark with Netflix when using the device because the 4K videos usually play in a different frame rate than the 1080p.

The video graphics are pretty crispy, and you can’t tell the difference. In the fifth and sixth generations, iPad minis have better technology and can play the 4K videos at considerably high resolution.

Interestingly, the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad minis can record 4K videos using their rear cameras, yet you cannot use them to watch the same quality videos. Any iPad mini with iOS 14 or older is compatible with YouTube 4K videos. To watch in high quality on YouTube, you can open the app and play any video. When you tap the screen, a three-dot icon will appear on the right upper corner.

You can then click it and select quality, for which a drop-down menu will appear for you to choose your preferred rate. There are also free video converters you can find from the App Store for download and installation.

You can add the video you want to adjust, then choose an output that suits your iPad mini. Unfortunately, some of these conversion apps contain bugs leading to issues on your device.


Apple may have tried hard to provide the latest applications for its users, but some versions still lag. For instance, owners of the original Air and the 2nd generation mini with older iOS know the feeling of being left out.

If your gadget cannot upgrade to at least version 12, it will not level up enough to run Netflix. Also, the app is not available on these tablets for download from the store due to incompatibility issues.

Therefore, you will have to update your system, but you may have to buy another tablet if your model is restricted. However, you can use hacks such as obtaining Netflix using another gadget or streaming it with the browser to enjoy your Netflix subscription.

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