VR Headset for VR Chat? (Here’s what you need to know)

You must have noticed all the fame that VRChat is getting recently and you are dying to join other users in the app. However, the only thing holding you back maybe that you do not yet have a VR headset.

So, do you need a VR headset to play VRChat? Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to purchase a VR headset to enjoy VRChat. A viable alternative is accessing the platform via desktop mode using Steam or Oculus. However, VRChat is best for use with VR headsets, meaning that not using the gadgets will not offer the same gaming experience. It may also be too restrictive and not as exciting as real VR gaming.

Many new gamers believe they need a high-tech VR rig like Oculus quest to explore VRChat. In this guide, I will bust some of these myths by telling you why you may not need a headset for the app and how you can still enjoy the game without investing. Read on for the exciting details.

Even as the name suggests, the VRChat is a Virtual reality platform for users who love tapping into their imaginations and creativity. As the platform is getting the recognition it deserves, it warrants a lot of questions about whether it is compulsory to have a VR headset to access it.

Luckily, you don’t need to buy an expensive VR headset to join VRChat. Although the name indicates that the experience is entirely a virtual reality, you don’t need an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or any other similar gadget to play on the platform.

You can still join through the desktop mode and have fun as other players using VR headsets. However, the VRChat’s design is unique for headset use. Therefore, you will only have the best gameplay using a headset; otherwise, you may have to make some compromises.

VRChat offers an impressive world for its users. Players can access fantastic games, enjoy them with their friends, and they can customize their avatars while they are at it. Generally, it is a way to explore various worlds that others have created. Due to these impressive features, it is no wonder that the platform is gaining a massive following from VR fans who own headsets.

If it is not a new concept for you, you know that the VR headsets do not come cheap, given how high-tech they are. Understandably, not every gamer will purchase one for their VRChat needs. Luckily, there is a workaround to help you enjoy gaming even without a headset or a mic. You can always join the app via desktop mode and still have fun. The only issue you will have to deal with is not having the same experience as other users with headsets.

Given that the platform is a unique design for VR, the desktop game mode will not offer a high interaction level with the various worlds. For example, not having a headset denies you the ability to transfer your avatar’s arms freely.

Other players are also concerned that the gameplay can get boring without the gadgets, given the lack of communication. However, you may not mind this if you rarely interact with others and prefer to watch. Besides, other worlds allow you to write anything you want to say if you don’t have special equipment.

Finally, there is good news for you if you love VRChat but don’t have a VR headset. You will likely have the same exciting experience as other players with the gadgets. However, regardless of the game mode, remember that you will encounter weird characters and experiences in the world of VRChat.

How To Use VRChat Without VR Headset

Virtual reality headsets can take your gaming experience to a whole new level by shutting down everything else happening around you in real life. These gadgets are essential aspects of VR, but few gamers own them. Now that you know that you can go without them when using VRChat, the following are tips to get you started.

You can access VRChat through Steam or Oculus effortlessly on your computer and continue enjoying your favorite games. The current windows version can facilitate this even without using a compatible headset.

First, select the software that you want to use for VRChat. If you pick Oculus, you will download its official app, find the site, and launch it on your PC. Similarly, you will install the Steam software, search for VRChat in the app, and set it up. Ensure that you download the programs from their respective official sites; otherwise, you may inject bugs into your device.

Unfortunately, VRChat has a unique design for players to access content through dedicated headsets. Therefore, it is best to use them for the best of gaming, guaranteeing excellent maneuverability as you play. However, there are some understandable reasons why you may have to play without it; perhaps you lost or broke it but haven’t bought another one yet.

Fortunately, it is straightforward and practical to meet up with your gaming buddies using the desktop mode. Once you download and install VRChat on your PC, you can now start playing by clicking “play on Steam.” On the other hand, if on Oculus, you can press the three dots below the icon and tap “start in desktop mode” in the next open window.

Now that you are set on the desktop version, the next thing to do is go to the app and start connecting with your friends on VRChat. To do this, open the menu and choose worlds, and a window will open for you to select where you can press “new instance”. Next, click “Invite” then “Go” to begin gaming on the lower left side of the screen. Remember to add friends to your world, a simple procedure, especially when sharing a chat room.

Open the Quick menu and beam your laser on them before clicking on their icons and pressing the friend request button. Desktop mode is the ultimate solution if you don’t have a personal VR headset. However, there are some downsides to it.

Initially, you may have to compromise your audio chatting since you cannot hear or speak to your friends. Secondly, using keyboards, mouse and gamepads may limit your movements, and it would be challenging to play if the tasks require particular movements.

Wrap Up

The good news is that you can still enjoy VRChat even when you have lost or broken your VR headset. You don’t have to worry about making the heavy investment. In the meantime, you can still join the site via desktop mode. The only challenge is that the platform has a unique design for VR headsets.

Therefore, you may not get the ultimate experience without using your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. It is quite limiting to your gameplay, and you may have to compromise on some aspects. While many gamers love playing on the desktop version, others with experience using the headsets find it less enjoyable. Regardless, you will still enjoy every second of gaming with your buddies.

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