PS4 Keyboard and Mouse: Worth it or waste of money?

Gamers using a PS4 console prefer using the DualShock 4 controllers while PC gamers prefer to use a keyboard and mouse. If you are used to playing games on your PC and decide to buy a PS4, you have the option of playing some games on your PS4 using a keyboard and mouse. However, you might be concerned that the change might impact your gaming experience.

So, are a keyboard and mouse on a PS4 worth it? Using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 is not worth it because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. When using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4, you will experience massive input delays. Some games might feel unresponsive to the input because of the delays.

For example, if you are playing a first-person shooter game, the precision might be good but the responsiveness to the trigger will be slow. You also need experience playing PC games because mastering keyboard control is not easy.

All gamers have their preferred device when it comes to gaming. Some prefer to use controllers while others prefer to use a keyboard and mouse. Keyboards and mice are common with PC gamers, but some console gamers also use them, and you might be wondering if they are good.

Using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 has several limitations that might impact your gaming experience in the following ways:

  • you cannot use a keyboard and mouse to play all PS4 games but only those that have the keyboard and mouse settings.
  • the keyboard and mouse also have input delays on some games. Using a keyboard and mouse on some games on your PS4 is considered bad etiquette and could lead to bans.
  • you also need experience in PC gaming to use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4.
  • you do not get all the settings available when using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4.
  • it also costs a lot of money to switch from using a controller to using a keyboard and mouse.

A lot of games available on PS4, whether exclusive games or third-party games, are built to be played using a controller. Some games only allow you to use a keyboard and mouse to navigate its menu but now play the actual game. Only a handful of the biggest titles support keyboard and mouse and they include Final Fantasy XIV, War Thunder, and Paragon.

Therefore, it is a waste of money to pay for a keyboard and mouse that you will only use on a few games. You also have to spend a lot of time searching for great PS4 games that can support using a keyboard and mouse.

Input delay is one of the most annoying things that a gamer has to deal with when playing games. Input delay is the time it takes for an action to happen on your screen after pressing the necessary button. Input delay for a keyboard and mouse is much worse than that of a controller. For example, if you use A keyboard and mouse to play a racing game on your PS4, you might press left to steer left but the action is delayed for a couple of milliseconds affecting your next action. Input delay can cost you a victory in a competition, especially when your adversaries have better controllers.

The one big advantage of using a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 can also be a bad thing in certain circumstances. A keyboard and mouse gives a gamer an added advantage, especially when playing first-person shooter games like Call of Duty. The mouse is very precise, and all the gamer needs to do is point and click to shoot.

For a gamer using a controller, they have to move the joystick longer to get a good shot. However, you can get banned from tournaments if you use a keyboard and mouse while the rest are using PS4 controllers.

A keyboard and mouse can improve your gaming experience; however, you need experience using them to excel in gaming. It takes time to master using a keyboard and mouse to play games; therefore, you can decide to use it a week before a gaming tournament. The keyboard and mouse have a lot of keys and the controls change depending on the game. You need to practice how to use both hands to control two different devices at the same time. It is also very easy to forget keyboard and mouse controls, leading to a loss in a competitive game.

If you want to use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4, there are several devices that you can purchase. If you are using all USB ports on your PS4 for external hard drives, you need to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse. You have to purchase a keyboard and mouse adapter such as Xim 4 adapter, VenomX adapter, or IOGEAR.

In addition to the money spent buying the keyboard and mouse, these wireless keyboard and mouse adapters can cost 100 US dollars each. Most game developers do not bother making their games compatible with keyboard and mouse on consoles. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of money only to play five games.

Most game developers limit the settings on using the keyboard and mouse on your PS4. Therefore, you cannot use your keyboard and mouse on your PS4 the same way you use it on your PC. On a PC, you can customize the keys on your keyboard so that you can only use a few preferred keys to play games.

On a PS4, you can only customize your keyboard and mouse on a few games. Some PS4 games allow you to use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the menu, for example, select players or change the settings. But the keyboard and mouse will not work once you start playing the game.

For avid gamers who like playing numerous multi-player games, switching to a keyboard and mouse is not worth it because it limits you to specific games. If you prefer playing single-player games, you can decide if you want to use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4. If you have never played a PC game or are not technologically inclined, you should stick to using the PS4 controller. Using third-party hardware on your PS4 can be a recipe for disaster if you do not know what you are doing.

