iOS Games Bad? (iPhone Game Suitability Checked)

Mobile gaming is slowly gaining popularity. However, most avid video game players prefer to play on their consoles or computers. One of the reasons players do not like mobile gaming is the bad mobile games, including those on the iOS.

So, why are iOS games so bad? iOS games are so bad because they are poorly developed, have bad storylines, poor touch controls, few updates, and are expensive. Some iOS games also have poor user experience, for example, in-app purchases and advertisements.

Some games will require you to buy certain items before you continue to play, which causes players to lose interest. Some developers add adverts into the game, and these ads end up being a nuisance to gamers. You have to purchase a version without adverts to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

In the App Store, you can find numerous games in categories such as action, racing, sports, trivia, and strategy, among many others that you can install on your iPhone. However, after installing the game and playing for a few minutes or hours, you may find the game boring, forcing you to uninstall it.

Mobile games are a fun way of passing the time and are a great way to play video games in places you cannot take your console or gaming PC. If you have an iPhone, you can install iOS games from Apple’s App Store. However, iOS games are not that great, and here are the reasons iOS games are so bad.

iOS games are so bad because most of them are poorly developed. The developers of iOS games do not put any effort into the storyline, hence most of the games are boring. Most game developers use in-app purchases and advertisements to make money. Also, most people do not enjoy playing most iOS games because of the constant interruptions from adverts in the game.

Since many people do not play mobile games, the developers take a lot of time to fix bugs or glitches. Another reason iOS games are so bad is poor touch controls. After installing a game, the controls might not work properly, making it hard for you to play the game without losing. Here is a detailed discussion of all these reasons.

Most video game developers put a lot of effort into games that will be installed on video game consoles or gaming PCs. Some usually release a version of iOS later, but that version usually does not work the same as the version of your console or gaming PC.

Some developers also make games for iOS, but they usually put less effort into it. The game will have poor graphics and too many bugs and glitches. Most people end up uninstalling a video game from their iPhone within a few hours of installing it.

The main reason for uninstalling it is poor development. If mobile game developers take the time and effort to create a well-developed game, most iOS games will not be that bad.

Developers need to make money from their mobile games so that they can pay their staff and be able to make more games. Two of the most common ways of making money through a mobile game are advertisements and in-app purchases.

Some games are poorly designed, and the advertisement can pop up in the middle of your gameplay, causing you to lose. Some have advertisements that run for more than 20 seconds, and there is no option to skip them. Most people find this annoying and will uninstall the game after a few minutes or hours.

Some developers use in-app purchases in their mobile game’s gameplay; therefore, you need to make purchases before you can proceed with the game. If you do not have money to make the in-app purchases, you cannot continue playing the game.

Most avid gamers prefer playing video games on their video game consoles or gaming PC because the video game developers take their concerns seriously. If a game has a glitch or bug ruining the gameplay, a gamer can speak to a customer support personnel and fix the issue within hours.

However, if there is an issue with an iOS game, you might have to wait days or weeks before the issue is solved. Because not many people are playing the iOS game, the developers do not see the need to rush into fixing the game. Most iOS games can crash and remain offline for days or weeks before being brought back online.

One of the reasons most people do not like gaming on their iPhones is the controls. The controls on iOS games are usually bad or poorly designed. The controls on some games are usually small and placed too close to each that touching a single button while gaming is hard.

Most of the time, you end up touching the wrong button and ruining your chances of winning in the game or progressing to the next level. In some iOS games, the buttons are so big that they take up a lot of space in the game’s interface, ruining the gameplay.

The touch controllers on iOS games will perform well depending on your phone’s screen size. If you have an iPhone with a small screen, you will have a bad gaming experience playing some of the iOS games.

The lack of a compelling storyline makes most iOS games bad. Many gamers like to play video games with a good storyline, but most developers do not create a good storyline for their mobile games.

An interesting storyline can make you play a game for hours without getting bored. You will lose interest in the game after a few minutes if you play a game with weak dialogue, a derivative storyline, and major plot holes.

The only iOS games with a great storyline are those previously made for video game consoles and later released on iOS, such as GTA San Andreas. Most iOS games with a good storyline are short; you can play and finish them within a few hours. 

Low consumer expectation also plays a huge role in releasing bad iOS games. Most people treat mobile gaming as a hobby or an activity to pass the time rather than a legitimate form of gaming. Most gamers know mobile games are bad; therefore, they never try to correct the developers.

