Nintendo Switch Lite Games (Dance & Mario Kart checked out)

The idea behind Switch Lite is to create a cheaper and portable Nintendo device that focuses on handheld gameplay. This explains why many avid gamers opt for them. Today, I will look at some famous games like Just Dance and how they play out on the console.

So, can you play Just Dance on Nintendo Switch Lite? Nintendo Switch Lite can support Just Dance, but with a few restrictions, you will have to set up the console as the screen, and you will need separate controllers. Unfortunately, you cannot connect the Lite to the TV or detach the Joy-Cons. It means that you will have a limited display size, incur additional costs, and won’t have the same experience as you would with the Switch version.

Since its release in November 2020, Just Dance has taken the gaming world by storm. If you love dance rhythm games, this title is one of the best to try out. However, you may be concerned about whether the nature of the game makes it playable on the Switch Lite.

You can play Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch Lite, but you may not have the same experience as you would on the Switch. Since the Lite version doesn’t support TV mode, you may have to prop the device for viewing. Secondly, the console doesn’t have extra or detachable Joy-Cons, meaning that you may have to spend more to get them. Playing Just Dance on the console will limit you to the tiny screen and may not be as fun as playing on other console models.

Just Dance gives you the best of gaming while simultaneously helping you sharpen your dancing skills. Users love it because it is very engaging, whether in single or multiplayer mode, and some also use it as a workout, which is currently practical due to the lockdown measures.

Most players prefer using a large screen like a monitor or a TV for a better display, especially when playing with their friends. Unfortunately, the Switch Lite doesn’t have this benefit because it cannot connect to a secondary screen.

It means that you have to use the tiny console as the display, which may not offer the ideal experience. The screen may be too tiny to follow the dance moves, and it becomes a challenge to use the controls.

Another Switch Lite downside is that you cannot detach the Joy-Cons; hence, you may need extra controllers given that you use your console as the screen. Therefore, expert gamers would rather use the Nintendo Switch, but there is no harm in using the Lite, but you need to note that it isn’t suitable, and you may not get the best gaming experience.

Can You Play Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch Lite?

Mario Kart is particularly famous among lovers of racing car games because it is a high adrenaline title, perfect for battling with your buddies. The latest craze is the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that you would love to try out on your Nintendo console, but is the Switch Lite a good device to use?

You can play Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch Lite, but you may have to make a lot of sacrifices. First, since the Lite cannot connect to a TV, it will not be the best model for multiplayer and won’t give you the advantage of a better and broader display. It also doesn’t allow rumble, and you may need a screen shake in some instances.

However, the advantage of the Switch Lite is that it allows you to play the game even when you are on the go considering its small portable size. Besides, it is also comparatively cheaper, meaning that any Mario Kart fan can obtain it.

Most Switch Lite users appreciate the small design to play their favorite games even when traveling. They don’t mind the inability to detach the Joy-Cons and don’t see the need for docking or hooking it up to a secondary screen. If you fall into this group, you won’t have issues playing Mario Kart on your console.

It will also work if you love playing alone, given that the Lite is primarily a handheld console. On the other hand, if you want to play with your buddies, requiring a wide display like a TV screen, I recommend the Switch console. It may be a bit pricier than the Lite version, but it guarantees the best of Mario Kart gaming.

Which Games Don’t Play on Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable Switch console version that targets players who want to play regardless of their location. However, this design comes with its limitations, and as you are yet to see, it may not be an ideal choice for playing certain games.

Currently, you may need additional Joy-Cons if you wish to play games like Super Mario Party, 1-2-Switch, Just Dance, Ring Fit Adventure, and Ring Boxing. These titles aren’t handheld games; hence, the only way to play them is with peripheral controllers and setting up your Lite to serve as the screen.

The tiny 5.5 inches and the inability to play on TV mode only make it more challenging to play on multiplayer. The console may also not offer some software capabilities that the Switch version does. It will also be quite tasking to play titles that require motion control. For instance, if on the Super Mario Odyssey, you may have to activate some moves by shaking your console.

It is advisable to obtain games that have the handheld indication to ensure that you can play them on your Switch Lite. Unless indicated on the box or the eShop page, it may not work on your console. Manufacturers usually indicate the gaming modes on the box to inform you about the game’s compatibility with the TV or detachable Joy-Cons. For example, you will see the Nintendo Labo kits indicating that the game doesn’t support handheld mode, meaning that it won’t work with your Switch Lite.

Fortunately, like the Switch consoles, Lite supports gyro controls and accelerometers. Therefore, you can use your device to play games like Fortnite and DOOM and enjoy gyro aiming capabilities. On the downside, the console doesn’t support HD rumble.

