Does Carfax Always Show Oil Changes? (Must-Know Info)

Buying a used car has its downsides. For instance, the previous owner might have been neglectful with certain essential services like oil changes. Therefore, getting the maintenance records is crucial for you to understand how best to deal with your new vehicle.

So, does Carfax always show oil changes? Carfax will only show oil change records provided that they receive an update from their reliable sources all over the country. If the dealer or auto shop owner regularly reports incidents to the site, the car you are looking for will have up-to-date information regarding issues such as oil changes. Otherwise, if the previous owner conducted the repairs privately without updating the records, it will not show in the report.

You would want to know what you are getting yourself into when purchasing a car from a third party. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the previous owner handled the car and whether you will dig deeper into your pocket for regular maintenance. Read on as we help you understand the role of Carfax.

Do All Oil Changes Show Up on Carfax?

There are various factors to consider before buying a used item, especially if it is subject to wear and tear. Cars are one such item that needs a thorough background check lest you end up with a liability instead of an asset. The best way to check that the car is in good condition is by checking the maintenance report from the previous user.

Not all oil changes will show up on Carfax since it relies on self-reporting. The oil change report depends on who did the job and whether they reported it. Therefore, you can only find all the records if the previous owner had updated the information on the Carfax.

Primarily, the system shows the maintenance details by reflecting the information obtained from self-reporting. Unfortunately, updating the information is not compulsory, and they will have the information only if the owner reported the incident.

In other cases, Carfax does not contain essential information such as accidents or repairs unless the system gains the information from the previous user. If you take your car to a mechanic who doesn’t always report to Carfax, the system will not know anything about the incident.

Secondly, if you take it to a friend or a private individual for repairs, you wouldn’t expect them to register the incident. In contrast, a dealer who religiously records the information will always have the updated reports.

The users with all their maintenance records rely on dealers to handle the repairs since they are confident that their vehicle is in the right hands. In turn, the shop will record the incident and report it to the service provider they prefer. This information is valuable to them as it helps make a good bargain and informs the user about the details of the purchase they are about to make. Therefore, they will know what to expect and how to go about it.

Do All Oil Changes Get Reported To Carfax?

Carfax reports contain maintenance reports of the car you want to buy, including major repairs, accidents, and other vital data you need to know as a new buyer. Car oil changes are an essential issue that you would want to know.

You will find an oil change report from Carfax as long as the previous owner had updated maintenance records. Most likely, if the change happens at a dealership that registers car incidences, the subsequent users will get all the information they need. Similarly, the details will be present if the owner changed the oil at an auto shop working with Carfax.

On the contrary, if the car owner or any other center does the maintenance and does not report it, it will not appear in the report. Carfax will only reflect the information it receives and will rely on the dealers and police reports when drawing their findings.

The service requires diligence and responsibility from its informants to ensure that all minor and significant issues related to used cars are available for the buyers’ benefit. Most used cars have inconsistent records, especially regarding the cars’ maintenance.

Such instances make it difficult for you to check the vehicle’s actual state and its value for money. The good thing is that Carfax contains information about substantial repairs required by insurance companies, meaning that you will likely find the record of a car involved in an accident.

They also have updated details of maintenance done at Carfax affiliate dealers or issues involving the local authorities. Only legitimate oil service reports from accredited dealers can appear on Carfax. If you are a handyman and decide to do your oil change, you can still log into Carfax and update your car service history. Unfortunately, this information will not be available to your prospective buyers on the Carfax report once you decide to dispose of the vehicle.

Does All Maintenance Show Up on Carfax?

A clean Carfax report is a goldmine because it will significantly influence your car’s valuation when you decide to change ownership. Therefore, it is essential to conduct your maintenance at legitimate service outlets and confirm that it is uploaded to the Carfax system. However, does this mean that all maintenance information is readily available on Carfax?

Like oil changes, the car’s maintenance issues will only be present on Carfax if the information updates in their system. The system can contain details about issues that may seem minor as long as they receive the information. However, some owners often leave out the incidences they believe are of no consequence and give only the significant issues such as engine or battery problems and serious accidents.

Besides these instances, Carfax also gives other essential details such as the vehicle registration, age, number of previous owners, mileage, and odometer maintenance. Remember that Carfax cannot access all car service reports unless the owner or dealer keys it on their site, and it will only report the incident according to your data.

Carfax contains a lot of valuable data about any car provided that you provide the reports. It will also build trust between the buyer and the sellers since all the car’s major and minor issues will be on the table. It will form the basis of bargaining, and the seller will make a decision based on it.

Notably, the absence of Carfax reports does not necessarily mean that the car owner never maintained their vehicle. Perhaps the documents got lost, or they are not keen on updating their records. Even when you see that the car has no serious physical issues, it is vital to have experts check it for you before you purchase it. They can tell when something is amiss and advise you accordingly.

Do Mechanics Report To Carfax?

Carfax does not work alone since it cannot track each car to identify the occurrence of incidences. It relies on self-reporting to update their records, such that they wouldn’t have the information unless they obtain it from a reliable source.

Some mechanics and body shops report to Carfax while others do not. Since it is voluntary, they are not obliged to give the details to Carfax or any other service. There are tens of thousands of shops that hand over the information to Carfax, but it doesn’t mean that it comes from every mechanic.

If a close friend or a neighbor does the job, it is doubtful that they will report the incident. Therefore, unless you buy the car from a party that always reports to Carfax, some valuable information may be missing.

The system can also get the details from insurance companies, vehicle agencies, car auctions, car dealerships, or fleet companies. However, they can only provide general information about the car. Still, the law prohibits them from disclosing any sensitive details about the vehicle owner unless they obtain permission from the individual. The mechanics cannot give Carfax any sensitive information without your consent, and, if they do, it would be a privacy violation.

The only instance where they can share the details is during accidents (hit and run) or if the car or the owner is involved in an investigation. If they give out your information without your permission, then you are justified to sue them. Therefore, for your safety, the mechanics or dealers must obtain your permission before handing out the information to a third party.

Wrap Up

Everyone wants to invest in a great product. Even if you are buying a used car, you still need a purchase that is worth every penny. Carfax is a site that shows you the ins and outs of the car before you make your purchase. It obtains the information from reliable sources such as car dealers and updates it when necessary.

It contains all the incidents relating to the car, such as accidents, repairs, maintenance, and any other record you would need to know. The only limitation with the system is that it relies on the reported information; therefore, an incidence will not appear on the record unless the relevant sources disclose the details.

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