On other platforms such as the PlayStation or Xbox, if a developer releases a bad game, they will receive criticism from gamers, forcing the developers to work on the bugs or release a better version later.

Since mobile game developers do not get any criticism or feedback, most repeat the same mistake leading to many iOS games being of poor quality. Therefore, if you want iOS games to improve, gamers have to create forums where they can raise issues, criticism, and feedback on various iOS games.

iPhone Gaming suitability

If you love mobile gaming, you will want a mobile phone that is good at running many games. You have the option of buying an android phone, or you can buy an iPhone. Before settling for an iPhone, you might wonder if it is suitable for gaming.

An iPhone is suitable for gaming, and it is one of the best smartphones to use for mobile gaming. An iPhone has the strongest operating system; even an old model iPhone can run some of the most recent mobile games. Apple usually updates the iOS frequently, hence if you keep your iPhone’s operating system up to date, you can play many games without any issues.

Unlike other smartphones such as androids, Apple makes its own operating system and API, making its devices consistent. Mobile game developers can make a good game for an iPhone but would struggle to make a good game for an Android phone since each android company has its own API specs.

iPhones are designed and developed by one company, making all models have the same features. Newer models usually have improved features or new features that replace old features in the older models.

Since only one company makes iPhones, the operating systems and graphical APIs are designed by the same company. Game developers can create good iOS games because they have a single graphical API to focus on when designing the game.

Numerous companies design android phones, and each company has its implementation of the rendering API specs. Game developers have a hard time designing a game that will run perfectly on all android phones. This is why iPhones are better at playing most mobile games compared to Android phones.

When you buy an iPhone, you will get up to seven years of operating system updates and support. You can use an older iPhone to play most of the recently released mobile games. The current iOS 15.2 is available for any iPhone 6S or later.

As long as you have an up-to-date operating system, you can play any game on your iPhone. If a new game is released on the App Store and your iPhone does not meet the minimum operating system requirements, you should check if an update is available.

Apple also offers customer support to all iPhone users until their device is considered obsolete. If you install a game that keeps crashing or does not run properly, you can contact customer support for help.

Since there are many iPhone models on the market, there are certain things you need to consider when choosing the best iPhone for gaming. The first thing you need to check is the battery capacity.

You need an iPhone that can run games for hours without needing a recharge. The next thing you need to consider is screen size. Some games are better when you play them using an iPhone with a big screen; therefore, choose an iPhone with a big screen.

Another thing you need to consider is the internet connection. Some games that require the internet will not run correctly if you have a slow connection, therefore getting an iPhone with a 4G or 5G connection can help you have a great gaming experience.

You also need to check if you have enough money to buy the iPhone model you like. The newer models are usually expensive compared to older models; hence if you are on a tight budget, you will have to settle for an older iPhone.

You should always check for updates if you want a good gaming experience on your iPhone. Your iPhone can become slow if you fail to install updates. To check for updates on your iPhone,

  • go to “Settings”
  • select “General”
  • tap on “Software Update”.

When you want to play any game, close all apps running in the background. Some mobile games are demanding on the operating system, hence closing all apps ensures the operating system is free to run the game without any other app taking space. You should also free space on your iPhone’s storage. Freeing up space regularly ensures your games have more space to store data as you continue gaming.

Another thing you should do to improve your gaming experience on your iPhone is to turn off automatic app updates. Turning off automatic updates will improve your iPhone’s performance and ensure you have enough free space.

You should also turn down graphics on your iPhone. Most games have unnecessary visual effects that do not affect your gaming experience. If you turn off the graphics, you will improve your iPhone performance and also save the battery. To control your iPhone’s graphics,

  • go to “Settings”
  • tap on “General”
  • select “Accessibility”
  • find and enable “Reduce Motion”.

Wrap Up

Mobile gaming has the potential to grow if the stakeholders take a more serious approach. Some android phone developers are making smartphones dedicated to mobile gaming, but Apple has yet to make an iPhone dedicated to gaming.

If more people take an interest in mobile gaming, perhaps mobile game developers will start to make better iOS games. Apple will gain so much if mobile game developers start making good iOS games because they have better devices than their competitors.

Also, since there are too many devices in the market, it is costly to optimize a game for each device. Therefore, to ensure many people install their games, developers make poor games that can run on any device.

If many iPhone users take mobile gaming seriously, developers will start making better games. Most games tend to be released on iPhones, hence if you choose an iPhone for mobile gaming, you will have access to many new games before they are released on other platforms.

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