Which Is Better Between Controller and Keyboard and Mouse?

Every gamer knows how important the control device in their system is, the better the control device, the greater the gaming experience. A gaming console comes with its specific controller, while a gaming PC has a keyboard and mouse. If you are interested in gaming, you have to decide if you will use a controller or keyboard and mouse.

Both the controller for consoles and keyboard and mouse for gaming PCs have their advantages and disadvantages. The keyboard and mouse are precise, making them perfect for first-person shooter games. You can customize the keys on your keyboard and mouse to suit your gaming style.

However, a keyboard and mouse are hard to master and cannot play some games on gaming consoles. On the other hand, a controller is small and portable. A controller can also be used in both console and PC gaming with excellent results. However, controllers can be difficult to use during in-game chats and menu navigation.

The main advantage of using a keyboard and mouse in gaming is the precision your mouse gives you, especially in first-person shooter games. You have enough space to move your mouse, making it easy to make quick movements.

For example, in a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty, most gamers consider using a mouse to have an unfair advantage because they can easily aim at your target and execute them. Some gaming companies are even creating tournaments where gamers are categorized according to their gaming systems. Players using keyboards and mice do not play against gamers using controllers.

Another cool feature of the keyboard and mouse is the freedom to customize the keys. The keyboard and mouse have many keys that you can use in a game. An avid PC gamer knows the keys they use during different games and how to change them to suit their style. You can choose hot keys that can be used to get multiple commands in a game. You can also customize the buttons on the mouse to improve your gaming experience.

One disadvantage of keyboard and mouse in a gaming system is that they are hard to master. You need to learn what each key does in a specific game. For example, when using a keyboard and mouse to play FIFA 21, you need to know which keys will make the players move, sprint, shoot, pass or shoot the ball. Once you know what those keys do, you have to train yourself to press those keys without looking at the keyboard. If you mistake one key for the other, you might lose the game.

You also cannot use a keyboard and mouse on most games available on consoles. Most game developers do not include keyboard and mouse settings on games meant for consoles. Since most gaming developers also make games for PC gamers, they do not see the need to make the keyboard and mouse settings available for console gamers. If you want to play a console game using a keyboard and mouse, you will be limited to very few good titles.

Controllers are portable and very comfortable to use while gaming. Most controllers are wireless and small, and you do not have to worry about long cables taking up a lot of space in your bag. The size of a controller makes it comfortable to use because you can easily hold it even with one hand. You can use the controller while sitting, standing, or lying down without negatively impacting your gaming experience.

Another advantage of a controller is that you can use it to play games on your console or PC. Your gaming experience will not change because most PC games have controller settings. All you need to do is go to your game settings and change the controls from keyboard and mouse to controller. You can use wired or wireless controllers on most gaming PCs. If you want to use a wireless controller, you can download the necessary software connecting your controller to the PC, such as DS4Windows for DualShock 4 controller.

The first disadvantage of having a controller is difficulty in menu navigation and in-game chats. Many online games have in-game chats where you can send messages to another gamer. It is very easy to chat while using a keyboard, but it is difficult to complete one sentence using a controller. It also takes you a lot of time navigating through a game’s menu while using a controller.

When it comes to choosing the right controls for your going system, it all depends on your gaming style. You have to figure out how you play a game before buying a gaming console. If you can use both controls, the best gaming system for you is a PC. A gaming PC allows you to change controls whenever you wish without ruining your gaming experience.

Wrap Up

A keyboard and mouse can be very superior when gaming. However, it takes time to learn how to use them. You need to commit to learning how to use many keys while not looking at the keyboard. The keyboard and mouse are two separate devices, and you need to learn how to coordinate your hands when gaming.

You can only use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 when playing games that support them. You might also experience input delay, especially if your keyboard and mouse are meant for productivity instead of gaming.

There are several pros and cons when using a controller or keyboard and mouse to play games. This article has highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a controller or keyboard and mouse to play games. However, before you decide which controls to get, ensure you try them out first. After playing using both the controller and keyboard and mouse, you can then buy the control that suits your playing style.

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