You can only find the HD rumble when you connect other Joy-Con controllers, but it won’t work with your console. Lastly, the gadget has issues with Labo VR since it cannot fit with the VR goggles or into the Toy-Con, given its tiny size.

Does Nintendo Switch Lite Support Multiplayer Games?

Video games are fun even when you play alone but better when you include your buddies and challenge yourself. Nintendo creates quality consoles with crispy displays for sharp images and fast responsiveness, but does the Switch Lite level up to support multiplayer gaming?

Like its predecessors, the Nintendo Switch Lite can accommodate more than one gamer for online multiplayer mode. However, it may not be the ideal choice if you want to play with others using the same console. Mainly, the Lite is a handheld gadget meant for one player at a time given its tiny 5.5 Inch display and intact Joy-Cons.

Fortunately, the device allows connection with external controllers if you want to play multiplayer. However, the screen may be too cramped for this mode to allow perfect viewing of the game.

The console has a smaller screen and doesn’t have HDMI ports to link it to a bigger display. It also doesn’t support docking, although you can place it on a tabletop, which can be challenging to set up.

Additionally, the Joy-Cons on the device aren’t detachable; therefore, you may have to incur an extra cost for more controllers. Local group gaming may consequently be tasking because you will have to prop the console as the screen.

One way around this is through online multiplayer gaming since you can play remotely with others and don’t necessarily need other Joy-Cons since you can still play handheld mode. For this, you will need more accessories like controllers and find a way to power it for you to enjoy unlimited gaming. Furthermore, you will have to settle with gameplay on the tiny screen that may compromise the view you need to get your best shot.

How To Maximize on Gaming on the Nintendo Switch Lite

From the funky colors to the cute size and great functionality, it’s no wonder the Switch Lite is a darling among gamers who love portable gadgets. If you would like to purchase one, the following are some tips you can use to make the most of your console.

For the best of gaming, you can work around the console’s weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths. For instance, the Lite lets you enjoy portable gaming of your favorite titles, allowing you to play anywhere. The console also has an online multiplayer mode for you to enjoy playing with your buddies.

You can also prop it as a screen and buy extra controllers if you want to play with others. If the screen images are too bright, you can set dark mode and battery display to manage your gaming time.

The following are tips to consider if you want to enjoy playing on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • Know its Strengths

One of the best features of the Switch Lite is the compact design, making it portable as it allows you to use it anywhere. You can carry it in a small backpack or your pocket, as it’s the same size as your phone.

Weighing about 9 ounces, the Lite is a great gadget if you want to keep playing even when traveling. Secondly, this version comes in many colors to choose from, allowing you to choose between yellow, gray, or turquoise. Besides, there are also the latest Pokémon-themed models in pink or blue.

  • Know its Weaknesses

As you enjoy Lite’s portability, there are also some functions that the manufacturers had to sacrifice. Although you can use it to play handheld games, there are certain things that only the large Switch can do. This model doesn’t let you detach the Joy-Cons when you want to play with a friend, and you cannot dock it for TV mode.

Therefore, you will not get the advantage of broad and high-resolution displays, and it will consequently interfere with your responsiveness. Additionally, the console doesn’t support motion control, and it has a relatively lower battery life. Lastly, you may have to purchase extra Joy-Cons if you want to play certain games.

  • Turn on Dark Mode and Battery Widget

Not many know these tricks, but they can go a long way to improve your gaming experience. First, since the Lite is primarily a handheld device, you spend a lot of time staring at the blinding screen. For more comfortable gaming, you can switch to the dark mode that converts the graphics on the menus to dark gray. You can do this on the Themes under the Open System Settings, then select Basic Black.

Secondly, you can keep track of your battery percentage to manage your gameplay better. You can find the indication when you long-press the home button, and you will see it on the pop-up. Alternatively, you can also set the console to show the percentage on the home screen constantly. Hence, you will always tell when it needs recharging, as it will display on the right of the battery bar.

  • Online Multiplayer Mode

One challenge with the Switch Lite is that it doesn’t have the best multiplayer mode since you cannot connect it to a wide-screen display. However, there is a way around it. As with other Nintendo consoles, the Lite also has an online gameplay service that lets you invite your friends from different locations to play with you in real-time.

You can get a code and use your friend’s identifications to add them as they include you too. The system only requires an affordable monthly subscription to get started.


The Nintendo Switch is everything you’ve ever wanted in a sleek portable gaming console. However, the small size compact design also presents its shortcomings. For one, Lite doesn’t connect to the TV; hence, you won’t have a large display for the best gameplay. This feature is also a bummer because it is quite tasking to play on multiplayer mode.

You may have to buy more controllers for this and set up the tiny gadget as the screen. These factors make it challenging to play games like Just Dance and Mario Kart. However, you can still play them alone, and if you want to include your buddies, you can get a subscription for online multiplayer.

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